PAYNOMINDTOUS is a non-profit organization registered in December 2018, operating since late 2015 as a webzine and media website. In early 2017, we started our own event series in Turin, IT focused on arts, experimental and dancefloor-oriented music.

We aim at triggering change within the Italian music scene. We support border music styles and explore unsafe sound territories. We want to grow a community of people united in mutual support and unconditional, careless passion.

Turin-based Org Music Events Webzine

We reject every clumsy invocation to “the Future” meant as the signifier for capitalistic “progress” and “innovation”. Instead, we fully embrace the Present. We renounce any reckless and ultimately arbitrary division between “high” and “low”, respectable and not respectable, “mind” and “body”. We support and invite musicians, artists, and performers having diverse backgrounds and expressing themselves via variegated artistic practices.

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As a media website, we do not write album or event reviews. We do however feature track or album premieres also via our Soundcloud channel. We support local organizations, promoters, and musicians by uploading video reports on our YouTube channel. We host mixes from artists we love on a regular basis.


PAYNOMINDTOUS is an open project that needs your support, feeding on your curiosity, interest, and will to have fun discovering new content every day.  If you are you enjoying what you see on our website, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help will be of great relevance to us, thank you so much for your time!



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