RECORDING#23: Mademoiselle Bistouri [LIVE @Carmen Town, Brescia, 04/12/16]

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Date / Venue:

4 December 2016, Solchi Sperimentali FEST Brescia @ Carmen Town, Brescia, Italy

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Mademoiselle Bistouri is the solo project by Claudio Frassine from Brescia, Italy. Born in 2009 after the initial noise-funk trio project was shut down, Mademoiselle Bistouri’s moniker refers to Charles Baudelaire work originally appeared on Le Spleen de Paris (1862). Claudio’s solo experiments move within the noise realm and exploit guitar pedals, contact microphones and synths machines. Since 2011, he’s been releasing several albums on independent Italian and foreign labels such as Antoninoise Productions, HNM, Craneal Fracture Records , TIBProd. Italy and many others, in digital, tape and cdr format. To the present days, Mademoiselle Bistouri still enjoys goofing around with guitar pedals (as can be seen in the videoclip right here below), despite the fact sampling and editing softwares have now conquered a fundamental role in the compositiom / recording process.

Recommended discography:


  • Cannula [CDr] out on HNM


• Laptop  • Various Guitar Effects  • Sampler  •  Old radio with the antenna removed


  • The very same night, Carmen Town’s cozy basement hosted also the about-20-minutes-long shows by Luca Olivieri, Corrado Saija, Rita Tekeyan and Fabrizio Testa for the rest of the Solchi Sperimentali – Brescia FEST;
  • To support the Solchi Sperimentali franchise, started by Antonello Cresti [Florence, Italy], here you can buy the book out on Crac Edizioni, 2015. You can also contribute to the new DVD project to the campaign on MusicRaiser: the only chance to get it is to participate to it;