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Hi everyone! We’re back after a few months’ hiatus to host a mix in our GUESTMIXES series, reaching today its 91st entry. Today, we’re glad to share a 32-minute contribution courtesy of UFPT (he/him), a Pistoia-based DJ, computer musician, scene shaker, and first-time writer. Graduated in Electronic Music at the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, UFPT is an eclectic talent who has been involved with an endless, shape-shifting search that over the years brought him to meddle with many dancefloor-oriented genres as well as more introspective musical investigations. This time, UFPT brought us a worldwide selection of hip hop and trap, contemporary club bangers, and bass heaviness. Enjoy!

Recommended discography:

  • Bibliotek single track, appearing in the We Hear A New World Vol. 3 compilation by Fango Radio
  • Bittissue split EP together with Katatonic Silentio released by Biodiversità Records
  • UFPT’s Transizione debut EP on Arroyo

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01 Penpals – Tell Me Why
02 Chynna – overture
03 Fat Joe & Remy Ma – All The Way Up (feat. French Montana)
04 Seven Orbits – Tallinn
05 Aquarian – Saule Dub
06 La Zowi – Bitch Mode (Kid Cala Remix)
07 Nahash – Sangre Y Poder
08 Chelpa Ferro – Tombado na Paisagem (part. Cabelo)
09 Jarreau Vandal – LADY (VANDALIZED EDIT)
10 Amine – REEL IN IT (NZ Remix)
11 NÍDIA – Shane Noah *bonus track*
12 Ziak – Badman Trip
13 Jack Sparrow – Red Sand
14 Loefah – Truly Dread
15 Kamran – Tombak Track
16 Jme – Pulse 8



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