We’re back at our GUESTMIX series with the last mix before summer vacations. Number 72 on the list, this episode has been recorded by the multidisciplinary artist, musician, DJ, and producer MAAY aka Mayte Stevani from Buenos Aires. Affiliated with the cutting edge Trrueno collective and label from Argentina’s capital, she relocated to Berlin and participated with the crew on a tour around Europe which saw her perform and DJ in several venues in Prague, Brno, Lausanne, and many more.

MAAY’s focus on music develops from influences from her Latin heritage and continues towards the latest hybrid styles of the contemporary club scene, also absorbing fragments of trance’s melodic drive and incorporating eerie, dark themes from industrial music. In the around 35 minutes long selection we’re presenting you today, the artist collects three unreleased tracks from her debut EP coming very soon plus a number of contributions from Trrueno members such as QEEI, Candie, and Bungalovv.

The mix crafts a thoughtful yet powerful listening experience, the perfect insight into MAAY’s multifaceted artistic personality, suspended between delicate warmth and unrestrained emotions. As best described by her own words: “you are going to enter a wonderful land where your deepest emotions are allowed to play freely, and where darkness and colorful flashes will dance together until the end“. Push the button!

But first, remember to follow MAAY on Soundcloud and Instagram.


MAAY – ??
Amazon Prim & political_noize – Windows View
Dasychira – Pandora (Instrumental)
Minais B – Ceremony[
MAGA – Nostalgia del futuro
Catnapp – Vamp
Yikii – ‘ι Gem θ Gem 水棱鏡’
Antonia XM – Zelda’s Warning
777000 – better say
QEEI – ??
MAAY – ??
MAAY – ??
CANDIE – Maria de los Milagros
Fauste – Escarcha
KRXNX – Énosi
Bungalovv – ??
Kamixlo x Estoc – Error
Aggromance – X13X



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