Sueuga – Conflict Areas EP [PNMTU009] feat. collabs w/ B E N N, Sam Karugu

Artwork by post_cyberparamo

Sueuga (she/her) is a Mexican artist, DJ, and producer known for her releases on pivotal labels such as NAAFI, Hiedrah, Salviatek, Sacrilejio, Soul Feeder, Arboretum, and Precious Metals among others. Now based in Amsterdam but raised in Oakland, California where she started her music career by collaborating with artists from the Neoperreo scene, Sueuga has been an important actress in the contemporary scene thanks to her experimental, mutant club outings primarily inspired by industrial music and dominated by unsettling atmospheres, ferocious drums, and abrasive textures. We’re very excited to announce the release of her new “Conflict Areas” EP which will be out on Friday, February 16th. As of today, you can pre-order it and stream the eponymous track on SoundCloud and YouTube.




The 5-tracker opens up with a short and eerie introduction called “Dragged” which indeed abruptly drags the listener into a perilous sound journey composed of explosive rhythmic discharges that also extend to the second and third tracks, the titular “Conflict Areas” and “Heat Therapy”. Thanks to its extensively variegated yet immediately accessible and catchy compositions, Sueuga’s awe-inspiring work manages to summon dark, infernal scenarios while also envisioning bright futures of long-awaited victory, offering a commentary on the existential struggle of unconditionally and wholeheartedly affirming one’s existence in turbulent, oppressive times. With its sense of unavoidable and relentless tension, the entire EP is an act of belligerent resistance in sound form.


Dragged view 01:15
Conflict Areas 03:31
Heat Therapy 03:38
Hidden Fees (feat. B E N N) 04:38
MMXXIII (feat. Sam Karugu) 03:22

The two final tracks host collaborations with the founder of the label, Taipei-based DJ and producer B E N N, and Duma’s noise/metal experimental musician Sam Karugu, respectively. While the first one (“Hidden Fees”) indulges into the heavy-hitting, cadenced percussive progressions previously shown in the rest of the EP (and here enriched by deep, bursting basslines and a ghastly melody), the latter (“MMXXIII”) provides a free-form anthem for all the metalheads where rumbling distortion and eerie vocals meet incessant lamentations and gurgling noise in the background.

Tracks 1-3 produced and mixed by Sueuga. Track 4 produced and mixed by Sueuga & B E N N, track 5 produced and mixed by Sueuga & Sam Karugu. Mastering by Wim Dehaen



B E N N is a Taipei-based producer/DJ, founder of avant-garde club label and resident DJ of the Final Taipei club. B E N N attempted to reach out to the diverse dimensions of the production after moving back to Taipei from London, with natural sounds blending into different Asian vibes with broken beats. Over the past 3 years, B E N N has released several EPs and participated in many compilations from different labels, each showing an evolution of technique, from Synesthesia’s tribal futurism to the organic natural pulses of Entheos, and most recently the sleek high definition crunch of 2041.

Sam Karugu is a musician, producer, and DJ who explores the boundaries of sound and noise. His music is influenced by grindcore, industrial, breakcore, and other electronic genres, as well as traditional African music. He uses noise feedback and wall of sound techniques to create sonic rituals that connect you and your audience in a visceral and cathartic way. He’s also part of the Duma and Usura duos, among other projects, where he collaborates with other artists sharing his passion for experimental and extreme music and sonic ritual. Sam is based in Nairobi, Kenya, where he is part of a vibrant and diverse musical scene.



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