Boe Strummer – Dead Before Christmas (PAYNOMINDTOUS XMAS SPECIAL)

Artwork by Kisol


Ok so my name is Roméo I’m 26, I live in Paris and I’ve been in music for the last 5 years I think. I released my first and my second EP on PERMALNK,  they were called  ‘Coupe Gorge’ and ‘Vestiges’, this second one is music-movie I produced myself. I first met people who I have been friends since via Classical Trax, that was at a time when I was beginning my Boe Strummer alias. Since then I had many many meetings and made many many more friends. This is all a family business and I only hang with people I am on the same scale with, and on the same vibe. Paris music scene is awful, people think they’re Elon Musk or something like this. There’s only a few real Gs and the Casual Gabberz are among them.

The mix I recorded for you talks about how ridiculous it is to be an artist and actually believe you are standing on top of everything somehow. I will finish by saying that we live in a global fascist world and people need to get out of their comfort zone to change things asap because it’s a real mess out there. And also fuck the police everywhere“.


Ce Raid Solitaire – Hall Of Ashes
beth sawlts – Breath For Me
Elysia Crampton – Homeless (Q’ara)
Boe Strummer – Chanter pour ceux
Kamixlo – Bloodless Y (Nahshi Lento Violento Edit)
Pilldriver – Apocalypse Never
aamourocean – ciel
Dj Caesar – Bass Q Lento Hard
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Boe Strummer – A Feu
Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind
S280F – please make me go to hell for a different reason my body deserves it
nunu – XCV
in heaven everything is fine – LUV
Boe Strummer – La grotte chaude
Casual Gabberz Army – F le 17