GUESTMIX#89: Idklang [Amen, Parkingstone, Ashida Park]

Active since the early 2010s, Idklang is the moniker of the Vienna-based musician, composer, and producer Markus Steinkellner, whose many projects also include Mermaid & Seafruit, Arktis/Air, Cameran, Jakuzi’s Attempt, and many more. Over the course of the last ten years, he’s been performing live shows, conceptual improv sessions, and DJ sets around the world; writing music for theatre pieces and dance performances; and producing punk-infused electronic music that incorporates raw, skramz-like vocals and metallic outbursts of contemporary industrial music.

All Idklang’s body of work is characterized by highly-energetic compositions which masterfully handle tension and release, loud blasts and heartfelt, grandiose melodies. Among the finest examples of his music, we can surely list his contribution to the 2020 BLIST v/a compilation by the French netlabel and transdisciplinary project ParkingStone, the incursion into trancey techno called Hyper Remains, and the legendary rework of Nirvana’s Something in The Way which might as well be considered the quintessential contemporary hybrid club track.

Today, we’re happy to host Idklang on our GUESTMIX series, who presents you with a 40-minutes-long stunner mix also featuring an unreleased track from his upcoming EP on OXYORANGE. Push the button!

But first, follow Idklang on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Bandcamp.


Ivy’s Hands – God’s favourite one
Arca – Witch (feat. No Bra)
Duma – Lionsblood
Kilbourne – Razor Eater
Rent – Flesh
oldyungmayn – Bassboor
CLUBKELLY – Your System
Mermaid & Seafruit – Poison Will Be Anywhere
Paul Seul – Gardez Vos Distances (VIP Kick Refix)
Von Bikräv – 20 Contre 1
Gunna x Malibu – 25k Tilt (forest man edit)
南洋派對 N.Y.P.D. – Anna (Kelvin T, Teya Logos & DJ Ditto Remix)
Painbringer – Share Your Pain
Venetian Snares – Choprite
Krampf – Welcome Everybody, Welcome To This Moment
Dj Warzone – Radioactive Utopia
In My Talons – Te Quiero (feat. Björk & Carolina Damas)
Nirvana – Lithium (IDKLANG cover)



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