GUESTMIX#51: HeedLess [Wile Out, Club Late Music]

Artwork by Francesco Mancin



We’re very pleased today to feature on our GUESTMIX series the Italian producer and DJ Mattia Cremonini aka HeedLess, who recorded for us a 51-minutes-long mixtape offering a wild insight into the current underground club culture: the tracklist is available at the end of the article and goes from XOF to Bulma, via My Sword, Merca Bae, Nahshi, Amnesia Scanner, and much more. Mattia released his first EP on Wile Out Jan. ’18: composed of six tracks and called Daemon, the record (which can be streamed here) offers an interesting take on grime music, dreamy but sometimes eerie, and reportedly inspired by producers such as Fatima Al Qadiri, Visionist, Dark0, Mr. Mitch and Zomby as much as by videogames OST like Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts.

To put it into Mattia’s very words, HeedLess evolves from plain grime-trap rhythms to more jagged, heavy-layered, ice-cold synth melodies, also embedding atmospheric dark textures [side note: if you care to read more about Daemon, we recommend you check this DLSO feature in which Mattia explains Daemon EP track by track, ITA only]. Lately, HeedLess also appeared on Club Late Music in two separate occasions, with Hurt Me and a remix of a Snowy Beatz track respectively on the Machine Gun and the Machine Gun Reloaded compilations.

We’re sure GUESTMIX#51 will get you hooked on, so please push the button of the player above and follow HeedLess on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Instagram



Hyroyuki Sawano – ERENthe標
XOF – Evergreen
Aloka – Typo
Apek – Restrains
Cadenza – Hacienda
Ball em Up – Atura ou Surta edit
Bulma – Unity
FlokosH & Evaa – Skylark Drone
Rabit – Thug Rotorvator
Lou Kessler – Axon Terminal
Gohda – Discharge
skeler. – rush
Dark0 – Terra Gang
Snowy Beatz – El Primer Rebote (HeedLess Remix)
Abssys – Vision Of Gear Love
my sword – rosier
Osheyack – Parataxon
Krolik – Under Certain Circumstances
Evaa – Arch
Amnesia Scanner – AS Another Life
Nahshi – Unmoved
KoiFin – Bat
Merca Bae & bk beats – Rica
Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack – Sanctuary – Utada Hikaru (HeedLess edit)



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