Track Premiere: ‘Within’ by THIRDWORLDLABOUR [UNIZONE]

Visuals & cassette design by Ver

We’re back at the track premiére biz today with a preview from the German producer THIRDWORLDLABOUR‘s debut LP titled ‘Wiederkunft Eternal‘, soon to be released (precisely this Friday, December 11th) on Prague-based experimental label and mix series UNIZONE. Previously, the artist has long been part of the 76666 crew who has been releasing different sampler compilations on their channels since 2018, many of which features contributions by him. The track we’re presenting today, namely Within, is the first of ten articulate sound design experiments that bring around a warm sense of wonder and intimacy in a desolate, icy-cold digital landscape.

If you had to live your life over and over again for eternity, how would you live it? What does making choices mean? The contingencies of life unravel my senses.

THIRDWORLDLABOUR’s work, whose title refers to the German word for ‘return‘, evokes by means of grime-influenced, dynamic electronic compositions a dystopian/visionary world that sounds as kind as dreadful, thanks to the producer’s ability to fine-tune the music outings to a very tense emotional progression. The eternal return the LP refers to in its name also indicates a dematerialized idea of timelessness, in which recurrent sound solutions are endlessly rearranged in always fresh and breath-taking moments, at times brutal and at times delicate.



Other than careful sound design, blasting percussions, and prominent bass components, the main tool in the producer’s palette is sure to be found in the use of vocal chops and manipulations. Surely inspired by some of the recent years’ all-out masterpieces such as Visionist’s Safe, the voice is richly manipulated and looped in order to create the backbone of all the release, which is then supplemented by variegated forms of arpeggios, chanting, ethereal ambiance, and much more. Precisely as described before, the digitally-processed voices become instruments of machine-like cold and cutting-edge precision, while retaining the warming embrace – albeit figurative – of human interaction.

The record will be released on Bandcamp in a limited edition of 50 cassettes with design curated by w.rong.corp.s – affiliated visual artist Ver, while the mastering of the tracks (plus additional mixdown) has been curated by Wim Dehaen. Wiederkunft Eternal is ready for pre-order at UNIZONE’s Bandcamp, please consider supporting the label and the artist by getting your hands on this exceptional piece of futuristic post-grime.

But first, follow THIRDWORLDLABOUR on Instagram and SoundCloud. Support UNIZONE on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.


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