GUESTMIX#69: Miss Jay

Miss Jay aka Ioana Boaje is a producer, DJ, and radio host based in Milan, Italy hailing from Bucharest, Romania. We already had the pleasure to host her at the end of January earlier this year, when we premiered her hard Bulma & Nahshi’s Raiden remix. A member of the Soul Feeder collective where her debut record Flux was released in November ’19, Miss Jay’s music and mixes stem from a rich background that also includes heavy metal and other underground guitar-starring genres all the way through reggaeton, grime, and hybrid club.

Recently, another chapter was added to her ‘no genre boundaries’ take on dancefloor music, in the form of a collaborative record with the reggaeton/dancehall hero Alejandro Silva aka Merca Bae,  called Scatter. The two producers, after working together in 2018 for the Merca Zip collabs and remixes collection, returned with a 3-tracker EP that is a further incursion in the diverse pool of genres surrounding the contemporary club scene. The three compositions Toque, Dor, and Portal are on-point, rich examples of how hybridization of styles and rhythms can output fresh and lively outings in which multiple forms and patterns can interact and sum to the ultimate banger.

We’re pleased to share with you today the 69th entry in our GUESTMIXES series recorded by Miss Jay a few days ago and now available on our Soundcloud channel, also featuring a few Miss Jay’s unreleased tracks. Push the button!

But first, support Miss Jay on Soundcloud and Instagram


Odete & Stasya – ANGST (demo)
Xzavier Stone – SilverTab
Miss Jay – ?
Santa Muerte – Aerial Rhythm Feat. Lao & NNOA
Galtier – Rapture
WRACK – AT Field
FlexFab – Dashifo
Miss Jay ft. ??????????? – ?
NTFL – Vamo Ahi
mobilegirl – Whatever U Like
Dinamarca – Señal
Miss Jay – ?
Korn – Blind
Kamixlo – Esta Noche
Zora Jones – Glade
Merca Bae & Miss Jay – Dor



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