Artwork by ARBRICIAS

The 94th contribution to our GUESTMIXES series is presented by Acacia Ojea aka AKAZIE, a multimedia artist and DJ born and based in the northwest of Spain. Her activity as a music selector is mostly focused on the post-club scene, with a great interest in discourses close to deconstructed and experimental electronic music. In particular, her mixes harbor a sonic spectrum full of musical nuances with special attention to rhythmic and digital timbre exploration and percussive electronic music,  with hints of the sounds that inhabit or border the piece of land designated as the Iberian Peninsula. So far, her mixes appeared on radio stations such as Offline Meeting Point (Barcelona), Internet Public Radio (México), and Ma3azef.

With a fine arts education and music training in classical piano and traditional Galician percussion, she developed her interest in sonic arts and expanded her studies in electroacoustics and digital audio synthesis while investigating different approaches to sound production and listening practices. Her background has given her the chance to consider the sonic environment a latent stimulus within her processes of assimilation, creation, and artistic research, while also bringing her to value sound as the primary medium to understand and access the world. Over the recent years, her sonic interventions and performance have been hosted by art centers such as Contemporary Art Fair Art Madrid, Centro de Arte Sonoro de Buenos Aires, and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo in Spain, as well as music festivals among which figure Dantz (Donostia), MMMAD (Madrid), and Sinsal (Galicia).

Today’s piece is a 35-minute mixtape featuring cutting-edge tracks crafting a sound journey in the field of contemporary club and experimental, bursting digital electronics. Push the button!

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Sineraw – Sexual Expansion
Remiseria Temperley – Ampolla y Quitiplas
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Is This All Real
Eastman – Startford
Ship Sket, K1 N15 – Exit Wound, Bando (KAVARI DJ Tool)
AJA – Slug
Hedo Hydr8 – Cyco
Slikback & Hyph11E – ISHU
Klahrk – Sharp Set (KAVARI remix)
ABADIR – Kabbut (ft. ZULI & 3Phaz)
Don Zilla – From the Cave
Ziúr – Blur
Sorcery – On the Bias
Remiseria Temperley – Hospital Canin
Exploited Body – Collapser
Comastasis – Swarm



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