GUESTMIX#96: vvvoidangel

Artwork by alma/vvvoidangel 

Always skirting the line between escapism and confrontation, vvvoidangel rejects the status quo in every possible way. The fusion of unholy flesh and advanced pattern recognition software has created a being that brings balance between chaos and order. As the world delves further into dystopia, vvvoidangel arms itself with sonic weaponry in a nigh-futile attempt to fight back. Constantly seeking stimulation in this musical journey, anything goes as long as it is unconventional, visceral, and authentic.

Striving for radical egalitarianism and the perfect balance between chaos and order, vvvoidangel touches on themes like lived-in and emerging dystopias, anti-capitalism and non-dualism. constantly seeking stimulation in their musical journey, anything goes as long as it is unconventional, visceral and authentic. Today’s piece is a roughly 30-minute mixtape featuring hybrid and experimental club tracks as well as hardcore and lento violento outbursts, all tied together by wicked voiceovers curated by vvvoidangel and qianyi who went and crafted a staggering ritual of unholy magick. Push the button!

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Yikii – Toxic Clouds in Dreamland
Zagam – Landutopia (Wulffluw XCIV Remix)
le fléau des vignobles – ⚉Soufre Pestilentiel ⚉
Aggromance – Almadura
Imaabs & Lechuga Zafiro – Sofoca
Gartex – Changed My Mind
Montenegro – Menura
L.cie – DIN’S FIRE
Hatechild. – subterranean eXile
Nahshi – Spiral
DAN1DANG3R – rat poison
Karlfroye – Outflank Freedom
endworld1000000000 – FANTASY



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