GUESTMIX#68: DJ Hristos


DJ Hristos is the arcane doppelgänger of Berlin-based producer, DJ, and queer activist Ion Hristu, affiliated to the Soul Feeder crew and record label where his debut mixtape was released. Reportedly “conceived on the day of Orthodox Easter” 2019, the DJ Hristos musical project bridges present-days electronic music and fast dancefloor genres together with Romanian influences, as well as cutting-edge post-Internet underground culture with a mischievous sense of humor.

Featuring the collaboration of Berlin-based singer, performer, producer, and composer Lamb Kebab and Hamburg-native producer and DJ Polly Hertz, the aforementioned DJ Hristos’ homonymous debut – out last December – is a rare example of a truly remarkable, irreverent (and skilled) approach to music production that leads to stunning, unpredictable compositions of endorphin-summoning post-club music, heavily indebted to post-digital aesthetics and visual imagery.

Imagine trance and hardcore techno blended with donk and lolicore’s typical off-beat frenzy, then dismantled in a contemporary, hybrid club framework, all finally wrapped up on the set of a kinky post-furry opera. Next, add to the mix the staggering, untamable will of a supernatural magickal entity, and then you’d be close enough to a description of DJ Hristos’ music.

We’re so glad to present our latest mix recorded by DJ Hristos, featuring a rich tracklist of ballroom bangers, dark dungeon synth litanies, schizo breakcore and donk edits, as well as a crazy unreleased track by DJ Ghepard and Lamb Kebab that will soon surface on Soul Feeder. GUESTMIX#68, complete with an on-point artwork by digital visual artist sleeepdealer, is now available via the Soundcloud player here below. Push the button!

But first, take a moment to support DJ Hristos on Soundcloud.



rip Me – like a breath of fresh mountain air
Ingrate – Yourself
Fake Phone Number – Needles, CA
Psychic TV x Dj Würm – B-On- E Dolores
DJ Hristos – Lacrimi și amintiri
Anna✫Ultra – PACE1
pìccolo – AT THE CLUB
pjeskor – gwiazdeczka
Vaenus – Fuck Phoenix
Mξ†Д∫ØЯД – ķȽ姧ȑ¤¤ɱ קț2
Forces – Somatoform
Satyricon – Dark Medieval Times
100 gECS ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fatma Pneumonia – Birth In Marsh
eric alt acc – gamercockterrornoiseremix
X66 – Chaos Insurgent
Polly Hertz – 08
J-CORE SLi//CER – FuckEverythingBestSong!!
Penelope’s fiance – Accelerated Dragon
Angy Kore & Gabriel Padrevita VS. Eminem – Nobody Listen To Techno! BOOTLEG
ascendant vierge – Influenceur
Tim Tama – Dream Syntax (Original Mix)
Gabry Ponte – La danza delle streghe
Gigi D’Agostino – Bla Bla Bla
Cold Cave – Confetti



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