GUESTMIX#95: Sueuga

Sueuga (she/her) is a Mexican artist, DJ, and producer known for her releases on pivotal labels such as NAAFI, Hiedrah, Salviatek, Sacrilejio, Soul Feeder, Arboretum, and Precious Metals among others. Now based in Amsterdam but raised in Oakland, California where she started her music career by collaborating with artists from the Neoperreo scene, Sueuga has […]

Out Stack Festival @ Narzole, 03/09/17

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Rrose – Vanishing Pools [Eaux, EAUX791, US, 2015] Hole (4:43) Purge (6:05) Curl (6:24) Adrift (8:18) Undergrowth (5:57) Born 1969. Died 1909. Neanche Resident Advisor sa rivelare molto di una delle personalità più interessanti dell’elettronica contemporanea, dall’identità a noi del tutto sconosciuta. Uomo, origini californiane, non proprio un ragazzino, già produttore musicale con altri alias prima di Rrose. Un nome d’arte […]