GUESTMIX#87: Extrablood

Artwork by  _v.3lo

Extrablood is a multidisciplinary Internet artist who has been working with many collectives and labels such as the Berlin-based Tremors, the Chilean HIBRIDANITA, and more. Moving between abstract visual outings and experimental electronics, their knife-sharp music is characterized by deconstructed rhythms and biomechanical sounds combined with intense percussive elements, noise, and distorted grime. Today, we’re happy to present you with Extrablood‘s contribution to our GUESTMIX series, which is a 29 minutes long mix loaded with hard rave anthems, decolonized club, and digital experimentation. Push the button!

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dj pombero – x_xXSOUND_9989799Xx_x
IDKLANG – Hyper Remains
NURSE3D – Blood Echo
Eargasm God – Elements
João Lagrima De Ouro – Fogo Cruzado
PLEXØS – Promise Me
Louis Me – No Sé tu
Lil Crack – OTNOD
Fauste – Suena Cabrrr
Fauste – Fatal Fantasy
Blk Slk – Shut Up
ZGJIM – Tunnel Vision
Astrosuka – Rascacielos
folded voices – Fiery Crash at the Raceway (She Will Come To You In The Night)
Taahliah – Transdimensional (feat. KAVARI)
Anticonfianza – Destiempo
Aggromance – TURRAVE
Louis Me – Carta Oro
Maay – Chaotic Adorable Criatura
Krolik & Tendre Ael – Empty Handed
Himera – Here
Hyph11E – 叶子
NET GALA – You’ll Never See Me Lose It
Modulaw – Swish but refixed
Fatima Al Qadiri – Sheba



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