HARDCORE TALE #1: an interview with Jörg Buchholz aka Taciturne

Pic courtesy of Sam Nuller   We at PAYNOMINDTOUS have always been interested in “hardcore” music, whatever the meaning of the word might be. The term, generally related to heavy and uncompromising genres generated by different cultures, historical and political periods, music production tools and attitudes, particularly fits the notion of Speed, reached by the […]

Sie Geben Uns Nix: A History of Hamburg Hardcore Told and Mixed by Low Entropy

  [About the artwork: “Bang Bang was a series of parties in Hamburg 1996-1997, hosted by the Fischkopf Crew. As far as I know, it was 4 parties in total. Acts that played were Fischkopf artists like Taciturne and Amiga Shock Force but also international acts like La Peste, DJ Entox, and Static Tremor. The […]