GUESTMIX#35: Loki [UA]


Let’s welcome Vlad Timoshenko aka Loki from Ukraine, a very young DJ and producer who already released a mixtape for the Vykhod Sily friends.

Tags: deep drum and bass, post-Autonomic, Grey Area, deep vibes, industrial techno, dark ambient

Soundcloud / Vykhod Sily Mixtape



02.Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch – Sea Wall
03.Acronym – Paranoia
04.Silent One – Human Border
05.Moodswing – Burial Mound
06.Hans Zimmer – The Oil
07.Ben Frost – Threshold Of Faith
08.Relic Radiation – Quiet sigh of awareness
09.Dino Sabatini – The Unexpected (ASCs Grey Area Remix)
10.Sam KDC – Pyramid
11.Lemna – Daub
12.Protosoniq – Rotator
13.??? – ???
14.Sam KDC – Summoned
15.Loucura – Hunter
16.Belief Defect – No Hope No Fear
17.Spiraal Aurel – ???
18.Grebenstein – Meet My Needs


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