GUESTMIX#84: Fumbata Phiri [EXILES, Eternal Search]

Artwork by Cameron Oard Fumbata Phiri (he/him) is the project of the first-generation Malawian American musician, producer, and artist Anderson Chimutu, based in the post-industrial town of South Bend, Indiana (US). Focused on both analog and digital electronic music, Fumbata Phiri integrates the use of drum machines with granular synthesis, early influences drawn from the […]

RECORDING#43: Cop-Killin’ Beat [LIVE] @Out Stack Festival, 03/09/17

  Technical File Date / Venue 03/19/2017, Out Stack Festival, Narzole, Italy Info / Links Cop-Killin’ Beat : FB / Bandcamp Est. 2004 by Andrea Pisano, former Fuh member, now also in Tweedo. “Guitars, Live-electronics, Loops, Nails, Dust“. Equipment • Tape-loops • Sampler • I-pad • Stompboxes • Loopers Extra Cop-Killin’ Beat will perform tomorrow, March 20th in […]

Rrose – Vanishing Pools [Eaux, EAUX791, US, 2015] Hole (4:43) Purge (6:05) Curl (6:24) Adrift (8:18) Undergrowth (5:57) Born 1969. Died 1909. Neanche Resident Advisor sa rivelare molto di una delle personalità più interessanti dell’elettronica contemporanea, dall’identità a noi del tutto sconosciuta. Uomo, origini californiane, non proprio un ragazzino, già produttore musicale con altri alias prima di Rrose. Un nome d’arte […]