Artwork by bbadiram Hi everyone! We’re back after a few months’ hiatus to host a mix in our GUESTMIXES series, reaching today its 91st entry. Today, we’re glad to share a 32-minute contribution courtesy of UFPT (he/him), a Pistoia-based DJ, computer musician, scene shaker, and first-time writer. Graduated in Electronic Music at the Cherubini Conservatory […]

Track Premiere: Arca – KLK (Miss Jay Re-Drum) from ‘CLUB TOOLS 2’

Miss Jay is the moniker of the Bucharest-born, Milan-based producer and DJ Ioana Boaje specialized in hybrid club music and dancefloor anthems. Her name must surely ring a bell to our readers, as we recently hosted her on our mix series (GUESTMIX#69) as well as inside our debut, 27-track compilation WE NEVER WILL with her […]

Track Premiere: Eudaimonia by VHS Afrika & KRXNX [WeTransa]

Artwork by Vrielh Based in Santiago, Chile, the label WeTransa, run by Syntrovert and Martin.PDF, appeared a little more than a year ago with their debut release called Primera Transa, produced by the founders themselves. The characteristic format of the label consists of EP outings made of three tracks composed by two different artists, seeking to […]


Artwork by Damian Makowski Our GUESTMIX series reaches today its 80th episode thanks to the contribution of HOLIDAY INN, the moniker for the Warsaw-based, fucked-up blend hero Mateusz Zych who is known for their wild blends and edits, as well as fiery mixes hosted by some of the most important platforms in the community. In […]


Artwork by Casey Bernardo Ani Klang is a producer and DJ raised in California, US, honed in New York (where she graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music), and until recently based in Berlin, who blasted the contemporary underground club scene with her tense and bursting compositions of experimental, hybrid electronic music. Packing […]


  JEVO is the moniker of David Ramirez Cortes, DJ and producer based in México, whose debut EP will be released in 2021 to offer the first glimpses of his peculiar take on club music that incorporates Latin rhythms as well as dark, industrial sounds for a modern dancefloor experience. In the previous months, he […]

̶P̶A̶Y̶N̶O̶M̶I̶N̶D̶T̶O̶U̶S̶ ̶Ⅲ̶ ̶A̶N̶N̶I̶V̶E̶R̶S̶A̶R̶Y̶ ̶S̶P̶E̶C̶I̶A̶L̶ ̶|̶ ̶2̶8̶/̶0̶2̶/̶2̶0̶2̶0̶

PAYNOMINDTOUS III ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Artwork & concept: 095- 28/02/2020 | 11:00PM – 4:00AM Entry Fee: 5€ FB EVENT ↭ Alla fine di Febbraio 2017, dopo poco più di un anno di attività come rivista online e media website, abbiamo lanciato la nostra serie di eventi Paynomindtous a Torino. Ora che sono passati tre anni, a […]

Album Premiere: Fullscreen by FAUSTO MERCIER [Genot Centre]

Artwork by: Marick Roy The young Hungarian Roland Nagy is a sound engineer, ex media arts student, and producer who started his FAUSTO MERCIER project in 2016, so far appeared on Unlog, EXILES, Kaer‘Uiks, and Pointless Geometry. His work in the field of electronic music production, while resonating with hardcore digital culture and bouncy rhythmic heaviness, […]

Postdigital Romance w/ Rui Ho, Avbvrn, Katatonic Silentio, Bladeblanc @ Bunker, Torino | 24/11/18

Artwork by 095-   Siamo lieti annunciare l’ultimo party del 2018 della nostra webzine / organizzazione di base a Torino con cui siamo promotori militanti e trasversali delle istanze musicali più di frontiera della scena italiana e europea. Ad accompagnare i debutti italiani di RUI HO, artista non-binaria di Shangai rilocata a Berlino, e Avbvrn, […]

TRRUENO: Fighting and dancing in a post-human baroque anti-opera

  Astrosuka, Bungalovv, Agustin Genoud, Candie Castillo, Tatiana Cuoco, Bosque Sin Arboles, Qeei, Volll, Flor Kurch. These are the names that compose the TRRUENO collective, a crew focused on experimental club music, sound art, digital art and much more else straight out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Truly among the most interesting outcomes in the worldwide, […]

GUESTMIX#46: Bladeblanc [Ultracare]

Artwork by: Bladeblanc   Bladeblanc is the moniker of a young Milan-based producer and dj active in the post-Internet community both on the musical and artistic level via her collaborative art project called Ultracare. Mainly inspired by bass music and the UK underground scene, she commits to the experimenting on the dancefloor by combining a broad range of […]

GUESTMIX#44: Rizoma (now Abssys) [DNTFCK, Dealer of Illusions]

Artwork by Diego Ortega About 8 months ago, we put out our 74-records list providing for a closer look at the amazing year 2017 has been (read it here). Up to now, 2018 has been – if possible – even a greater year, if you consider the sprouting of underground music burning fire pits all […]

Road to MEIFF – MEI Future Festival: GUESTMIX#43 by Francesco Galassia

  Dal 15 al 30 Settembre, nel centro storico di Faenza, avrà luogo la prima edizione di MEIFF, Future Festival di musica e arti visive promosso da FreeUSB Clubbin’ in collaborazione con MEI (Meeting degli Indipendenti), quest’ultimo attivo dal 1994 con collettivi, progetti e realtà indipendenti italiane. Diviso su tre appuntamenti principali (15, 22 e 29 […]

Paynomindtous ⓧ Heel Zone_ Bunker | Torino, 15/07/18 x takeover @ Bunker, Torino DOMENICA 15 LUGLIO 2K18 INIZIO 19:45 – FINE 23:59 INGRESSO UP TO YOU ( ≥ 1€) ✈ c : pala djset ✈ DJS Oblio [VIBRISSE] djset ✈ Guiot djset ✈ krolik + Weightausend live ✈ Kuthi Jinani djset ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ Artwork by 095- [] ☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣☣ [Turin-based Organization, Webzine, Crew] “We aim at triggering change within the Italian music scene; we support border music styles and […]

Album Premiere: ✮ Antitracks A ✮ [VVV001, Various Artists, Antistandard]

Artwork by: Matteo Bellomo   Nell’ormai lontanissimo 2011 Think’d (Tiz), pugliese di base a Milano e attivo come dj, MC, audio engineer e molto altro ancora, ha rilasciato il mastodontico discochiamato Antistandard (ascoltabile a questo link). Il lavoro, diviso in 13 tracce e di quasi un’ora di lunghezza, affiancava a rime scagliate con violenza dei beat […]

Road to PHASE | Sexual Range 14 Apr. ’18: GUESTMIX#36 by Katatonic Silentio

  Lo scorso Marzo vi avevamo presentato il concept di PHASE, serata talk + night organizzata all’interno degli spazi culturali indipendenti  Sala Campolmi (Nuova Piazza Landini), Lottozero / textile laboratories e Spazio Materia di Via Genova 17, Prato, accompagnando un GUESTMIX firmato da uno dei protagonisti sia della fase di dibattito in apertura che del vero e proprio evento musicale. […]

GUESTMIX#32: Aghnie – EBM Leather Mix

Artwork by 2084russo   We’re glad to be back with our GUESTMIX series hosting a mixtape by Aghnie aka Ika Jojua, a Tbilisi-based sound and visual artist. His work compasses various facades of sound-related works: Aghnie’s early materials focused on recontextualizing religious and devotional forms of music, experimenting with them utilizing various electronic textures (as can be heard […]

Club to Club Festival 2017, Turin, 01-05/11/17

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE!   Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you […]

GUESTMIX#20: ‘Cinéma pour l’oreille ’92-’02’ by Massimo Carozzi + Random Numbers Split Vol. 4

  Settimana scorsa avevamo avuto modo di presentare il primo mixtape registrato dai Merchants, duo composto da Alberto Ricca / Bienoise e Davide Amici e focalizzato sulla riscoperta di tradizioni e mitologie perdute di mondi immaginari. Proseguiamo oggi con un secondo approfondimento in merito alla lineup di Ombre Lunghe, la 3 giorni Bolognese di scena […]

RECORDING#38: V0r0N0I [LIVE] @Bologna Elettrica | Xm24, Bologna, 27/05/17

Technical File Date / Venue 27/05/2017, Bologna Elettrica @Xm24, Bologna Info / Links FB / Soundcloud “Inspired by the well-known diagrams and geometric theories of the eponymous mathematician coming from the cold 19th century Russian Empire, Matteo Nobile, and Luca Scarrone explore through Voronoi the changing relationship between sound, structure and space. In a continuous metric and formal […]

PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#2: Future Paths @ Bunker, Turin | 09/06/17

“So it’s not a question of giving old ideas new momentum, it’s a matter of fighting over the meaning of the words ‘new’ and ‘modern’. Neoliberalism itself is a discredited relic, albeit one that still dominates our lives (but only by default now): part of the battle will be to ensure it’s perceived to be […]

TimeShift | Zona Roveri Music Factory Season Opening, Bologna, 24/09/16

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE! Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you so […]