GUESTMIX#92: Kojikoji [Demian, Chemical Monsters]

Artwork by Kojikoji


Before going offline for a few weeks for the usual summer break, we’d like to leave you with yet another episode of our GUESTMIXES series now reaching its 92nd entry. Today, our guest is the Tokyo-based DJ Kojikoji, a member of the Chemical Monsters collective with Wrack (among the others), and also the founder of the multi-disciplinary project Demian that covers clothing, photography, graphic design, and music. Under that name, Kojikoji has been curating the cutting-edge monthly mix series called Fetishism hosted by the Bristol-based Wide Radio and to which contributed international artists such as Pobvio, Wulffluw XCIV, Rafa Maya, P6R6R6K, and Blaise Deville. You can find Kojikoji’s mix on our Soundcloud or stream it via the player below. We’re sure you are gonna enjoy this episode of dancefloor-oriented music, collecting multiple hybrid club anthems from all over the world. Enjoy!

But first, follow Kojikoji on Soundcloud and Instagram.


Coucou Chloe – Wizz (Prod. Coucou Chloe)
Shygirl – Siren
Osheyack & Nahash – Pegged
St.Grimes – Locke
Bulma – Restless
Jaymie Silk – Young Broke And Fabulous
Fauste – Fortaleza
Endgame – Hdxe X1 2
Xiao Quan & Wrack – Japao Liberdade
Thissperso – Muñeketa Sensual
Wrack X Rattlesnakke – Flawless (Kojikoji Remix)
Bjf – Str8 Up
Dj J Heat – Sneaky Link (Feat. Demi The Baddie & Ash B)



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