Turin-based Organization Music Events Webzine

We aim at triggering change within the Italian music scene; we support border music styles and explore unsafe sound territories; we want to grow a community of people united in mutual support and unconditioned, careless passion; we actively work to offer interesting musical experiences.

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The contents of the website are provided both in Italian (our native language) and in English. The goal is to reach as many people as possible, without losing the impact of expressing ourselves in the language we use to talk and think through.


We offer through interesting and deeply focused pieces of writing, divided into intuitive tag categories that can be browsed using the category-bar right below the header.

Together with •REVIEWS of some of the latest records we have been impressed by, you can find many •INTERVIEWS usually coming along with additional features such as music selections, playlists, mixes. We give our own, personal take on some old record, or movie that can be considered having •TIMELESS value. Further on, •IN-DEPTH section stands as a repository of highly-focused and informative features about a musician, a label, a musical scene or genre; •EXCLUSIVE is the place for you to find free-download links for rare stuff; in •RECOMMENDED section are collected a lot of records and other suggested stuff that we feel is worth recommending to you.

Considering the SOUNDS section, it features our exclusive •PORTRAIT column: the format consists in asking a deeply influential artist to provide us a mixed selection and to answer a detailed interview; all the artworks for Portrait are drawn by Cristina Ruggieri. On Mixcloud we also upload •GUESTMIXES and full •RECORDINGS of live sets: our goal is to build a huge archive of music from all over the world.

Finally, a special mention to our VIDEO section and our PAYNOMINDTOUS • TV YouTube channel, which is devoted to the upload of HD videos documenting the current Italian musical scene (but not only). We provide a short excerpt of acts we witnessed live arranged in •REPORTS so that you could enjoy the music and discover new artists. Our main goal is to support musicians, labels, promoters, and spaces struggling each day to survive and create. We feel we can grow a lively network of exchanged experiences. We are building a huge archive, a sharp selection of data out of the chaotic, insubstantial stream of information we’re each day fed with.

In early 2017 we also started promoting and producing events using the PAYNOMINDTOUS name: take a look at this link.