Check out our 2nd release: ‘I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER’ by DJ YTP


The 2nd PAYNOMINDTOUS release is out today! We’re so happy to release our second outing, namely DJ YTP’s first EP called I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER, available for name-your-price download for today’s Bandcamp Friday.

DJ YTP (they/them) is the previously-unheard music incarnation of Xenia fka Diego Innaro from Verona, Italy. Already appeared with a handful of other monikers on labels such as Artetetra (as Electro Summer Arcade), Die Schachtel (as Nazis In Paris), Icore Produzioni (as ChillD), and on our ‘WE NEVER WILL’ comp out this summer (as босс кокос), the DJ, producer, RocketRadio (VR) radio host, and owner of Svbterrean Tapes, is presenting their latest laptop electronic music outlet which could be aptly described with the tags ‘Hardcore Eleganza Extravaganza’ and ‘Moronic Dank Dance Music’.


“I wanted to encapsulate 25 years of passion and discomfort into a record that could be equally violent, technical, and fun, and at the same time immediately accessible and enjoyable. Enough with intelligent and serious music. Fuck any form of elitism whatsoever. This EP is dedicated to my squad”

Also featuring two stunning reworks by DJ Hristos and Nahash, members of DJ YTP’s url network, the three-track debut EP ‘I MISS RAVING, BUT I DON’T MIND VR SHOWS EITHER’ reminisces of the late 90s, rave-influenced music they used to listen and party to – such as eurodance, Lento Violento, and happy hardcore, all the way to tribe tekno and other exciting high-bpm styles. This broad range of inspirations has been collapsed into dense compositions of dissected industrial hardcore and breakcore, obtained via an algorithmic, deranged dismantling of multiple audio sources such as anime, movie, and videogame samples in the form of harsh rhythmic outbreaks. DJ YTP’s artistic process is to all extent similar to the one behind the creation of YouTube poop videos, in which loud desecration and conceptual destruction are meant as ultimate, cathartic liberation.

Composed, recorded, and mixed by DJ YTP, except (4) by DJ Hristos and (5) by Nahash. Cover Design by ANKUBU. DJ YTP logo by Vesper. Mastering by Kuthi Jin




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