exmantera – LETHALITY EP [PNMTU007] | 1€ pre-order now available!

Artwork by exmantera & uzâ a’amo The Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist Exmantera (they/them) https://soundcloud.com/exmantera is one of the prominent names in the Finnish underground digital electronic scene, and they’re known for their abrasive, knife-sharp outings where crispy sound design meets clangy dramatic tension. After hosting a remix on last year’s “Ross 308 EP” by the also […]

Manituana ✘ PAYNOMINDTOUS | Nahshi ﹢ st.grimes ﹢ DJ YTP | 27/05/23

𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓽𝓾𝓪𝓷𝓪 ✘ 𝓟𝓐𝓨𝓝𝓞𝓜𝓘𝓝𝓓𝓣𝓞𝓤𝓢 📍 Largo Maurizio Vitale 113, TO 27/05/2023, 10:00PM – 4:00AM Entrata up to you ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🧸 Nahshi [IT, DJ] https://soundcloud.com/nahshi 🧸 st.grimes [IT, DJ] https://soundcloud.com/st_grimes 🧸 DJ YTP [IT, DJ] https://soundcloud.com/djytpisvibin ﹢  𝓻𝓮𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓼: 🧸 gigo8931 https://soundcloud.com/giuliasenza 🧸 VIBRISSE https://soundcloud.com/vibrisseduo ﹢ artwork by Y4N_Y4N_ ⚠️⚠️⚠️ FACEBOOK EVENT ⚠️⚠️⚠️ [ITA ONLY] Sabato 27 Maggio a Torino PAYNOMINDTOUS porterà a Manituana i DJ set […]


Artwork by ARBRICIAS The 94th contribution to our GUESTMIXES series is presented by Acacia Ojea aka AKAZIE, a multimedia artist and DJ born and based in the northwest of Spain. Her activity as a music selector is mostly focused on the post-club scene, with a great interest in discourses close to deconstructed and experimental electronic […]

Obelisk – Meta Bliss EP [PNMTU006] out today! w/ remixes by ptwiggs and SUS1ER

Artwork by K095C The Sydney-based DJ and producer Ryan O’Rourke aka Obelisk (he/him) is an emerging name in the Australian contemporary underground club scene as an organizer of the experimental dance event series Nexus and as an artist, holding releases on local compilations (Deep Scan Technologies and MEGANESIA), and showcasing performances as both a solo artist […]

GUESTMIX#93: Obelisk [Meta Bliss EP out on Dec 28th!]

The Sydney-based DJ and producer Ryan O’Rourke aka Obelisk (he/him) is an emerging name in the Australian contemporary underground club scene as an organizer of the experimental dance event series Nexus and as an artist, holding releases on local compilations (Deep Scan Technologies and MEGANESIA), and showcasing performances as both a solo artist and with the […]

Comastasis – Ross 308 EP [PNMTU005] out now! with remixes by Exmantera and Yikii

Artwork by Comastasis Comastasis (he/him) is a producer and DJ based in Helsinki, Finland who manipulates an incessant flow of sound stimuli and sonic violence bursts in the shape of abstract post-club outings, influenced by grime and industrial music. After hosting “Stagnant“, one of his many remarkable tracks, inside our 2020 mammoth v/a compilation WE […]

Arsider ✘ PAYNOMINDTOUS: Wicked Gathering | 25/03/2022 @ Radio Blackout, Turin

Wicked Gathering Arsider ✘ PAYNOMINDTOUS Radio Blackout, 10:00PM – 5:00AM Entrata up to you ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Æthereal Arthropod [ESP] ⁽ⁱⁿᵛᵉʳᵗᵉᵇʳᵃᵗᵉ ᵇˡᵃᶜᵏ ᵉˡᵉᶜᵗʳᵒⁿⁱᶜ ᵈᵒᵒᵐ⁾ https://soundcloud.com/aetherealarthropod trngs [USA] ⁽ⁱⁿᵈᵘˢᵗʳⁱᵃˡ ⁿᵒⁱˢᵉ ᶠᵒᵒᵗʷᵒʳᵏ⁾ ITA DEBUT https://soundcloud.com/trngs Tryce [ITA] ⁽ʰᵃʳˢʰ ᵗᵉʳʳᵒʳ ˡᵃⁿᵈˢᶜᵃᵖᵉˢ⁾ https://soundcloud.com/3yyccee MAAY [ARG] ⁽ᵈᵃʳᵏ ᵍᵒᵗʰⁱᶜ ʰʸᵇʳⁱᵈ ᶜˡᵘᵇ⁾ https://soundcloud.com/m_a_a_y ➕ residents: DJ Subumano ⁽ʰʸᵖᵉʳᵇᵃˢˢ ˢʷᵉᵃᵗʸ ᵈᵃⁿᶜᵉᶠˡᵒᵒʳ⁾ https://soundcloud.com/djsubumano VIBRISSE ⁽ʰᵃʳᵈᶜᵒʳᵉ ᵉᵘᵖʰᵒʳⁱᵃ […]

Track Premiere: HeedLess & POL100 – BROKEUP [Club Late Music / GUN]

Artwork by chaggrin   Club Late Music is an open-source and collaborative music label born between Paris and London in the mid-2010s. Since then, the platform brought forward a large community of artists called Global URL Nation working on the basis of shared knowledge and creativity to craft experimental club music and multimedia works. Specifically, […]

GUESTMIX#90: Digitonica

Artwork by Digitonica The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA (she/her), stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English – where a lot of alien […]

GUESTMIX#89: Idklang [Amen, Parkingstone, Ashida Park]

Active since the early 2010s, Idklang is the moniker of the Vienna-based musician, composer, and producer Markus Steinkellner, whose many projects also include Mermaid & Seafruit, Arktis/Air, Cameran, Jakuzi’s Attempt, and many more. Over the course of the last ten years, he’s been performing live shows, conceptual improv sessions, and DJ sets around the world; writing music […]


  As 2021 fades into 2022, we decided to offer you another mix in our GUESTMIX series precisely on NYE. This couldn’t get any more special than it is with today’s piece: we’re honored and privileged to host a devastating mix by the 18 yo trans woman (transpinay) and militant artist-activist Teya Logos (she/her/siya) from […]

GUESTMIX#87: Extrablood

Artwork by  _v.3lo Extrablood is a multidisciplinary Internet artist who has been working with many collectives and labels such as the Berlin-based Tremors, the Chilean HIBRIDANITA, and more. Moving between abstract visual outings and experimental electronics, their knife-sharp music is characterized by deconstructed rhythms and biomechanical sounds combined with intense percussive elements, noise, and distorted […]

‘CupoCupo – Armor’ EP [PNMTU004], out now! w/ remixes by Galen Tipton and SHE/MACHINE

Artwork by: eurasiandesert CupoCupo is a duo of musicians hailing from Bergamo, Italy presenting today their second work after the debut ‘Hypermetabolism’ EP out earlier this year on the US label TAR. Coming with album cover by the Italian visual artist eurasiandesert and a limited edition two-sided A5 300 gr. cardboard artwork print, the 4-tracker […]


CupoCupo press pics by @rebecamargescu & @marco.sciacqua. Outfit by @maria_piattica. CupoCupo – Armor EP [PNMTU004, out Dec. 3rd, 2021] PRE-ORDER NOW! CupoCupo is a duo of musicians hailing from Bergamo, Italy, presenting their second work after the debut ‘Hypermetabolism’ EP out earlier this year on the US label @wearetar. Coming with an album cover by […]


Artwork by Lucìa Olmos Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tobías Leiro aka Tobey is a DJ and producer working with local influences and rhythms as well as contemporary stimuli absorbed by the fervent digital worldwide hybrid and post-club scene. His music reportedly sets out to combine sonic experiments with experiences of everyday life, in an […]

GUESTMIX#84: Fumbata Phiri [EXILES, Eternal Search]

Artwork by Cameron Oard Fumbata Phiri (he/him) is the project of the first-generation Malawian American musician, producer, and artist Anderson Chimutu, based in the post-industrial town of South Bend, Indiana (US). Focused on both analog and digital electronic music, Fumbata Phiri integrates the use of drum machines with granular synthesis, early influences drawn from the […]

PAYNOMINDTOUS Takeover on Threads* Radio

    Based at The Cause in Tottenham, Threads radio is a broadcast platform connecting local communities across the world and empowering people to express themselves through music, discussion, and art. The takeover spans three hours of hardcore club music, abstract electronics, and continuous hybridization. Featuring badRNG, Bladeblanc, GUIOT, NARA, Torpedo, VIBRISSE, and WARY.   […]

Track Premiere: ‘Mesqit – Rebirth (FKOFF1963 Remix)’ [Sacrilejio Records]

Artwork by Digitonica The Peruvian Sacrilejio Records, based in Lima, surfaced on the digital worldwide underground scene in late 2020 with the debut v/a compilation called Expiation, a remarkable selection of state-of-the-art club music tracks with Latin influences by artists such as WULFFLUW XCIV, Bungalovv, Wrack, Syntrovert, Shyqa, and many more. Reportedly, the label set out to […]

Track Premiere: ‘The Necromorph 屍變體’ by Yikii [link001, Hyperlink]

Artwork by 0rkid_ Hyperlink is an experimental French label and mix series established around one year ago, focused mainly on club-oriented contemporary electronic music. After the first various artist compilation lilywhite, whose proceeds went to the charity helping women in distress called La Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes, the label is back with its second release, […]

‘NARA – Your Favorite Dish’ on Nooit Meer Naar Huis’ ‘Working Title;’ v/a compilation

  Hi everyone, we’re back from the summer vacations to announce we took part in the v/a compilation called “Working Title;” by the Belgian crew Nooit Meer Naar Huis, where 14 different organizations were asked to participate by curating one comp track each. Our choice fell on the stunning Italian, London-based DJ and producer NARA […]

Track Premiere: ‘Pixelated Dreams’ by Julia Louise Knifefist [INERTIA EP, lieftuig]

Album Art by Julia Louise Knifefist & Aisling Phelan Julia Louise Knifefist is a 22-yo producer and lyricist based in Dublin, Ireland which has been active since the late 2010s. Their music is a dense, noise-imbued manipulation of dance music styles that are beaten to a pulp to form bloody pools of distorted kicks, overwhelming […]

Track Premiere: ‘Ropes to Eternity Lead Nowhere’ by Sprælle

Artwork by Alejandra Fajardo Zarraga Nathan Germain aka Sprælle ([Sprah-lé], he/him) is a 24-yo French musician, producer, and DJ based between Montreal, Canada, and NY City, US. His work collects stimuli from multiple musical and cultural references such as contemporary laptop electronics, ambient and experimental music, as well as mainstream pop and videogame soundtracks. These, […]

Album Premiere: ‘Pause​/​Stutter​/​Uh​/​Repeat’ by ABADIR [Genot Centre]

Artwork and tape design by Sam Lubicz (333 Boyz) Rami Abadir is a sound designer, music producer, and composer born in Cairo, Egypt, now based in Berlin. Over the recent years, he has been creating pieces of abstract, experimental electronic music via collaborative efforts such as 0N4B (ANBA, Aural Electronics) together with Mostafa Onsy, and […]

GUESTMIX#83: séverine

  Christiane Øyen aka séverine (she/they) is an eclectic producer and DJ stemming from Long Beach, California who has been meddling with a multitude of genres such as hard techno, trance, hardstyle, experimental post-club, and ambient. Their sets reach the outer edges of what is commonly considered dancefloor-ready music, skillfully mixing the most underground fringes […]

An insight into ANTONIA XM’s heartfelt, intimate debut single ‘Flawed’, out on Ashida Park

Photo by Sabrina Haas ANTONIA XM is a musician, producer, and DJ from Vienna, co-curator of the hybrid club / digital life label Ashida Park that we already had the chance to host on our website on a couple of occasions. After starting earlier this year with the amazing A token of friendship series of free […]

Track Premiere: ♂♀ by @exmantera [Lost Memory 02 / World Canvas]

  Based in Helsinki, Finland, the cross-disciplinary platform and record label World Canvas is a hub that has been hosting over the last couple of years serious waves of experimental music in the form of conceptual post-club, glitching ambiance, and disrupted emotionalism. On their catalog have appeared cutting-edge musicians such as luxxuryproblems, Helena Pulkkinen, and […]

Track Premiere: ‘PSXLM (Psalms To The Forgotten)’ by Diagnostic and Æthereal Arthropod

Artwork by FRAMEofMIND   Diagnostic and Æthereal Arthropod are two of the main players in the contemporary industrial, experimental, and noise scene in Europe, the former being one of the projects of the Belgian sound/graphic designer Jan Robbe (UndaCova, Atomhead, Erratic), and the latter being the moniker of the Spanish musician Nestor Peixoto Aballe, who […]

UVCORE and LYRR connect for the experimental club mix ‘VIRTUAL HEALING’

Illustration by Graphix Slayer   Today we’re back with a new mix on our GUESTMIX series, a joint effort curated by DJ/producer/performer UVCORE (IT/GB, they/them) and designer/music selector LYRR (IT/SRB, she/her). The former has recently appeared on the London-based label Tremors TV, first with the track Riviera on the stunning comp Global Unity gathering cutting-edge producers […]

Track Premiere: ‘babie’ by gone icon [Self-Released]

Artwork by Karina Gevox gone icon is a producer, singer, and “non-DJ” based in Brussels, Belgium who composes delicate pieces of whispered, processed vocals, struggling melodies, and somber, isolated percussive layers. His first track Nod, a remarkable effort of quiet and eerie ambiance, surfaced almost a year ago shortly followed by the three-tracker, self-released debut […]

Track Premiere: ‘There Weren’t’ by Cares [ZABRA]

Cover art by João Pedro Fonseca James Beardmore aka Cares is a Toronto-based musician and experimental producer from Birmingham. Influenced by his multidisciplinary background in improv and visual art as well as by his teenage experiences with punk bands in the UK, the artist resorts to audio sources such as field recordings, samples, and both […]

Track Premiere: Eudaimonia by VHS Afrika & KRXNX [WeTransa]

Artwork by Vrielh Based in Santiago, Chile, the label WeTransa, run by Syntrovert and Martin.PDF, appeared a little more than a year ago with their debut release called Primera Transa, produced by the founders themselves. The characteristic format of the label consists of EP outings made of three tracks composed by two different artists, seeking to […]

Track Premiere: Toiret Status – #103 (Sabiwa Remix) [Gin&Platonic]

Artwork by Jiri Macku Gin&Platonic is a record label, platform, blog, and mix series from the Czech Republic which started back in 2016 and has since then published a very significant amount of cutting-edge releases in the field of post-ambient, abstract electronics. 2020 saw the collective release six records spanning from conceptual compositions of atonal […]

GUESTMIX#79: political_noize [Undicesimacasa]

  political_noize is a producer affiliated with the Bolognese crew XIcasa who plays with sounds, pushes buttons, and turns knobs to fight his obsessive-compulsive disorder. He dwells in broken rhythms, gabber Hoover (to get used to the hair loss), and fat basses. Together with Amazon Prim, DJ / producer from Brasilia known for her blend of […]

Track Premiere: ‘Within’ by THIRDWORLDLABOUR [UNIZONE]

Visuals & cassette design by Ver We’re back at the track premiére biz today with a preview from the German producer THIRDWORLDLABOUR‘s debut LP titled ‘Wiederkunft Eternal‘, soon to be released (precisely this Friday, December 11th) on Prague-based experimental label and mix series UNIZONE. Previously, the artist has long been part of the 76666 crew […]

Check out our 2nd release: ‘I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER’ by DJ YTP

I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER by DJ YTP  The 2nd PAYNOMINDTOUS release is out today! We’re so happy to release our second outing, namely DJ YTP’s first EP called I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER, available for name-your-price download for today’s Bandcamp Friday. DJ YTP (they/them) is […]

Track Premiere: ‘Wonderland’ by DIGITONICA [‘Coma’ EP]

Artwork by DIGITONICA   The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA, stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English. Previously appeared on A Flooded Need’s […]

Track Premiere: ‘Coil’ by KoiFin [Cime Sampler / Cime]

  Here we are again with the second track premiere for the week, this time covering the first release by the Leipzig-based art magazine, netlabel, and interdisciplinary cultural hub called Cime, established earlier this year. Releasing on Saturday, November 7th, the 18-tracks, 16-artist Cime Sampler compilation gathers different geographies and musical scenes to create an […]

GUESTMIX#75: Jaeho Hwang [Chinabot]

  Jaeho Hwang is a South Korean producer, DJ, and visual artist who has been incorporating his heritage in his productions and work of art, both in terms of traditional Korean instruments and philosophical concepts. Now London-based, Jaeho has been performing and DJing over the recent years with the mission of pushing the boundaries of […]

Track Premiere: ‘Eco Fascist Dethroned’ by Euglossine [Genot Centre]

Artwork by: Lenka Glisníková & h5io6i54k The prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist Tristan Whitehill from Gainesville, Florida, also known as Euglossine, is about to release yet another formidable record on the Prague-based Genot Centre outcome. Out on October 4th on digital and C34 tapes (limited edition of 55 + on-body printing), Blue Marble Agony erupts bursts […]

Track Premiere: Awaken by MARTYYNA [BCAA System]

Artwork by Igor Lorok   Today, we’d like to offer you the last track premiere just before the so longed summer break. On the spotlight is MARTYYNA, a producer / DJ born and currently based in Prague, affiliated with the Blazing Bullets DJs collective, co-founder of the Illegal Taipei research hub and of the cutting-edge […]


  We’re back at our GUESTMIX series with the last mix before summer vacations. Number 72 on the list, this episode has been recorded by the multidisciplinary artist, musician, DJ, and producer MAAY aka Mayte Stevani from Buenos Aires. Affiliated with the cutting edge Trrueno collective and label from Argentina’s capital, she relocated to Berlin […]

Presenting ‘WE NEVER WILL’, PAYNOMINDTOUS’ first compilation

The Turin-based non-profit organization, media website, and event series PAYNOMINDTOUS adds yet another piece to its steady path in the exploration of unsafe sound territories which has seen it tirelessly support experimental underground music. ‘We Never Will’ is the first compilation curated by the Italian crew, out in name-your-price digital format with a graphic concept […]

Track Premiere: ‘Transfert’ by ANKUBU [A Flooded Need]

  A Flooded Need is a record label based in Naples, Italy that started their activities in 2019. Born from the efforts of two friends dwelling with experimental industrial, noise, bass, and breakcore, the outcome is a network that reportedly emerges from the most melancholic corners of electronic music. After Day of the Blizzard by […]

Track Premiere: ‘Navarte’ by Dilian, out on SØVN Records

  SØVN is a collective of sound designers, musicians, and multimedia artists releasing limited-edition records coming with exclusive packaging. Displaced between several European cities over the years, the outcome collects works from artists from all over the world that are mainly focused on ambient, noise, drone, and digital sound exploration. House of 90 Portents is […]

Track Premiere: ‘Enginsess’ by Piano Princess aka bod [包家巷], out on Consouling Sounds

 Artwork by Vincent Adayemo A 12-inches vinyl originally scheduled for Record Store Day, April 2020, Obriultn is an EP consisting of six tracks that have been composed by as many musicians exclusively using stems from a previous release, namely the self-titled record Bolt Ruin out in 2019 on Circuits. Key contemporary artists such as […]

Track Premiere: ‘Half Moon Kick’ by Xiao Quan, out on FunctionLab]

Xiao Quan is a DJ and prolific producer stemming from the clubs of São Paulo, after relocating from the Chinese Shenzen region. A rather mysterious character in the underground community, the artist specializes in exuberant mixtures of techno, grime, tarraxinha, and traditional Chinese elements fueled by a contemporary approach to hybrid club music. His tracks […]

Track Premiere: ‘Revenge of Tinker Bell’ by Sonia Calico [FLEX001, Early Reflex]

Artwork by Alessandro Scanu & Giuseppe Cavuoto   Alec Pace is a Turin-based DJ and producer who has been releasing leftfield electronic music on leading imprints such as Nous Disques, All Centre, Jerome, and xenonyms since 2018 – click here to see the live streaming we had with him at our HQ. Last year, he launched […]

An insight to the staggering ‘Fantasy Violence EP’ by LIGH TN ING, out on Ashida Park

Ashida Park is a record label based in Vienna, Austria, pushing experimental, contemporary electronic music with a full-round concept articulated around a prominent interaction with visual arts. Genre hybridization is surely the main focus of the label, founded in 2016 and run since then by Antonia XM and Amblio. So far, AP published multiple artists […]

GUESTMIX#68: DJ Hristos

  DJ Hristos is the arcane doppelgänger of Berlin-based producer, DJ, and queer activist Ion Hristu, affiliated to the Soul Feeder crew and record label where his debut mixtape was released. Reportedly “conceived on the day of Orthodox Easter” 2019, the DJ Hristos musical project bridges present-days electronic music and fast dancefloor genres together with […]

GUESTMIX#67: Odete [Circa A.D., Troublemaker Records, New Scenery]

  Odete is a producer, DJ, performer, femme and queer activist, poet, theorist, +++ based in Lisbon, affiliated with the Troublemaker Records and Circa A.D. Portuguese communities: the former is a collective started in 2018 and comprising artists such as PHOEBE, Herlander, NESS, Killian, and Fylha; the latter is instead a digital record label managed […]

GUESTMIX#65: Wulffluw XCIV [Symbols, Ashida Park]

Artwork by Whiterose Wulffluw XCIV is a Russian producer and DJ based in Perm, right on the Çulman river. His motto being “no borders, please ?“, the emerging artist has been producing fierce experimental electronic music in the form of a handful of innovative, genre-blending singles and albums released on labels such as Symbols, Ashida […]

RECOMMENDED#6: 50 tracks to discover 2019’s digital worldwide underground

  Enjoy our 2019 end-year playlist featuring a bunch of tracks among our 50 favorite underground producers and labels for a total of 3 hours of contemporary, experimental, hardcore, trap, club/hybrid/post-whatever/computer music.       Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe […]

Ossessione Uno ✗ Paynomindtous: ℌ??????? ?????? 10/01/20

Ossessione Uno ✗ Paynomindtous: ℌ??????? ?????? Astoria Basement, 10:00PM – 4:00AM Entry Fee: 5€ FACEBOOK EVENT ?’? ?????? ?? ?? ?????????? ????? / ??? ?? ???? ???? ? ????? ??? ??????? ????? / ??? ????’? ??? ???? ??? ? ???? ??? ?? ????? ? MEO live https://youtu.be/V4aRoqkRlwA? One dying wish live https://onedyingwishpunx.bandcamp.com/? OSSESSIONE COLLETTIVA dj […]

Track Premiere: ‘Joust’ by Insin [‘Inisint’ EP, REALIA]

Artwork by Orgen   ‘Inisint’ EP by Insin, due to be released December the 20th, 2019, is the latest entry – the fourth – in the REALIA catalog, the label/collective/publishing act stemming from Milan. The five-tracker, completed with three remixes, is a work by the duo composed of Bashar Suleiman and Freya Edmondes aka Elvin […]

A Voice Is Just A Familiar Noise @ Cripta747 | Torino, 28/11/2019

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE!   Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you […]

Track Premiere: ‘Tunnel Highway’ by DJ Loser & Xiao Quan [Kawasaki Outrun EP, Unizone]

Artwork by: Ver A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host this stunner mix by Oblinof, who released the astounding Postinternet Club EP on the Prague-based outcome and mix series Unizone. Today, we’re back to talk about the same label offering you a track premiere off their upcoming fourth release, produced by an obscure […]

GUESTMIX#61: Furtherset [-OUS]

Artwork by: Furtherset Furtherset is the music project by Tommaso Pandolfi (’95, Perugia, Italy), also actively operating in the field of abstract drawing and movie making. After several appearances on outcomes such as Technowagon, Bad Panda, Homework, Concrete, and Bertrand Tapes, and following the widely acclaimed, introspective No Logic No Death on White Forest Records, the […]

GUESTMIX#60: Oblinof [Tuamalanpak, Unizone]

Artwork by Oblinof   Oblinof is a project born in 2007 in Entre Rios, Argentina, inspired by New Media Art and active in a plethora of different disciplines such as video art and animation, 3D printing and sculptures, VR and holograms, and, of course, music – in the form of publications, remixes, audio-visual live sets, […]

⟨ Ƭ Ʀ Ʀ Ʋ Є Ɲ Ơ showcase in Turin ⟩ 17/10/19

GIOVEDI’ 17 OTTOBRE, 9PM – 12AM T R R U E N O ?? SHOWCASE INGRESSO 5€ PARTECIPA QUI TRRUENO è un collettivo ed etichetta discografica di base a Buenos Aires, Argentina, impegnato nell’autunno del 2019 nel suo primo tour europeo. TRRUENO nasce dall’intreccio di molteplici progetti musicali, performativi e audiovisuali accumunati dall’utilizzo di nuove tecnologie […]

Album Premiere: Fullscreen by FAUSTO MERCIER [Genot Centre]

Artwork by: Marick Roy The young Hungarian Roland Nagy is a sound engineer, ex media arts student, and producer who started his FAUSTO MERCIER project in 2016, so far appeared on Unlog, EXILES, Kaer‘Uiks, and Pointless Geometry. His work in the field of electronic music production, while resonating with hardcore digital culture and bouncy rhythmic heaviness, […]

A chat with DNTFCK founders César Ch. & Zurvolt + GUESTMIX#59

Artwork by: César Ch. When we had César Ch. over at our HQ in Turin, last December (take a look here), we also got the chance to develop a real face-to-face relationship with one half of the DNTFCK netlabel based in Mexico City and releasing material both from local and international artists. Over the last […]

Album Premiere: Eremocene by Queimada [Gin&Platonic]

  Gin&Platonic is a platform which has been releasing music and supporting artists worldwide since 2016, setting its own goal as to be the “systematic overcoming of longing“. Though the exact meaning behind G&P intriguing program would deserve a dedicated feature and explanation by its founders, we could try and pinpoint some common features among […]

GUESTMIX#57: ‘i feel vile but that’s just fine mix’ by FFFREAK

  Daniel Williams, 25 yo from London, UK, is a producer and DJ we discovered a few months ago thanks to the ultimate tool for finding new and obscure stuff over the Internet, i.e. the Soundcloud algorithm for related tracks (as you might already know, the real digging nowadays happens on the Internet!). Daniel started […]

Hear out ‘Sutarti: III’ by Joshua Sabin from his forthcoming LP on Subtext

  Edinburgh-based composer and sound designer Joshua Sabin is an experimental artist which has been working since the mid-2010 with extensive sample and field recordings manipulation. He released his debut record, called Terminus Drift, for the now Berlin-based label Subtext Recordings in February 2017. The outcome, founded in Bristol and curated by the Washington DC, USA […]

GUESTMIX#54: ‘Mix IIII My Dog’ by Alt-Jpop [1898music]

Artwork by Altj-Pop   A while back, while – as always – set on our perilous quest to explore unsafe sound territories, we stumbled upon a label called 1898music, a weird creature of mutating, cutting-edge sounds: hyperactive music (better defined as hyperwave) which is as closely related to digital culture, computer music, and Sophie as […]

Road to METAL GHETTO: GUESTMIX#53 by DJ Ornella (fka Ramirexx)

Artwork by 095-   DJ Ornella, pseudonimo di Alessandro Gentili, è un produttore e DJ di stanza a Milano. Già conosciuto in precedenza come Ramirexx, e attualmente collaboratore della serie di party MILANOROVINA di cui è resident dj, DJ Ornella riprende la ricerca sulla musica contemporanea (da ballo e non) orientandosi verso sonorità discontinue, violente […]

Hear out ‘Lord of Flies (Ba‘al Z’vûv)’: a 100%-unreleased-tracks mix by Æthereal Arthropod

Artwork by Æthereal Arthropod When we first stumbled into Æthereal Arthropod‘s music a few months ago we were really impressed by the proposed mixture of blackened atmospheres, evil noise, fast-tempo kicks, layered compositions (and stunning cgi artworks) set to summon crawling creatures by the depths of a digital hell. An ‘invertebrate nightmare’, to put it […]

GUESTMIX#51: HeedLess [Wile Out, Club Late Music]

Artwork by Francesco Mancin     We’re very pleased today to feature on our GUESTMIX series the Italian producer and DJ Mattia Cremonini aka HeedLess, who recorded for us a 51-minutes-long mixtape offering a wild insight into the current underground club culture: the tracklist is available at the end of the article and goes from […]

FAMILY MIXTAPE #12 by Guiot [2k18 XMAS Special]

  PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS family Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here. Guiot makes computer music on her laptop, on stage and on screen. Her DJing gerrymanders musical space into a varied […]

NETHER riparte dalle esplorazioni sonore e software di ‘Blinded’ di SY/IN

  SY/IN è il nuovo alias del sound e visual artist, produttore e sperimentatore friulano Alex Ortiga classe 1993, attivo precedentemente come Xennan e, per un breve periodo, Niide. La sua ricerca artistica rivolge l’attenzione all’immaginazione e costruzione di piani reali/fittizi in cui il dominio digitale e quello fisico (analogico) interagiscono fino a confondersi ed […]


Artwork by: Comastasis   We discovered the THRDEYEVSN collective/netlabel/club from Helsinki, Finland last year when the THRDEYEVSN 4.0 compilation was released, collecting about twenty tracks from Finnish producers. The track selection was actually the fourth episode of a series of various artists release which started back in 2015 with the ‘1.0’ record. The common aspects that the […]

FAMILY MIXTAPE #11 by c:pala [November 2018]

Artwork by: c:pala PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS family, Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here. FAMILY MIXTAPE #8, featuring c:pala:  long time PAYNOMINDTOUS collaborator (take a look here, here and here), render guerrilla […]

Track Premiere: Diagnostic – Conflict Zone [‘Repercussions’ CD, Jezgro]

Jezgro is an independent electronic record label we already had the chance to talk about last year when the Torus EP by Japanese legend Merzbow was released on the Serbian outcome, started and run by Ontal / Impulse Controls’ Darko Kolar. Next Tuesday, December the 4th a CD album series called JCDAL will start on Jezgro with Jan […]

GUESTMIX#48: Avbvrn [Decisions, Jerome]

POSTDIGITAL ROMANCE by k095c Avbvrn is a producer, composer, and DJ. His work is a contorted, greyscale sound situated at the intersection between club, classical, and experimental music. His DJ sets hurtle forward at an exhilarating pace with a focus on heavy, dramatic contrasts and surprising moments of stasis. He has released music on labels […]

Album Premiere: Stairs of Emotion by Lessons in Hate [Prehistoric Silence]

Artwork and layout by Alberto Bertelli   We have already hosted on several occasion the Italian cassette / digital outcome Prehistoric Silence, surely one of our favorites when it comes to sound art, underground experimental ambient and noise music. The last PHS outing after the summer was They Are Eating All The Faeries by the youngster […]

Postdigital Romance w/ Rui Ho, Avbvrn, Katatonic Silentio, Bladeblanc @ Bunker, Torino | 24/11/18

Artwork by 095-   Siamo lieti annunciare l’ultimo party del 2018 della nostra webzine / organizzazione di base a Torino con cui siamo promotori militanti e trasversali delle istanze musicali più di frontiera della scena italiana e europea. Ad accompagnare i debutti italiani di RUI HO, artista non-binaria di Shangai rilocata a Berlino, e Avbvrn, […]

TRRUENO: Fighting and dancing in a post-human baroque anti-opera

  Astrosuka, Bungalovv, Agustin Genoud, Candie Castillo, Tatiana Cuoco, Bosque Sin Arboles, Qeei, Volll, Flor Kurch. These are the names that compose the TRRUENO collective, a crew focused on experimental club music, sound art, digital art and much more else straight out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Truly among the most interesting outcomes in the worldwide, […]

GUESTMIX#46: Bladeblanc [Ultracare]

Artwork by: Bladeblanc   Bladeblanc is the moniker of a young Milan-based producer and dj active in the post-Internet community both on the musical and artistic level via her collaborative art project called Ultracare. Mainly inspired by bass music and the UK underground scene, she commits to the experimenting on the dancefloor by combining a broad range of […]

Album Premiere: Incandenza by Guybrush [SØVN]

  SØVN is a collective of musicians and sound artists releasing their music in the form of records each one coming with an exclusive, ad-hoc type of packaging, making the record label work at the intersection of different art forms. Its operating core has been moving all around Europe over the years following the wanderings of […]

Road to Bunker Market Eve “Block” Party: GUESTMIX#45 by Visio

  Visio è il nuovo progetto di Nicola Tirabasso, artista multidisciplinare stretto collaboratore della label Artetetra per la quale ha anche pubblicato due lavori nel 2015 e 2016. Visio investiga e rielabora suoni e temi della rave culture alternandoli con rapide incursioni ambientali ed improvvise esplosioni di velocità, spingendone l’immaginario caratteristico ai limiti logici del […]

FAMILY MIXTAPE #9 by VIBRISSE [September 2018]

Artwork by: VIBRISSE PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS’ family Turin-based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here. FAMILY MIXTAPE #9 w/ VIBRISSE, which is the moniker for a bastard, two-headed, mixed gender project currently based in Turin, […]

Track Premiere: Clade by Scim [Punctuated Equilibrium, Heel.Zone]

Artwork by: Gianluca Lonigro   Ryan Tracey aka Scim is an artist, producer, and programmer currently based in Chicago, US, who released earlier this year a very valid EP, called Solid Grey, on the Californian outcome T.A.R.. Next week, Tuesday the 25th to be precise, the next Scim outing will be released on the Italian multidimensional […]

Track Premiere: Franz Rosati – Power Inferno [Malapensa, Pyteca]

Vincenzo Pizzi, classe 1993 e originario di Miranda (Isernia, Molise), in seguito ad un percorso di studi che lo porta prima a Napoli e poi a Roma, avvia nel 2016 l’avventura della propria etichetta PYTECA dopo essere apparso su importanti etichette in ambito techno come Blackwater (Margaretha), Secret Keywords, RDL47, Otōmo, Riot Recordings. Focalizzata in particolar […]

Paynomindtous ⓧ Heel Zone_ Bunker | Torino, 15/07/18

PAYNOMINDTOUS.it x Heel.zone takeover @ Bunker, Torino DOMENICA 15 LUGLIO 2K18 INIZIO 19:45 – FINE 23:59 INGRESSO UP TO YOU ( ≥ 1€) ✈ c : pala djset ✈ DJS Oblio [VIBRISSE] djset ✈ Guiot djset ✈ krolik + Weightausend live ✈ Kuthi Jinani djset ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Artwork by 095- [http://09five.com/] ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ PAYNOMINDTOUS.it [Turin-based Organization, Webzine, Crew] “We aim at triggering change within the Italian music scene; we support border music styles and […]

FAMILY MIXTAPE #6 by Guiot [June 2018]

  PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS’ family Turin based members: c : pala, Guiot, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here. FAMILY MIXTAPE #6, featuring Guiot: Guiot (fl. 2017-) shares a bedroom in Torino with a laptop barely able to run […]

HARDCORE TALE #1: an interview with Jörg Buchholz aka Taciturne

Pic courtesy of Sam Nuller   We at PAYNOMINDTOUS have always been interested in “hardcore” music, whatever the meaning of the word might be. The term, generally related to heavy and uncompromising genres generated by different cultures, historical and political periods, music production tools and attitudes, particularly fits the notion of Speed, reached by the […]

MILANOROVINA Golden Edition @ Tempio Del Futuro Perduto, Milano, 02/06/2018

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE!   Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you […]

Track Premiere: Organic, Synthetic, Ensemble Material I by TF+ [Whereiswave?]

  PREORDER LINK   Whereiswave? è un nuovo collettivo proveniente dal sud Italia, nato proprio in questi mesi del 2018 e in procinto di rilasciare, il prossimo 15 Giugno, un primo tassello nel processo di crescita e scoperta della crew / etichetta. WIW 01, ovvero la prima release di Whereiswave?, è una cassetta C16 registrata […]

Album Premiere: dreadmaul – The Crow EP [DLT9 – Delta9 Recordings]

https://soundcloud.com/delta9recordings/sets/dreadmaul-the-crow-ep-dlt9002/s-6wb1l   A few months after D73-71-85 by Cerebral Cuts, half Bergamo, IT – half Berlin based drum and bass outcome Delta9 Recordings’ brand new subdivision called DLT9 is back with its second outing. The follow-up in the field of exploration of more introspective, deeper, darker vibes has been recorded by Dennis Leick aka dreadmaul, a […]


  VBRA is a music/art collective created in 2016 by people passionate with experimentations/beats/abstractionism in all types of arts. VBRA communicates through strong music mixtapes and impactful artworks. Mixcloud / Soundcloud / Tumblr   TRACKLIST Soho Rezanejad and Various Artists | The Idealist Ft. SKY H1 Lynn | tcs ithinkifeverybodywillknownthatthisisthesoundwe’llhearinthelastmoment,nobody’dbeafraidtodeath Martyn Bootyspoon | Silk Eternity Dane […]

Album Premiere: Lag Metamorphosis by Modo Koagon & Xtematic [Biodiversità Records]

Lag metamorphosis by Modo Koagon / Xtematic  In occasione dell’evento senza precedenti tenutosi a Rio de Janeiro nel Giugno 1992 e definito Summit della Terra, ovvero la prima conferenza a tema ambientale che coinvolse i capi di stato di numerosi governi e nazioni a livello mondiale, il termine biodiversità fu definito come parola con cui indicare “ogni tipo […]

Intervista a Ramirexx (aka Alessandro Gentili, Algen) + MINIMIX

  Ramirexx, pseudonimo di Alessandro Gentili, è un dj, producer e visual artist residente in provincia di Ancona. Orientato su sonorità decostruzioniste, discontinue, industriali e brutali, interposte ad invasioni di musica sperimentale e rumorista, è attivo dal 2016. I suoi mix sono stati ospitati da Noisey Italia, Jerome Worldwide, Echo As e Murk. Per supportare […]

Road to PHASE | Sexual Range 14 Apr. ’18: GUESTMIX#36 by Katatonic Silentio

  Lo scorso Marzo vi avevamo presentato il concept di PHASE, serata talk + night organizzata all’interno degli spazi culturali indipendenti  Sala Campolmi (Nuova Piazza Landini), Lottozero / textile laboratories e Spazio Materia di Via Genova 17, Prato, accompagnando un GUESTMIX firmato da uno dei protagonisti sia della fase di dibattito in apertura che del vero e proprio evento musicale. […]

RECORDING#43: Cop-Killin’ Beat [LIVE] @Out Stack Festival, 03/09/17

  Technical File Date / Venue 03/19/2017, Out Stack Festival, Narzole, Italy Info / Links Cop-Killin’ Beat : FB / Bandcamp Est. 2004 by Andrea Pisano, former Fuh member, now also in Tweedo. “Guitars, Live-electronics, Loops, Nails, Dust“. Equipment • Tape-loops • Sampler • I-pad • Stompboxes • Loopers Extra Cop-Killin’ Beat will perform tomorrow, March 20th in […]

FAMILY MIXTAPE #2 by GUIOT [February 2018]

  PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS’ family Turin based members: c : pala, GUIOT, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here.   Input text: The ground is reflective. The ground is black. The sky is black. a red “Pay no mind […]

Album premiere: Cerebral-Cuts – D73-71-85 [DLT9 – Delta 9 Recordings]

  Today’s premiere focuses on the half Bergamo, IT half Berlin based drum and bass outcome Delta9 Recordings, which is about to launch its own sublabel called DLT9 – a project meant to explore and promote deeper, darker and more introspective vibes than the one characterizing the main dnb path followed by the mother label. […]

Interview: The Verge Of Ruin – Learn To Love Solitude [Setola di Maiale]

  Esce oggi 8 Gennaio 2018 il debutto discografico di The Verge of Ruin, progetto collaborativo dei Milanesi Shari DeLorian e Stefano De Ponti, edito da Setola di Maiale in formato CD ed acquistabile a questo link. Registrato in collaborazione con i musicisti Elia Moretti (percussioni), Eleonora Pellegrini (voci) e Giorgio Sancristoforo (elettroniche), Learn To […]

Album Premiere: Anything Pointless – EVA EP [Superbudda Production]

  Siamo felici di presentare oggi l’EP d’esordio di Anything Pointless, intitolato EVA e in uscita Venerdì 15 Dicembre (domani!) per Superbudda Production, l’organo di pubblicazione del collettivo artistico di base nel capoluogo piemontese. Della durata di poco inferiore a 15 minuti e suddiviso in 5 tracce, EVA EP arriva anticipato dal singolo Breathe rilasciato […]

Club to Club Festival 2017, Turin, 01-05/11/17

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE!   Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you […]

Barnacles [Matteo Uggeri] + Sebastiano Carghini @Magazzino Sul Po | 20/10/17

Paynomindtous e Magazzino sul Po sono felici di presentare due live ad ora inediti nella città di Torino: Matteo Uggeri aka Barnacles [Boring Machines / Non Piangere Dischi] e Sebastiano Carghini [Second Sleep, Hideous Replica]. L’evento si presenta come aftershow del terzo appuntamento Overlook con Mark Eitzel [link evento] al Cinema Classico, dopo il quale vi […]

Track premiere: ‘Ishiki’ by Tetsumasa featuring Mogano from Obake EP out today on Arboretum

Picture and graphics by Andrea Familari / FAX   Arboretum is a Berlin-based label founded in 2012 and active ever since putting out several outstanding publications in the field of experimental electronic music; the project mainly focuses on the real-time interaction between sound and visual forces, intertwining within the same compositions and defining a brand […]

RECORDING#38: V0r0N0I [LIVE] @Bologna Elettrica | Xm24, Bologna, 27/05/17

Technical File Date / Venue 27/05/2017, Bologna Elettrica @Xm24, Bologna Info / Links FB / Soundcloud “Inspired by the well-known diagrams and geometric theories of the eponymous mathematician coming from the cold 19th century Russian Empire, Matteo Nobile, and Luca Scarrone explore through Voronoi the changing relationship between sound, structure and space. In a continuous metric and formal […]

Listen to a 6-minute preview of Torus EP, Merzbow’s new release on Darko Kolar’s Jezgro

Artwork by .thejass. Jezgro is an independent electronic record label from Serbia, started and run by Ontal / Impulse Controls’ Darko Kolar. As reported on the label’s Bandcamp portal, its main focus is on representing the most obscure, dark and deep sides of the current electronic music scene, also incorporating genres such as harsh noise, […]

GUESTMIX#17 by David Edren (DSRLines): road to Zuma 2017

Cartolina realizzata da Luca Tanzini; altre 18 disponibili qui Zuma è musica, psichedelia e amore. Sarà un viaggio nel tempo e nello spazio dove si incontreranno diverse generazioni di musicisti e suoni da un mondo senza confini. […] Quante facce può avere la psichedelia? Infinite, siamo convinti. Costruendo Zuma abbiamo cercato di declinare questa parola […]

PUMP the BEATS | Radio Blackout | Cavallerizza Reale, 08/04/17

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Zu | In Zaire @Psycho River Fest – Preview #2, Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, 06/04/17

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RECORDING#31: Lyke Wake [LIVE @ Solchi Sperimentali Fest @Fanfulla, 26/02/17]

Technical File Date / Venue 26 February, Solchi Sperimentali Fest – Roma, Fanfulla 5/a Circolo Arci, Rome, Italy Info / Links Website / Discogs / FB / SC / YouTube [lyke wake / noun / British] Definition of lyke wake in English: A night spent watching over a dead body, typically acting as a celebration […]

PORTRAIT#7: La Peste – ‘Para La Santísima Muerte Flashcore Live Set’ [Previously Unreleased]

We’re flattered to share with you the seventh PORTRAIT episode: our guest today is Laurent Mialon aka La Peste [French for The Plague], a deeply influential French avant-garde electronic music producer who started back in mid 90s with speedcore / experimental speedcore raids, and then reached out to estabilish his own imprint Hangars Liquides and […]

RECORDING#19: Lettera 22 [LIVE @Prehistoric Silence #01 | Cso Django, Treviso, 08/10/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 8 October 2016, PHS LIVE #01: Lettera 22, qqqøqqq, Xennan, Holy Similaun @CSO Django, Treviso, Italy Info / Links: Website / Bandcamp / DiscogsLettera22 played live at the Italian label Prehistoric Silence debut show at CSO Django, Treviso, October 2016. PS, which is Padova / Treviso-based and run by two very young guys both […]

RECORDING#16: Luminance Ratio [LIVE @ Carrozzerie_n.o.t | TDV10, Rome, 18/09/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 18 September 2016, Carrozzerie_n.o.t, Via Panfilo Castaldi 28/a, 00153 Rome, Italy / FB Event / Teatri di Vetro FB Page Info / Links: Official Website / Bandcamp / Discogs / FB Page The 16th element in the RECORDINGS series is a live show by Luminance Ratio, recorded in Rome by […]

PORTRAIT#6: Valerio Cosi [Dreamsheep]

Artwork di Cristina Ruggieri Ritorna l’appuntamento mensile con la serie PORTRAITS (che ad onor del vero si era presa una pausa per il mese di Agosto, complici le vacanze estive), ovvero il nostro format dedicato all’approfondimento, sottoforma di intervista restrospettiva + mixato registrato dal musicista, dell’attività di artisti italiani e non che ci hanno particolarmente colpito […]

Morkebla – Ono-Sendai Cyberspace [BAROC, BAROC008, 2016]

Lo scorso 5 Febbraio la vinyl-only label BAROC, da Colonia, ha rilasciato il 12” dal titolo Ono-Sendai Cyberspace firmato da Morkebla, al secolo Alberto Rosso. L’artista è autore da diversi anni a questa parte di interessanti uscite su molteplici labels, formati (validissime le tre cassette edite nel 2014 da Reckno, Where to Now? ed Indole […]