exmantera – LETHALITY EP [PNMTU007] is out today!

Artwork by exmantera & uzâ a’amo The Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist Exmantera (they/them) https://soundcloud.com/exmantera is one of the prominent names in the Finnish underground digital electronic scene, and they’re known for their abrasive, knife-sharp outings where crispy sound design meets clangy dramatic tension. After hosting a remix on last year’s “Ross 308 EP” by the also […]

Comastasis – Ross 308 EP [PNMTU005] out now! with remixes by Exmantera and Yikii

Artwork by Comastasis Comastasis (he/him) is a producer and DJ based in Helsinki, Finland who manipulates an incessant flow of sound stimuli and sonic violence bursts in the shape of abstract post-club outings, influenced by grime and industrial music. After hosting “Stagnant“, one of his many remarkable tracks, inside our 2020 mammoth v/a compilation WE […]

GUESTMIX#90: Digitonica

Artwork by Digitonica The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA (she/her), stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English – where a lot of alien […]


CupoCupo press pics by @rebecamargescu & @marco.sciacqua. Outfit by @maria_piattica. CupoCupo – Armor EP [PNMTU004, out Dec. 3rd, 2021] PRE-ORDER NOW! CupoCupo is a duo of musicians hailing from Bergamo, Italy, presenting their second work after the debut ‘Hypermetabolism’ EP out earlier this year on the US label @wearetar. Coming with an album cover by […]

Track Premiere: ‘PSXLM (Psalms To The Forgotten)’ by Diagnostic and Æthereal Arthropod

Artwork by FRAMEofMIND   Diagnostic and Æthereal Arthropod are two of the main players in the contemporary industrial, experimental, and noise scene in Europe, the former being one of the projects of the Belgian sound/graphic designer Jan Robbe (UndaCova, Atomhead, Erratic), and the latter being the moniker of the Spanish musician Nestor Peixoto Aballe, who […]

Our third release is finally here! ‘Crawling, Still We Fight’ EP by vvonn

Crawling, Still We Fight by vvonnWe’re beyond excited to present the first excerpt out of ‘Crawling, Still We Fight‘, debut EP from the producer and DJ from Brescia, Italy vvonn. Releasing April 2nd, 2021 (#BANDCAMPFRIDAY!), the record is now up for digital pre-order for 1€, and it will be available for pay-what-you-want download after its […]

GUESTMIX#81: vvonn [Saigon Collective]

The 3rd PAYNOMINDTOUS release is on its way! We’re beyond excited to present the first excerpt out of ‘Crawling, Still We Fight‘, debut EP from the producer and DJ from Brescia, Italy vvonn. Releasing April 2nd 2021 (#BANDCAMPFRIDAY!), the record is now up for digital pre-order for 1€, and it will be available for pay-what-you-want […]

Track Premiere: Eudaimonia by VHS Afrika & KRXNX [WeTransa]

Artwork by Vrielh Based in Santiago, Chile, the label WeTransa, run by Syntrovert and Martin.PDF, appeared a little more than a year ago with their debut release called Primera Transa, produced by the founders themselves. The characteristic format of the label consists of EP outings made of three tracks composed by two different artists, seeking to […]


Artwork by Casey Bernardo Ani Klang is a producer and DJ raised in California, US, honed in New York (where she graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music), and until recently based in Berlin, who blasted the contemporary underground club scene with her tense and bursting compositions of experimental, hybrid electronic music. Packing […]

Track Premiere: ‘Curb Your Fanged’ by Death Qualia [Fanged Contradiction EP, Ohm Resistance]

Artwork by: Nicolas Berger Ohm Resistance is a Brooklyn-based record label started in 1999 and owned by Kurt Gluck aka Submerged. The very influential outcome, reportedly a specialist in “subsonic grief-bass programming“,  is renowned for its dense catalog which first hosted Mick Harris’ Quoit breakcore outings, several Bill Laswell‘s solo and collaborative works, as well […]

Track Premiere: ‘Transfert’ by ANKUBU [A Flooded Need]

  A Flooded Need is a record label based in Naples, Italy that started their activities in 2019. Born from the efforts of two friends dwelling with experimental industrial, noise, bass, and breakcore, the outcome is a network that reportedly emerges from the most melancholic corners of electronic music. After Day of the Blizzard by […]

Track Premiere: ‘Enginsess’ by Piano Princess aka bod [包家巷], out on Consouling Sounds

 Artwork by Vincent Adayemo A 12-inches vinyl originally scheduled for Record Store Day, April 2020, Obriultn is an EP consisting of six tracks that have been composed by as many musicians exclusively using stems from a previous release, namely the self-titled record Bolt Ruin out in 2019 on Circuits. Key contemporary artists such as […]

RECORDING#45: Bosnian Hashashin b2b Sense Fracture [DJSET] | Destroy Thyself, 26/01/19

Technical File Date / Venue 26/01/2019, Destroy Thyself PAYNOMINDTOUS party, Turin, Italy   Info / Links Sense Fracture: GUESTMIX#34 / In My Escape I Look For a Weapon   Videos Read / see more at:     Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you […]

DESTROY THYSELF: Sense Fracture, Svelto, Bosnian Hashashin @ Bunker | 26/01/19

PAYNOMINDTOUS | Sense Fracture, Svelto, Bosnian Hashashin DESTROY THYSELF https://facebook.com/events/766300337047111/SABATO 26 GENNAIO Bunker, TORINO, 11 PM – 4 AM☠️☠️ Svelto the Hakken Tuner / DJ Balli [ArteTetra / Sonic Belligeranza] ☠️☠️ Sense Fracture [Haunter Records]☠️☠️ Bosnian Hashashin [Haunter Records / Macao]☠️☠️ RESIDENT: VIBRISSE ☠️ Artwork by 095- [https://instagram.com/k095c/] Pubblicato da Paynomindtous su Lunedì 14 gennaio […]

Track Premiere: Diagnostic – Conflict Zone [‘Repercussions’ CD, Jezgro]

Jezgro is an independent electronic record label we already had the chance to talk about last year when the Torus EP by Japanese legend Merzbow was released on the Serbian outcome, started and run by Ontal / Impulse Controls’ Darko Kolar. Next Tuesday, December the 4th a CD album series called JCDAL will start on Jezgro with Jan […]

Album Premiere: dreadmaul – The Crow EP [DLT9 – Delta9 Recordings]

https://soundcloud.com/delta9recordings/sets/dreadmaul-the-crow-ep-dlt9002/s-6wb1l   A few months after D73-71-85 by Cerebral Cuts, half Bergamo, IT – half Berlin based drum and bass outcome Delta9 Recordings’ brand new subdivision called DLT9 is back with its second outing. The follow-up in the field of exploration of more introspective, deeper, darker vibes has been recorded by Dennis Leick aka dreadmaul, a […]


  EVENTO FACEBOOK   L’Associazione MU, in collaborazione con il Comune e l’Autorità Portuale di Ravenna, presenta, nelle due sessioni distinte del 18-19-20 e 25-26 Maggio, la rassegna culturale e multidisciplinare chiamata Marea, pensata per presentare al pubblico i più recenti sviluppi di sperimentazione e ricerca dedicati al suono in modo partecipativo e attivo attraverso musica, […]

Track Premiere: Red Nights by SabaSaba (feat. Father Murphy) on Maple Death Records

  SabaSaba is an old-fashioned power trio band crawling out of the city of Turin, Piedmont. Composed of Andrea Marini and Tommaso Bonfilio (already together in Blind Beast) as the loops, tapes, effects manipulators, and Indianizer‘s Gabriele Maggiorotto at the drums, SabaSaba represent the latest addition to the Bologna-based Maple Death Records on which they’re […]

RECORDING#43: Cop-Killin’ Beat [LIVE] @Out Stack Festival, 03/09/17

  Technical File Date / Venue 03/19/2017, Out Stack Festival, Narzole, Italy Info / Links Cop-Killin’ Beat : FB / Bandcamp Est. 2004 by Andrea Pisano, former Fuh member, now also in Tweedo. “Guitars, Live-electronics, Loops, Nails, Dust“. Equipment • Tape-loops • Sampler • I-pad • Stompboxes • Loopers Extra Cop-Killin’ Beat will perform tomorrow, March 20th in […]

GUESTMIX#32: Aghnie – EBM Leather Mix

Artwork by 2084russo   We’re glad to be back with our GUESTMIX series hosting a mixtape by Aghnie aka Ika Jojua, a Tbilisi-based sound and visual artist. His work compasses various facades of sound-related works: Aghnie’s early materials focused on recontextualizing religious and devotional forms of music, experimenting with them utilizing various electronic textures (as can be heard […]

GUESTMIX#28: Mutant Trap Mixtape by Noumeno

Artwork by: Stefano K. Testa Noumeno a.k.a. Stefano K. Testa is a media artist and sound synthesist based in Milan, Italy, focusing on digitally-defined, hyperfaceted soundscapes that draw inspiration from a plethora of different styles and genres he beautifully manages to collapse into single ultra-dense, mind-blowing tracks. His art and music offer morbid perspectives in […]

Bass Weight Night @Bunker | K-Rob (Italian Debut), PRESENTE, Barks | 17/11/17

WHO_ PAYNOMINDTOUS.it x Bunker WHEN_ VENERDI’ 17 NOVEMBRE 2017 _ 23:30 – 05:10 WHERE_ Via Niccolò Paganini 0/200, Torino HOW $$ MUCH_ LISTA 5€ (registrazione online gratuita, pagamento alla cassa, 60 disponibili), 6€ entro l’1, 7€ dopo BASS WEIGHT NIGHT dub | illbient | industrial techno | dark ambient | deep vibes EVENTO FACEBOOK | […]

GUESTMIX#22 by Sammartano + 10 Recommended Mixtapes

Artwork by: Cristina Ruggieri Gaspare Sammartano, musicista pugliese noto come metà del duo cult Cannibal Movie, formato nel 2011 assieme a Donato Epiro e autore di tre diverse uscite su Avorio Dischi, Sound of Cobra e Yerevan Tapes, ha pubblicato nel 2015 il suo primo lavoro in solo: intitolato Low Pitched Italy ed edito da […]

Track premiere: ‘Ishiki’ by Tetsumasa featuring Mogano from Obake EP out today on Arboretum

Picture and graphics by Andrea Familari / FAX   Arboretum is a Berlin-based label founded in 2012 and active ever since putting out several outstanding publications in the field of experimental electronic music; the project mainly focuses on the real-time interaction between sound and visual forces, intertwining within the same compositions and defining a brand […]

RECORDING#38: V0r0N0I [LIVE] @Bologna Elettrica | Xm24, Bologna, 27/05/17

Technical File Date / Venue 27/05/2017, Bologna Elettrica @Xm24, Bologna Info / Links FB / Soundcloud “Inspired by the well-known diagrams and geometric theories of the eponymous mathematician coming from the cold 19th century Russian Empire, Matteo Nobile, and Luca Scarrone explore through Voronoi the changing relationship between sound, structure and space. In a continuous metric and formal […]

Listen to a 6-minute preview of Torus EP, Merzbow’s new release on Darko Kolar’s Jezgro

Artwork by .thejass. Jezgro is an independent electronic record label from Serbia, started and run by Ontal / Impulse Controls’ Darko Kolar. As reported on the label’s Bandcamp portal, its main focus is on representing the most obscure, dark and deep sides of the current electronic music scene, also incorporating genres such as harsh noise, […]

RECORDING#35: Stromboli [LIVE] @Colorificio Kroen, Verona, 14/04/17

Technical File Date / Venue 14/04/2017, MORSE presenta: Steve Hauschildt, Stromboli, Everest Magma @Colorificio Kroen, Verona Info / Links / Discography FB page / Bandcamp / Discogs Stromboli – S/T EP [Maple Death Records, 2015] – “You are across the road, staring into a building, it’s dark outside, you can barely make out a light shining […]

Random Numbers Split Series Vol. 3: SOMEC / Von Tesla + Full Album Stream

Random Numbers è il nome di un collettivo bolognese di musicisti, producers e dj che lavorano ad ampio spettro nell’ambito della musica elettronica. Nato dall’amicizia e dal supporto reciproco tra i diversi membri, si è rapidamente evoluto in un’etichetta che risolvesse le immediate necessità di rappresentazione e piena assistenza di ogni singolo artista e release, […]

PAYNOMINDTOUS_Fest#1: Dancefloors United @ Bunker | 11/03/17

  “There are few approaches to psychological therapy that don’t subscribe to individualist positions. All such approaches have their foundation in the general cultural assumption that we are all individuals who just happen to find ourselves in societies. I suspect that it might be more accurate to say that fundamentally we are social creatures who […]

RECORDING#31: Lyke Wake [LIVE @ Solchi Sperimentali Fest @Fanfulla, 26/02/17]

Technical File Date / Venue 26 February, Solchi Sperimentali Fest – Roma, Fanfulla 5/a Circolo Arci, Rome, Italy Info / Links Website / Discogs / FB / SC / YouTube [lyke wake / noun / British] Definition of lyke wake in English: A night spent watching over a dead body, typically acting as a celebration […]

RM – The Hierarchy of Being [Yerevan Tapes] + Full Album Stream

RM is the acronym for the prolific, talented Italian musician Riccardo Mazza, who started releasing multifaceted electronic music via this moniker back in 2013 on the outstanding Second Sleep imprint, managed by his long-term friend Matteo Castro who also happens to be the other half of the noise / musique concrete duo called Lettera 22 […]

Stromboli – Volume Uno [Maple Death Records / MDR013] + Full Album Stream

[for English readers: click here to get redirected on inverted-audio.com] Maple Death Records è un’etichetta discografica fondata nel 2015 da Jonathan Clancy (Ottawa, 1982), musicista sfuggito al suolo canadese ed ora stanziato a Bologna. Definitosi sia 100% italiano che 100% canadese, sua santità Clancy – parafrasi più o meno accurata del moniker His Clancyness, quartetto […]

RECORDING#23: Mademoiselle Bistouri [LIVE @Carmen Town, Brescia, 04/12/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 4 December 2016, Solchi Sperimentali FEST Brescia @ Carmen Town, Brescia, Italy Info / Links: Facebook / Soundcloud / Discogs / Youtube Mademoiselle Bistouri is the solo project by Claudio Frassine from Brescia, Italy. Born in 2009 after the initial noise-funk trio project was shut down, Mademoiselle Bistouri’s moniker refers to Charles Baudelaire work […]

PORTRAIT#7: La Peste – ‘Para La Santísima Muerte Flashcore Live Set’ [Previously Unreleased]

We’re flattered to share with you the seventh PORTRAIT episode: our guest today is Laurent Mialon aka La Peste [French for The Plague], a deeply influential French avant-garde electronic music producer who started back in mid 90s with speedcore / experimental speedcore raids, and then reached out to estabilish his own imprint Hangars Liquides and […]

Father Murphy / Muscle&Marrow @Blah Blah, Turin, 04/10/16

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE! Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you so […]

RECORDING#13: Satanismo Calibro 9 [LIVE @Varvara Festival ”TRE”, Turin, 25/08/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 25 August 2016, Varvara 2016 “TRE” @ Ex Cimitero di San Pietro in Vincoli, Torino, Italy Info / Links: Website / Discogs / Bandcamp / FB This recording refers to the third edition of Varvara Festival taking place in Turin at the end of August 2016. Satanismo Calibro 9 were the opening act of Thursday the 25th’s night, […]

Varvara Festival 2016 “TRE” @Ex-Cimitero S.Pietro in Vincoli, Turin, 25/08/16

TURN THE SCREEN IF YOU’RE MOBILE! Are you enjoying what you see on PAYNOMINDTOUS? If that’s the case, we’d like to kindly ask you to subscribe to our newsletter, our Facebook group, and also to consider donating a few cents to our cause. Your help would be of great relevance to us, thank you so […]

Defeating The Anguish Of Being Men: Raskol’nikov for Bindu Sound

Flectere si nequeo Superos, Acheronta movebo – Virgilio, Aeneid (VII, 312) Raskol’nikov è un duo che ricerca nella musica elettronica le possibilità del suono come veicolo magico in un modo del tutto personale. Il progetto ha creato nel tempo numerosi sodalizi con musicisti di estrazioni assai diverse tra loro (Von Tesla, The Sublime, Hjalmar Hach, […]

PORTRAIT#4: Cristiano Deison [Loud!, Final Muzik, Aagoo]

Drawing by Cristina Ruggieri Eccoci giunti alla quarta uscita della serie PORTRAITS, ed ecco una nuovissima retrospettiva dedicata a un artista che potrebbe essere tranquillamente annoverato, in un’ipotetica storia parallela della (non) musica, tra i baluardi della scena italiana dagli anni ’90 ad oggi, e non solo. Cosa suona Cristiano Deison? Nastri, registratori, cervelli, pedaline, e […]

RECORDING#5: Sammartano [LIVE @Musica Nelle Valli #17 #ONGAPALOOZA, Barcsòn Vècc, 28/05/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 28 May 2016, Musica Nelle Valli #17 – #ONGAPALOOZA [10 Years of Boring Machines] @ Barcsòn Vècc, Via Zanzur 36/B, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy Info / Links: Sammartano Discogs / Lemming Records Blogger / Cannibal Movie Blogspot / Canti Magnetici Bandcamp Taken from Black Moss Records’ Bandcamp statement: “Gaspare […]

RECORDING#4: Bad Girl [LIVE @Musica Nelle Valli #17 #ONGAPALOOZA, Barcsòn Vècc, 28/05/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 28 May 2016, Musica Nelle Valli #17 – #ONGAPALOOZA [10 Years of Boring Machines] @ Barcsòn Vècc, Via Zanzur 36/B, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy Info / Links: Bad Girl: FB / Soundcloud / Discogs “Nato in seguito a una denuncia, il termine Diodrone suonò subito come qualcosa di incompreso, […]

Un disco per decennio scelto dai Father Murphy [1961-2011]

[Croce Promo Pic, via] E’ con immenso onore che siamo lieti di ospitare oggi sulle nostre pagine un contributo esclusivo scritto dalla band Father Murphy, i quali hanno selezionato un disco cruciale per decennio, dal 1961-1970 ad oggi, in termini di impatto sull’evoluzione del loro suono e della loro visione ed attitudine verso la Musica. […]

Rotorvator – Reliquies [Sincope, SIN033, 2015]

Buy here: sincoperec.bandcamp.com E’ con enorme piacere che presentiamo, per la prima volta su questo portale, un disco dell’etichetta sincope dell’amico Massimo ‘truculentboy’ Onza. Si tratta di un 12” intitolato Reliquies, a firma Rotorvator, in uscita in edizione limitata di 150 copie numerate a mano e dalla copertina serigrafata. TRACKLIST The Mirror of Simple Souls […]