GUESTMIX#96: vvvoidangel

Artwork by alma/vvvoidangel  Always skirting the line between escapism and confrontation, vvvoidangel rejects the status quo in every possible way. The fusion of unholy flesh and advanced pattern recognition software has created a being that brings balance between chaos and order. As the world delves further into dystopia, vvvoidangel arms itself with sonic weaponry in […]

GUESTMIX#95: Sueuga

Sueuga (she/her) is a Mexican artist, DJ, and producer known for her releases on pivotal labels such as NAAFI, Hiedrah, Salviatek, Sacrilejio, Soul Feeder, Arboretum, and Precious Metals among others. Now based in Amsterdam but raised in Oakland, California where she started her music career by collaborating with artists from the Neoperreo scene, Sueuga has […]


Artwork by ARBRICIAS The 94th contribution to our GUESTMIXES series is presented by Acacia Ojea aka AKAZIE, a multimedia artist and DJ born and based in the northwest of Spain. Her activity as a music selector is mostly focused on the post-club scene, with a great interest in discourses close to deconstructed and experimental electronic […]

GUESTMIX#93: Obelisk [Meta Bliss EP out on Dec 28th!]

The Sydney-based DJ and producer Ryan O’Rourke aka Obelisk (he/him) is an emerging name in the Australian contemporary underground club scene as an organizer of the experimental dance event series Nexus and as an artist, holding releases on local compilations (Deep Scan Technologies and MEGANESIA), and showcasing performances as both a solo artist and with the […]


Artwork by bbadiram Hi everyone! We’re back after a few months’ hiatus to host a mix in our GUESTMIXES series, reaching today its 91st entry. Today, we’re glad to share a 32-minute contribution courtesy of UFPT (he/him), a Pistoia-based DJ, computer musician, scene shaker, and first-time writer. Graduated in Electronic Music at the Cherubini Conservatory […]

GUESTMIX#90: Digitonica

Artwork by Digitonica The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA (she/her), stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English – where a lot of alien […]

GUESTMIX#89: Idklang [Amen, Parkingstone, Ashida Park]

Active since the early 2010s, Idklang is the moniker of the Vienna-based musician, composer, and producer Markus Steinkellner, whose many projects also include Mermaid & Seafruit, Arktis/Air, Cameran, Jakuzi’s Attempt, and many more. Over the course of the last ten years, he’s been performing live shows, conceptual improv sessions, and DJ sets around the world; writing music […]


  As 2021 fades into 2022, we decided to offer you another mix in our GUESTMIX series precisely on NYE. This couldn’t get any more special than it is with today’s piece: we’re honored and privileged to host a devastating mix by the 18 yo trans woman (transpinay) and militant artist-activist Teya Logos (she/her/siya) from […]

GUESTMIX#87: Extrablood

Artwork by  _v.3lo Extrablood is a multidisciplinary Internet artist who has been working with many collectives and labels such as the Berlin-based Tremors, the Chilean HIBRIDANITA, and more. Moving between abstract visual outings and experimental electronics, their knife-sharp music is characterized by deconstructed rhythms and biomechanical sounds combined with intense percussive elements, noise, and distorted […]


CupoCupo press pics by @rebecamargescu & @marco.sciacqua. Outfit by @maria_piattica. CupoCupo – Armor EP [PNMTU004, out Dec. 3rd, 2021] PRE-ORDER NOW! CupoCupo is a duo of musicians hailing from Bergamo, Italy, presenting their second work after the debut ‘Hypermetabolism’ EP out earlier this year on the US label @wearetar. Coming with an album cover by […]


Artwork by Lucìa Olmos Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tobías Leiro aka Tobey is a DJ and producer working with local influences and rhythms as well as contemporary stimuli absorbed by the fervent digital worldwide hybrid and post-club scene. His music reportedly sets out to combine sonic experiments with experiences of everyday life, in an […]

GUESTMIX#84: Fumbata Phiri [EXILES, Eternal Search]

Artwork by Cameron Oard Fumbata Phiri (he/him) is the project of the first-generation Malawian American musician, producer, and artist Anderson Chimutu, based in the post-industrial town of South Bend, Indiana (US). Focused on both analog and digital electronic music, Fumbata Phiri integrates the use of drum machines with granular synthesis, early influences drawn from the […]

GUESTMIX#83: séverine

  Christiane Øyen aka séverine (she/they) is an eclectic producer and DJ stemming from Long Beach, California who has been meddling with a multitude of genres such as hard techno, trance, hardstyle, experimental post-club, and ambient. Their sets reach the outer edges of what is commonly considered dancefloor-ready music, skillfully mixing the most underground fringes […]

UVCORE and LYRR connect for the experimental club mix ‘VIRTUAL HEALING’

Illustration by Graphix Slayer   Today we’re back with a new mix on our GUESTMIX series, a joint effort curated by DJ/producer/performer UVCORE (IT/GB, they/them) and designer/music selector LYRR (IT/SRB, she/her). The former has recently appeared on the London-based label Tremors TV, first with the track Riviera on the stunning comp Global Unity gathering cutting-edge producers […]

GUESTMIX#81: vvonn [Saigon Collective]

The 3rd PAYNOMINDTOUS release is on its way! We’re beyond excited to present the first excerpt out of ‘Crawling, Still We Fight‘, debut EP from the producer and DJ from Brescia, Italy vvonn. Releasing April 2nd 2021 (#BANDCAMPFRIDAY!), the record is now up for digital pre-order for 1€, and it will be available for pay-what-you-want […]


Artwork by Damian Makowski Our GUESTMIX series reaches today its 80th episode thanks to the contribution of HOLIDAY INN, the moniker for the Warsaw-based, fucked-up blend hero Mateusz Zych who is known for their wild blends and edits, as well as fiery mixes hosted by some of the most important platforms in the community. In […]

GUESTMIX#79: political_noize [Undicesimacasa]

  political_noize is a producer affiliated with the Bolognese crew XIcasa who plays with sounds, pushes buttons, and turns knobs to fight his obsessive-compulsive disorder. He dwells in broken rhythms, gabber Hoover (to get used to the hair loss), and fat basses. Together with Amazon Prim, DJ / producer from Brasilia known for her blend of […]


Artwork by Casey Bernardo Ani Klang is a producer and DJ raised in California, US, honed in New York (where she graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music), and until recently based in Berlin, who blasted the contemporary underground club scene with her tense and bursting compositions of experimental, hybrid electronic music. Packing […]


  JEVO is the moniker of David Ramirez Cortes, DJ and producer based in México, whose debut EP will be released in 2021 to offer the first glimpses of his peculiar take on club music that incorporates Latin rhythms as well as dark, industrial sounds for a modern dancefloor experience. In the previous months, he […]

GUESTMIX#75: Jaeho Hwang [Chinabot]

  Jaeho Hwang is a South Korean producer, DJ, and visual artist who has been incorporating his heritage in his productions and work of art, both in terms of traditional Korean instruments and philosophical concepts. Now London-based, Jaeho has been performing and DJing over the recent years with the mission of pushing the boundaries of […]


Artwork by: DJ PEWPEWPEW Donk, also known as bouncy techno, hard bounce, or even scouse house, is an electronic dance music genre that emerged in the northern UK in the second part of the ’00s by the efforts of pioneering acts such as Hyper Deejays and the Blackout Crew, commonly referred to as the Beatles […]

GUESTMIX#73: Compulsive Pene Madonna

Artwork by Eurasiandesert Compulsive Pene Madonna (CPM) is the rationalized, tuneful torment of two Turin-born entities, namely Mattia Giustetto and Nima Taheri. The duo has been continuously juxtaposing different musical instances, aesthetics, and pieces of gear since the origins in the mid-2010s. Their remarkable shape-shifting, unattainable identity presents itself as the result of plentiful and […]


  We’re back at our GUESTMIX series with the last mix before summer vacations. Number 72 on the list, this episode has been recorded by the multidisciplinary artist, musician, DJ, and producer MAAY aka Mayte Stevani from Buenos Aires. Affiliated with the cutting edge Trrueno collective and label from Argentina’s capital, she relocated to Berlin […]

GUESTMIX#71: whiterose

  Today, we’re glad to host the 71st mix in our GUESTMIX series, presenting a slasher mixture of club and metal courtesy of whiterose. Spanning from Lyon, France, whiterose is a multidisciplinary artist who deals with violent and aggressive music integrated by edgy and sharp visual art of his own production. Among the most inspired […]

GUESTMIX#70: Wrack [Chemical Monsters, NAAFI, Absurd Trax]

WRACK aka Noboru Okuda is a DJ and producer based in Tokyo, Japan who’s been known for reggaeton, ballroom, and hybrid club productions and sets since 2009, the year in which the project started moving the first steps. As of today, Noboru’s mixes have been featured by radios and magazines among which figures NTS, Rinse […]

GUESTMIX#68: DJ Hristos

  DJ Hristos is the arcane doppelgänger of Berlin-based producer, DJ, and queer activist Ion Hristu, affiliated to the Soul Feeder crew and record label where his debut mixtape was released. Reportedly “conceived on the day of Orthodox Easter” 2019, the DJ Hristos musical project bridges present-days electronic music and fast dancefloor genres together with […]

GUESTMIX#67: Odete [Circa A.D., Troublemaker Records, New Scenery]

  Odete is a producer, DJ, performer, femme and queer activist, poet, theorist, +++ based in Lisbon, affiliated with the Troublemaker Records and Circa A.D. Portuguese communities: the former is a collective started in 2018 and comprising artists such as PHOEBE, Herlander, NESS, Killian, and Fylha; the latter is instead a digital record label managed […]

GUESTMIX#66: FVBIO [Synes, Ashida Park]

Artwork by: Paddy McMullin Joining the GUESTMIX series this month is FVBIO, a Vienna-based producer and DJ born in Terlan, South Tyrol. After falling in love with the UK bass scene which has been a huge influence ever since, and also meddling with early dubstep and jungle, FVBIO embeds rhythmic structures borrowed from ballroom, trap, […]

GUESTMIX#65: Wulffluw XCIV [Symbols, Ashida Park]

Artwork by Whiterose Wulffluw XCIV is a Russian producer and DJ based in Perm, right on the Çulman river. His motto being “no borders, please ?“, the emerging artist has been producing fierce experimental electronic music in the form of a handful of innovative, genre-blending singles and albums released on labels such as Symbols, Ashida […]

GUESTMIX#64: Metrakit [Tragico Traxxx]

Artwork by: Metrakit   Today our GUESTMIX series hits hard with Metrakit, a DJ and producer from Madrid, Spain. A skilled and eclectic selector both on CDJs and on vinyl, the makina champion is an avid spinner of fast dancefloor genres such as techno, trance, hardstyle, and hard house. His whole work at the decks […]

GUESTMIX#63: Kagami Smile [Dream Catalogue, Vacuum Press]

Kagami Smile is the project of Ryan Hill from Illinois, USA, whose works of shoegaze and post-rock influenced, intimate blend of techno and ambient appeared since 2016 on outcomes such as Gin & Platonic, Vacuum PRESS / 眞空出版, House of The Leg, Pure Life Records, Tekres, Dream Catalogue, BLCR Laboratories, SØVN, and much more. The […]

GUESTMIX#61: Furtherset [-OUS]

Artwork by: Furtherset Furtherset is the music project by Tommaso Pandolfi (’95, Perugia, Italy), also actively operating in the field of abstract drawing and movie making. After several appearances on outcomes such as Technowagon, Bad Panda, Homework, Concrete, and Bertrand Tapes, and following the widely acclaimed, introspective No Logic No Death on White Forest Records, the […]

GUESTMIX#60: Oblinof [Tuamalanpak, Unizone]

Artwork by Oblinof   Oblinof is a project born in 2007 in Entre Rios, Argentina, inspired by New Media Art and active in a plethora of different disciplines such as video art and animation, 3D printing and sculptures, VR and holograms, and, of course, music – in the form of publications, remixes, audio-visual live sets, […]

A chat with DNTFCK founders César Ch. & Zurvolt + GUESTMIX#59

Artwork by: César Ch. When we had César Ch. over at our HQ in Turin, last December (take a look here), we also got the chance to develop a real face-to-face relationship with one half of the DNTFCK netlabel based in Mexico City and releasing material both from local and international artists. Over the last […]

GUESTMIX#57: ‘i feel vile but that’s just fine mix’ by FFFREAK

  Daniel Williams, 25 yo from London, UK, is a producer and DJ we discovered a few months ago thanks to the ultimate tool for finding new and obscure stuff over the Internet, i.e. the Soundcloud algorithm for related tracks (as you might already know, the real digging nowadays happens on the Internet!). Daniel started […]

GUESTMIX#55: Benelux Energy [Quantum Natives]

October 2018 saw the release of the 20th entry in the astounding, free, downloadable Quantum Native‘s music collection which started in 2013 and has already confirmed the outcome as one of the leading, most thriving music and transmedial art community of DJs, performers, video artists, and producers in the mid-to-late 2010s. Patrick Jumpen Touched By […]

GUESTMIX#54: ‘Mix IIII My Dog’ by Alt-Jpop [1898music]

Artwork by Altj-Pop   A while back, while – as always – set on our perilous quest to explore unsafe sound territories, we stumbled upon a label called 1898music, a weird creature of mutating, cutting-edge sounds: hyperactive music (better defined as hyperwave) which is as closely related to digital culture, computer music, and Sophie as […]

Road to METAL GHETTO: GUESTMIX#53 by DJ Ornella (fka Ramirexx)

Artwork by 095-   DJ Ornella, pseudonimo di Alessandro Gentili, è un produttore e DJ di stanza a Milano. Già conosciuto in precedenza come Ramirexx, e attualmente collaboratore della serie di party MILANOROVINA di cui è resident dj, DJ Ornella riprende la ricerca sulla musica contemporanea (da ballo e non) orientandosi verso sonorità discontinue, violente […]

Hear out ‘Lord of Flies (Ba‘al Z’vûv)’: a 100%-unreleased-tracks mix by Æthereal Arthropod

Artwork by Æthereal Arthropod When we first stumbled into Æthereal Arthropod‘s music a few months ago we were really impressed by the proposed mixture of blackened atmospheres, evil noise, fast-tempo kicks, layered compositions (and stunning cgi artworks) set to summon crawling creatures by the depths of a digital hell. An ‘invertebrate nightmare’, to put it […]

GUESTMIX#51: HeedLess [Wile Out, Club Late Music]

Artwork by Francesco Mancin     We’re very pleased today to feature on our GUESTMIX series the Italian producer and DJ Mattia Cremonini aka HeedLess, who recorded for us a 51-minutes-long mixtape offering a wild insight into the current underground club culture: the tracklist is available at the end of the article and goes from […]


Artwork by: Comastasis   We discovered the THRDEYEVSN collective/netlabel/club from Helsinki, Finland last year when the THRDEYEVSN 4.0 compilation was released, collecting about twenty tracks from Finnish producers. The track selection was actually the fourth episode of a series of various artists release which started back in 2015 with the ‘1.0’ record. The common aspects that the […]

GUESTMIX#48: Avbvrn [Decisions, Jerome]

POSTDIGITAL ROMANCE by k095c Avbvrn is a producer, composer, and DJ. His work is a contorted, greyscale sound situated at the intersection between club, classical, and experimental music. His DJ sets hurtle forward at an exhilarating pace with a focus on heavy, dramatic contrasts and surprising moments of stasis. He has released music on labels […]

TRRUENO: Fighting and dancing in a post-human baroque anti-opera

  Astrosuka, Bungalovv, Agustin Genoud, Candie Castillo, Tatiana Cuoco, Bosque Sin Arboles, Qeei, Volll, Flor Kurch. These are the names that compose the TRRUENO collective, a crew focused on experimental club music, sound art, digital art and much more else straight out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Truly among the most interesting outcomes in the worldwide, […]

GUESTMIX#46: Bladeblanc [Ultracare]

Artwork by: Bladeblanc   Bladeblanc is the moniker of a young Milan-based producer and dj active in the post-Internet community both on the musical and artistic level via her collaborative art project called Ultracare. Mainly inspired by bass music and the UK underground scene, she commits to the experimenting on the dancefloor by combining a broad range of […]

Road to Bunker Market Eve “Block” Party: GUESTMIX#45 by Visio

  Visio è il nuovo progetto di Nicola Tirabasso, artista multidisciplinare stretto collaboratore della label Artetetra per la quale ha anche pubblicato due lavori nel 2015 e 2016. Visio investiga e rielabora suoni e temi della rave culture alternandoli con rapide incursioni ambientali ed improvvise esplosioni di velocità, spingendone l’immaginario caratteristico ai limiti logici del […]

GUESTMIX#44: Rizoma (now Abssys) [DNTFCK, Dealer of Illusions]

Artwork by Diego Ortega About 8 months ago, we put out our 74-records list providing for a closer look at the amazing year 2017 has been (read it here). Up to now, 2018 has been – if possible – even a greater year, if you consider the sprouting of underground music burning fire pits all […]

Road to MEIFF – MEI Future Festival: GUESTMIX#43 by Francesco Galassia

  Dal 15 al 30 Settembre, nel centro storico di Faenza, avrà luogo la prima edizione di MEIFF, Future Festival di musica e arti visive promosso da FreeUSB Clubbin’ in collaborazione con MEI (Meeting degli Indipendenti), quest’ultimo attivo dal 1994 con collettivi, progetti e realtà indipendenti italiane. Diviso su tre appuntamenti principali (15, 22 e 29 […]

GUESTMIX#42: Oroboro [Decisions]

  Today we’re glad to be back with our GUESTMIX series reaching its 42nd entry with Emanuele Rossi aka Oroboro, a young producer from Cesena, Italy, whose Harkonnen EP has been released last Friday, July the 13rd on Decisions, a label established in 2015 and run by Air Max ’97, Jikuroux, and SCAM, reportedly focused on “music […]

GUESTMIX#41: GIANGLE – YKNV Mixtape [Heel.Zone]

Artwork by Gianluca Lonigro   GIANGLE aka Gianluca Lonigro is a Milan based graphic designer, founder of the record label HEEL.ZONE. The moniker calls back to the early breakbeat/rave/hip-hop vibes, celebrating the amen break culture with a raw Italian transliteration of the word JUNGLE. His work with HEEL led him to actively and fluidly collaborate with NETHER and […]

The Ruins Of A City Are Its Wealth: Milanorovina Golden Edition | GUESTMIX#40 by HDMIRROR

Artwork by: Hazina Francia   MILANOROVINA è un collettivo di base a Milano nato nella seconda metà dello scorso anno a partire dall’incontro tra Hazina Francia (aka Petit Singe, dj e producer italiana di casa Haunter Records, nonchè direttrice artistica del progetto), Giuliano Pascoe (aka Droven) e Tommaso Fumagalli, avvenuto prima in ambiente digitale (Instagram) e […]


  EVENTO FACEBOOK   L’Associazione MU, in collaborazione con il Comune e l’Autorità Portuale di Ravenna, presenta, nelle due sessioni distinte del 18-19-20 e 25-26 Maggio, la rassegna culturale e multidisciplinare chiamata Marea, pensata per presentare al pubblico i più recenti sviluppi di sperimentazione e ricerca dedicati al suono in modo partecipativo e attivo attraverso musica, […]


  VBRA is a music/art collective created in 2016 by people passionate with experimentations/beats/abstractionism in all types of arts. VBRA communicates through strong music mixtapes and impactful artworks. Mixcloud / Soundcloud / Tumblr   TRACKLIST Soho Rezanejad and Various Artists | The Idealist Ft. SKY H1 Lynn | tcs ithinkifeverybodywillknownthatthisisthesoundwe’llhearinthelastmoment,nobody’dbeafraidtodeath Martyn Bootyspoon | Silk Eternity Dane […]

Intervista a Ramirexx (aka Alessandro Gentili, Algen) + MINIMIX

  Ramirexx, pseudonimo di Alessandro Gentili, è un dj, producer e visual artist residente in provincia di Ancona. Orientato su sonorità decostruzioniste, discontinue, industriali e brutali, interposte ad invasioni di musica sperimentale e rumorista, è attivo dal 2016. I suoi mix sono stati ospitati da Noisey Italia, Jerome Worldwide, Echo As e Murk. Per supportare […]

Road to La Fondazione#2: GUESTMIX#37 by Fecalove [Turgid Animal, Joy De Vivre]

Artwork by Nicola Vinciguerra feat. Buonamico Buffalmacco   EVENTO FACEBOOK   La Fondazione è un progetto nato nel 2013 negli spazi dell’Ex-Colorificio a Pisa, ed in questi anni affermatosi attraverso una fitta serie di attività, eventi e sperimentazioni organizzati dal Pisa Underground Movement e da Ambient-Noise Session. In questo 2018, PUM e ANS hanno unito gli […]

Road to PHASE | Sexual Range 14 Apr. ’18: GUESTMIX#36 by Katatonic Silentio

  Lo scorso Marzo vi avevamo presentato il concept di PHASE, serata talk + night organizzata all’interno degli spazi culturali indipendenti  Sala Campolmi (Nuova Piazza Landini), Lottozero / textile laboratories e Spazio Materia di Via Genova 17, Prato, accompagnando un GUESTMIX firmato da uno dei protagonisti sia della fase di dibattito in apertura che del vero e proprio evento musicale. […]

GUESTMIX#35: Loki [UA]

  Let’s welcome Vlad Timoshenko aka Loki from Ukraine, a very young DJ and producer who already released a mixtape for the Vykhod Sily friends. Tags: deep drum and bass, post-Autonomic, Grey Area, deep vibes, industrial techno, dark ambient Soundcloud / Vykhod Sily Mixtape   TRACKLIST 01.JohannJohannsson-Arrival 02.Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – Sea Wall […]

GUESTMIX#34 by Sense Fracture [Haunter Records]

Artwork by 095-   Sense Fracture è l’alias di Francesco Birsa Alessandri, residente a Milano, DJ, critico musicale e attivista. Co-fondatore ed ideatore di Haunter Records assieme a Daniele Guerrini aka Heith, Sense Fracture seleziona materiale crudo e violento per atti provocatori di guerre sonore, incrociandolo con le più avventurose decostruzioni della musica da ballo. La sua release di debutto […]

Road to PHASE (talk+night) | DATACRAZIA 23 Mar. ’18: GUESTMIX by Renick Bell

  Oggi siamo felici di presentarvi la 33° entry della nostra serie GUESTMIX registrata da Renick Bell, computer musician, programmatore e docente di base a Tokyo. Nel suo tour europeo di questa primavera approderà in Italia in una sola occasione, raggiungendo questo Venerdì 23 Marzo la città di Prato ed il secondo appuntamento della rassegna […]

GUESTMIX#32: Aghnie – EBM Leather Mix

Artwork by 2084russo   We’re glad to be back with our GUESTMIX series hosting a mixtape by Aghnie aka Ika Jojua, a Tbilisi-based sound and visual artist. His work compasses various facades of sound-related works: Aghnie’s early materials focused on recontextualizing religious and devotional forms of music, experimenting with them utilizing various electronic textures (as can be heard […]

GUESTMIX#31: Rimini Balearic Militia – 4.20 Junglism [Fuoriorario]

  Fuoriorario is an Italian label from Milan, pushing the sound of Calvairate. Get in touch and send demos at [email protected]. You can follow Fuoriorario on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Enjoy this 58 minutes long hike in the jungle recorded by the mysterious Rimini Balearic Militia duo (more info here). Find the tracklist attached, also featuring […]

Road to Crispy 27 Jan. ’18: GUESTMIX#30 by Holy Similaun

Artwork by: Alberto Bertelli   Il frizzante collettivo Crispy, operativo tra Padova e Venezia, ritorna per un nuovo party fissato per il 27 Gennaio e di scena ovviamente all’Argo16, ex Spazio Aereo. La line-up è quantomeno invitante: a scaldare il dancefloor ci penseranno infatti Loefah, Lotic e Holy Similaun. Il sentiero di Crispy incrocerà nuovamente quello del […]

GUESTMIX#29: Rustee [Vykhod Sily]

Picture by: Roberto Pizzandelli [ITA] Ritorniamo nel 2018 con la ventinovesima entry della serie GUESTMIX: in questa occasione abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di metterci in contatto con il russo Rostislav Yakushevich, la mente che ha avviato in autosussistenza il concept divenuto di riferimento per gli amanti del miglior suono sperimentale di Drum’n Bass e Jungle: Vykhod […]

GUESTMIX#28: Mutant Trap Mixtape by Noumeno

Artwork by: Stefano K. Testa Noumeno a.k.a. Stefano K. Testa is a media artist and sound synthesist based in Milan, Italy, focusing on digitally-defined, hyperfaceted soundscapes that draw inspiration from a plethora of different styles and genres he beautifully manages to collapse into single ultra-dense, mind-blowing tracks. His art and music offer morbid perspectives in […]

Ascolta il mixtape per Onlyfuckinglabels#7 registrato da Edoardo Grisogani

Artwork by: Nicola Tirabasso Questo Sabato 23 Dicembre è di scena l’appuntamento pre-natalizio che da sette anni a questa parte anima la scena musicale marchigiana (e non solo). Trattasi di Onlyfuckinglabels#7, festival delle etichette diy, che raddoppia l’episodio #6 tenutosi a Maggio – invece che a Dicembre – a causa del terremoto dello scorso anno. […]

GUESTMIX#26: PRESENTE [Habitat, Ombre Lunghe]

  Attraverso la serie GUESTMIXES, da Maggio 2016 a questa parte, abbiamo raccolto e presentato selezioni non convenzionali di musica non convenzionale, finalizzate da artisti, dj e producer di ogni provenienza geografica, culturale e stilistica, a partire dal più serrato principio dello stay local (Emanuele Onorato, Riccardo Michetti, Neurosplit, Von Tesla, Massimo Carozzi, Xennan, Sammartano, […]

GUESTMIX#25: NETHERMIX by Weightausend [Hanter Records, NETHER]

Artwork: Eye of Ra by Cy Tone; buy your digital HD copy here   We feel computer generated music is going to play a key role in shaping the future electronic music style and culture, as pretty much every technological breakdown and its subsequent spreading has indeed done over the last 60 years. Please learn […]

Sie Geben Uns Nix: A History of Hamburg Hardcore Told and Mixed by Low Entropy

  [About the artwork: “Bang Bang was a series of parties in Hamburg 1996-1997, hosted by the Fischkopf Crew. As far as I know, it was 4 parties in total. Acts that played were Fischkopf artists like Taciturne and Amiga Shock Force but also international acts like La Peste, DJ Entox, and Static Tremor. The […]

GUESTMIX#23: FossaDelRumore [Craneal Fracture, Endless Landscapes Of Decay]

Artwork by: Cristina Ruggieri FossaDelRumore is an ambient / drone, noise project born in 2012 out of the mind of Pietro Michi, a 24 y.o. producer from Florence, Italy. We already had the chance to discuss his Isolato work (Sept. 2016) at this link, while today we’re glad to share with you his mixed selection […]

GUESTMIX#22 by Sammartano + 10 Recommended Mixtapes

Artwork by: Cristina Ruggieri Gaspare Sammartano, musicista pugliese noto come metà del duo cult Cannibal Movie, formato nel 2011 assieme a Donato Epiro e autore di tre diverse uscite su Avorio Dischi, Sound of Cobra e Yerevan Tapes, ha pubblicato nel 2015 il suo primo lavoro in solo: intitolato Low Pitched Italy ed edito da […]


Artwork by Xennan Dopo Merchants e Massimo Carozzi ospitati nella nostra serie GUESTMIXES lo scorso mese di Giugno, siamo felici di riprendere con il ventunesimo episodio firmato da Alex Ortiga aka Xennan, fondatore e gestore dell’etichetta udinese StAY, nata in seguito ad un cambio di rotta della precedente Stay Home Records in favore di una […]

GUESTMIX#20: ‘Cinéma pour l’oreille ’92-’02’ by Massimo Carozzi + Random Numbers Split Vol. 4

  Settimana scorsa avevamo avuto modo di presentare il primo mixtape registrato dai Merchants, duo composto da Alberto Ricca / Bienoise e Davide Amici e focalizzato sulla riscoperta di tradizioni e mitologie perdute di mondi immaginari. Proseguiamo oggi con un secondo approfondimento in merito alla lineup di Ombre Lunghe, la 3 giorni Bolognese di scena […]

Road to Ombre Lunghe [21-22-23/06 | Ateliersi]: GUESTMIX#19 by Merchants

  Ombre Lunghe è un format pensato e prodotto dall’associazione culturale Alivelab, di base a Bologna, che si occupa della promozione di eventi culturali e musicali sul territorio; la serie di appuntamenti sotto questo nome, rivolge una particolare attenzione alle frange più sperimentali dell’elettronica da ballo (ma non solo) di ultima generazione , come confermato […]

Road to Allucinazione Metropolitana: selezione mixata by Occult Punk Gang

  Nel 2007 uscì su CD Blackout A Torino, una raccolta di materiale dei torinesi 5° Braccio, gruppo chiave della scena hardcore italiana – nonostante il brevissimo periodo di attività e la registrazione di solo una manciata di tracce – in quanto composto da (pre-) membri sia dei Negazione che di Contrazione e Declino. Una […]

GUESTMIX#17 by David Edren (DSRLines): road to Zuma 2017

Cartolina realizzata da Luca Tanzini; altre 18 disponibili qui Zuma è musica, psichedelia e amore. Sarà un viaggio nel tempo e nello spazio dove si incontreranno diverse generazioni di musicisti e suoni da un mondo senza confini. […] Quante facce può avere la psichedelia? Infinite, siamo convinti. Costruendo Zuma abbiamo cercato di declinare questa parola […]

GUESTMIX#16 by Xen Stream [Quarto Mondo, Enklav]: road to ‘PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2: Future Paths’

Artwork by Rolblef Siamo elettrizzati di condividere oggi il nostro sedicesimo episodio della serie GUESTMIXES, registrato da Stefano Trombetta aka Xen Stream in occasione dell’annuncio del prossimo evento Pay no mind to us, we’re just a minor threat. nella città di Torino, previsto per Venerdì 9 Giugno 2017 ed intitolato PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2: Future Paths. Sul palco […]

Road to ‘SINCE hosts LAKSA and MEZE’: GUESTMIX#15 by Abe

  SINCE è una crew nata nel 2012 con l’intento di promuovere l’innovazione e la freschezza nell’ambito della cultura ed organizzazione eventi musicali, pubblicando release, producendo contenuti audio / video e, soprattutto, organizzando party. SINCE è un fecondo progetto che si basa su frequenti scambi tra persone e organizzazioni, in un continuo flusso di collaborazioni, […]

GUESTMIX#13: Eks [Subincision Records, Körper / Leib] plus an insight into ‘The Lost Tape (EksM Vol.2)’

“Penile subincision is a form of body modification consisting of a urethrotomy, in which the [] urethra slit open lengthwise []. Often performed as a coming-of-age ritual, the procedure causes the subincized penis to be subject to another penis’ penetration, provided the latter were sufficiently small. In some Australian cultures, one traditional practice involved the […]

An interview with Serena Butler + GUESTMIX#12 [ITA / ENG]

Artwork by: Linda Zampieri Suoni tra interfacce ipnotiche e dilatazioni spaziali. Sistemi computazionali a prova di futuro. Genoyds Dryads Swim Alone, uscito per Eerie e Only Genes Remain uscito con New York Haunted sono i progetti xenofemministi di Federico Cataldo aka Serena Butler, producer emiliano al quale abbiamo chiesto di parlarci della sua musica. Ad […]

GUESTMIX#11: Methackus – Destroy the Authority (Special XMAS XTC Mix)

PUSH PLAY THEN PROCEED   BR: “Ueh pronto” Redattore: “Eh..” BR: “Dì a quel demente controrivoluzionario che se ne sta al microfono che non si azzardi più a dare adito e spazio alla rivendicazione falsa di Genova, della nostra colonna Francesco Berardi, perché altrimenti se ne assume ogni responsabilità. Ogni responsabilità, prima di tutto, di […]

GUESTMIX#10: Von Tesla [Enklav, Boring Machines]

Artwork by: c : pala [FB / SC / TAKE] After the two-weeks break for website maintenance and improvement we’re finally back in business: the amazing gift we share with you today is GUESTMIX#10 by Von Tesla, one of the most talented electronic music producers in Italy over the last years, releasing stuff – among […]

GUESTMIX#9: Neurosplit

Artwork by: E. Ferrarini – Attimo II (Edited by Marco Squillace) La nostra serie GUESTMIX arriva al nono capitolo: per l’occasione abbiamo avuto modo di metterci in contatto con Marco Squillace aka Neurosplit, giovane artista con base a Firenze di classe ’94 militante nel mondo della deepest drum’n bass [Conspired Within Music, Singularity Audio, Onset […]

GUESTMIX#8: Carlo Maria Amadio [SØVN, Punctum]

Artwork by: c:pala Our GUESTMIX series goes on reaching todays its 8th episode [to see the previous GUESTMIX episodes, click here], mixed by the Italian Berlin-based electronic music performer and composer Carlo Maria Amadio. As reported on his own personal website, he studied at the Conservatory G.B. Martini of Bologna, Electronic Music course, and at […]

GUESTMIX#7: Riccardo Michetti [Supernova]

Artwork by Cristina Ruggieri Ritorna l’appuntamento con la serie GUESTMIX, che raggiunge il settimo episodio: l’ospite di oggi è Riccardo Michetti, giovane artista marchigiano, attivo per l’organizzazione eventi e resident dj-ing a Macerata con i ragazzi di Supernova. Nell’ora di registrazione, disponibile in streaming qui sotto, il producer si muove in territori analogici rumorosi e […]

GUESTMIX#6: Entire [Come Meditate / NSA]

Artwork / Picture by: Filip Olszewski English Translation by: Roberto Pizzandelli / Andrea Migliorati Today, back from a short vacation period, we are glad to share with you our GUESTMIX#6. We have the pleasure to introduce Filip Olszewski, aka Entire: Polish artist born in 1996, he started his music production in late 2012 under the […]

GUESTMIX#5: An Interview with Sote / Ata Ebtekar + ‘99% Iranian and 1% Iranian-looking Friends Mix’

[photo by: Hirad Panahi] The Guest Mix series [] comes today to its fifth episode. Our guest for the occasion is Ata Ebtekar, an Iranian Hamburg-born electronic music composer, sound artist, computer music and post-processing audio teacher, that spent his life between Tehran, Oldenburg, Germany and Berkeley, California. Ata has been releasing music since the […]

GUESTMIX#4: Torn [Inception:Λudio, Conspired Within Music]

Mix Artwork by Roberto Pizzandelli We’re happy to share with you our GUESTMIX#4 done by Torn, a Russian 1987-born deep-dnb artist. He is at his first released mix ever, and for the special occasion he chose to feature 7 unreleased tracks inside. Torn comes from Saint Petersburg and he’s one of the main exponents of […]

Presenting Noiztank: NTK006 [Huren / Kareem split] + GUESTMIX#3: an interview with Zosima

  We’re very pleased today to present an in-depth article about the Vienna-based label Noiztank, founded in 2014 by Zosima, R.C. and M.H. [here is the official website]. Focused on experimental / Industrial takes on electronic music, the label is about to release its sixth work: called le 17 janvier Los Angeles, USA, NTK006 is a […]

GUESTMIX#2: Emanuele Onorato – Random Vibe [Affekt, Concrete, Blackwater]

Proseguiamo la nostra serie Guest Mixes con il secondo episodio, firmato da Emanuele Onorato, producer classe 1995 da Cassino, Frosinone, con all’attivo due release in questo 2016 (per Concrete Records e Blackwater Label), che si aggiungono all’apparizione della traccia Oscuro sulla compilation I Want to Believe EP di Affekt in seguito alla vittoria del contest […]

GUESTMIX#1: K-Rob + Eusebeia – Conscious Shift EP Review

[Artwork for K-Rob’s mix by: Roberto Pizzandelli] More than 2 years has gone since Andrei Calin, Alexandru Brusten and Alex Niculae founded in Bucharest the label Hangout Music. Each one of them pretty active in the local scene, they started a project fading from the traditional Drum’n Bass sound, aiming to define their own musical […]