GUESTMIX#48: Avbvrn [Decisions, Jerome]


Avbvrn is a producer, composer, and DJ. His work is a contorted, greyscale sound situated at the intersection between club, classical, and experimental music. His DJ sets hurtle forward at an exhilarating pace with a focus on heavy, dramatic contrasts and surprising moments of stasis. He has released music on labels including JEROME, Decisions, and Intruder Alert, with remixes for artists such as N1L, Born in Flamez, and Kablam. His work has been featured in Truants, AQNB, Mixmag’s Essential Listening, and FACT Magazine’s “For Club Use Only”.


Embers (2018, self-released)
A Hunt (Remixed) (2018, JEROME)
A Hunt (2017, JEROME)
Self/Similarity (2017, Decisions)
Candles (2017, Intruder Alert)


Avbvrn will play in Turin at Bunker this Saturday together with Rui Ho, Bladeblanc, and Katatonic Silentio for the last 2018 PAYNOMINDTOUS event. More info here. See you there!


1. Jigga – Atyatabhava
2. Angel-Ho – Attitude
3. Giant Swan – Pax Britannica
4. Avbvrn – Containment
5. Tropical Interface – Elements (Raumskaya Recycle)
6. Mumdance & Logos – Legion
7. Szare – Translocated
8. Randomer – Smokin
9. J.G. Biberkopf – Public Love (Air Max ’97 Bootleg)
10. Truss – Ganymede (Perc Dub Mix)
11. Galiter vs. Lorenzo Senni – Koll x Propel (Avbvrn Bootleg)
12. Avbvrn – Soft Stairs
13. Simo Cell – Stop the Killing (Intello Mix)
14. Arca – Is This Love
15. Avbvrn – Tin
16. Shiken Hanzo – Courage
17. Avbvrn – ???
18. Aisha Devi – Anatomy of Light (Lakker Remix)
19. AnD – FVS
20. Turrin – Spawn
21. Comethazine – Bring Dat Bag Out (feat. Lil Yachty)
22. GYUR – Pull
23. Kilbourne – As Adam
24. Jlin – Annotation
25. Lakker – Ton’Neru (Arad Remix)
26. Kablam – Flabbergasted & Stainful (Avbvrn Reply)


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