GUESTMIX#83: séverine


Christiane Øyen aka séverine (she/they) is an eclectic producer and DJ stemming from Long Beach, California who has been meddling with a multitude of genres such as hard techno, trance, hardstyle, experimental post-club, and ambient. Their sets reach the outer edges of what is commonly considered dancefloor-ready music, skillfully mixing the most underground fringes with mainstream pop influences as showcased in a large collection of edits and blends such as the viral hit LOOK HOW HARD IM INTO YOU mixing Ariana Grande & Barker, as well as Katy Perry & Torus, Megan Thee Stallion & M.E.S.H, Portishead, Ecco2k, and many more.

Founder of the LA metro area-based rave collective and netlabel Xtended Release (read their full manifesto here), she has thrown over a dozen DIY gatherings in LA and NYC since late 2018 featuring esteemed guest DJs such as Baby Blue, Coucou Chloe, Jasmine Infiniti, Dis Fig, Ariel Zetina, S280F & more, and released a benefit compilation for Street Watch LA, “The Limit Xperience,” in May 2020 featuring local talent such as Maral & C Powers.

séverine has also realized a dazzling assortment of tracks on cutting edge labels around the world, such as the postrock-esque Kaskade deconstruction NXTSTEP on Liepzig’s Cime, the mindblowing, tempo shifting slowstyle/donk hybrid banger DJ5L1F3 on Montreal’s Audio Bambino, and an intimate, ethereal ambient rearrangement of Daniel Bedingfield with STAYINYRARMS on Brooklyn’s spinneret.

In addition to DJing, producing & rave organizing, séverine also runs the popular Instagram meme page deejayaffirmations alongside fellow transfem artists Estoc and Archangel. Today, we’re honored to host a 30-minute long mixed selection by the American artist appearing as GUESTMIX#83 on our series. Push the button!

Follow séverine on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter.


Marie Davidson – Your Biggest Fan
Chino Amobi – WARSZAWA
SebastiAn – Motor
SantaDJ – Lento Man
Jenn Morel x Wrack – Ponteme Bootleg
Club Eat – Wow (Via App Remix)
E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer
DJ Hell & Alan Vega – Listen To The Hiss
Surkin – Fan Out
Azealia Banks – Luxury
Perfect Health – Gel Tab
Fischerspooner – Danse en France (D.I.M Remix)
Tiga – Bugatti (Life Sim Remix)
Lil Keed – Ride Wit You (500 Ketamine Mix)



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