GUESTMIX#28: Mutant Trap Mixtape by Noumeno

Artwork by: Stefano K. Testa Noumeno a.k.a. Stefano K. Testa is a media artist and sound synthesist based in Milan, Italy, focusing on digitally-defined, hyperfaceted soundscapes that draw inspiration from a plethora of different styles and genres he beautifully manages to collapse into single ultra-dense, mind-blowing tracks. His art and music offer morbid perspectives in […]

Track premiere: ‘Ishiki’ by Tetsumasa featuring Mogano from Obake EP out today on Arboretum

Picture and graphics by Andrea Familari / FAX   Arboretum is a Berlin-based label founded in 2012 and active ever since putting out several outstanding publications in the field of experimental electronic music; the project mainly focuses on the real-time interaction between sound and visual forces, intertwining within the same compositions and defining a brand […]

GUESTMIX#5: An Interview with Sote / Ata Ebtekar + ‘99% Iranian and 1% Iranian-looking Friends Mix’

[photo by: Hirad Panahi] The Guest Mix series [] comes today to its fifth episode. Our guest for the occasion is Ata Ebtekar, an Iranian Hamburg-born electronic music composer, sound artist, computer music and post-processing audio teacher, that spent his life between Tehran, Oldenburg, Germany and Berkeley, California. Ata has been releasing music since the […]