GUESTMIX#71: whiterose


Today, we’re glad to host the 71st mix in our GUESTMIX series, presenting a slasher mixture of club and metal courtesy of whiterose. Spanning from Lyon, France, whiterose is a multidisciplinary artist who deals with violent and aggressive music integrated by edgy and sharp visual art of his own production. Among the most inspired producers in the underground scene, he brings to the altar of contemporary hybrid club the iconoclastic drive typical of Industrial music, arrayed in dark and epic atmospheres borrowed from heavy guitar-oriented genres.

The artist is author of several bulk tracks that surfaced in the last couple of years, each of them pushing forward and refining his unprecedented sound poetics that balances hardcore techno, all sorts of metal styles, and the finest sound design craftsmanship. Those are accompanied by a handful of EPs and collaborative works with many akin musicians like WULFFLUW XCIV, Tristan, and Migu, who joined forces in amazing examples of harsh, hostile, and yet participatory club-oriented electronic music.

Tormented sonic wormholes, like a wound to the flesh that heals into a scar.

Often providing vocals to his own tracks, whiterose crafts eerie soundscapes of an obscure virtual/industrial world where emotions flow seamlessly from the producer’s heart directly to the listeners’ bowel. Lyrics about self-destruction, pain, and bloodthirsty, ecstatic joy cut through the thick layer of roaring explosions, digital slashes, and distorted samples in which every whiterose’s composition is embedded, as loud as it can get. Be sure to get back to this mix times and times over so you won’t miss all the good that comes from a lil’ picnic in the darkness of your soul. Embrace death and life eternal.

Follow whiterose on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.



jade fawn – flock
Djynxx – time crisis
OCD – Remaining or Unmarked
Black Tongue – Coma ft Matt Jones
Code Orange – (deeperthanbefore) voice
Code Orange – You and You Alone
ivan skoryna – sirens
whiterose – ???
slikback – WAXFIGURE
teya logos exposed! – TEYA TAMERA
Medulasa – Scorn
Code Orange – Cold.Metal.Place
whiterose – ???
SITOI – Sitruskoira
SADWRIST – 犠 彮 旨 彮 旨 彮



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