Artwork by Lucìa Olmos

Coming from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tobías Leiro aka Tobey is a DJ and producer working with local influences and rhythms as well as contemporary stimuli absorbed by the fervent digital worldwide hybrid and post-club scene. His music reportedly sets out to combine sonic experiments with experiences of everyday life, in an attempt to make it open and accessible to any kindred minds.

Walking on the same path it’s his participation with the collective and mix series Internacional Bailable which he co-founded, and the close affiliation with AGVA, a huge hub of cutting-edge electronic music from international artists by the likes of WULFFLUW XCIV, Syntrovert, El Plvybxy, and many others. AGVA, in particular, hosted one of Tobey’s finest pieces called Naturaleza Moderna, a stunning blend of heartfelt melodies and rupturing kickdrums included in the second v/a compilation sampler out April ’21.

“Not in search of something homogeneous, but in the coexistence of the contradictions and possibilities inscribed in it”.

So far, his outings have also reached several record labels from Argentina and Mexico, such as the amazing HYPERSONICS, Vista Recordings, and LOWERS, which respectively released in 2020 the TIPU EP, Balada EP, and the It Feels Weird three-tracker. Tobey‘s compositions manage to create shape-shifting musical environments by proficiently mixing tempestuous bass frequencies, grime’s broken rhythmic patterns, jungle’s sudden accelerations, deconstructed club, dembow, and even gamelan.

Today, we’re so glad to be having this eclectic artist who joins us with an exclusive guest mix spanning a little over 39 minutes. The mixed selection showcases his approach to club music which is focused on envisioning ways of making coexist multiple influences and their many facets, in order to finally produce organic, unfeigned outputs. Enjoy!

But first, follow Tobey on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.


Jaijiu x Medix Cielx – Pregunta
sisterybroster – Escalanda ft. IDHAZ
16plusss – SPAANSEKECH69 (REMIX)
Imaabs – Morph
Ojosfinos – DURO CORAZÓN
T5UMUT5UMU – Dogma
Seven Orbit – Submechanophobia ft. TVSI
Osheyack – Memory Hierarchy (Parc Fermé Club Mix)
Varg2™ – EX VIRGIN “Playa head”
Swan Meat – SUCKLING
NET GALA – Reclaim it
Himera – Here + Sophie – Just Like We Never Say Goodbye (Tobey’s Blend)
SADWRIST – I still see your eyes on my ceiling



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