Track Premiere: Raiden by Bulma & Nahshi remixed by Miss Jay

  Bulma is a producer and DJ now based in Barcelona, Spain who has been releasing cutting-edge, hybrid club music which figures among the most interesting products of contemporary club music. We had the pleasure of having him over for the first time in Italy in May 2019, and this live streaming from our HQ is […]

Album Premiere: Stairs of Emotion by Lessons in Hate [Prehistoric Silence]

Artwork and layout by Alberto Bertelli   We have already hosted on several occasion the Italian cassette / digital outcome Prehistoric Silence, surely one of our favorites when it comes to sound art, underground experimental ambient and noise music. The last PHS outing after the summer was They Are Eating All The Faeries by the youngster […]

Album premiere: Luciano Lamanna – Sottrazione [Boring Machines]

Sleeve design by Giandomenico Carpentieri (YARD PRESS)   Luciano Lamanna is a well-established name in the Italian electronic music scene, thanks to his 20 years long career as a DJ, producer and event organizer from the late 90s techno scene, hardcore hip-hop beats producing, a longtime affiliation with the LSWHR crew, and a prolonged series […]

Album premiere: Cerebral-Cuts – D73-71-85 [DLT9 – Delta 9 Recordings]

  Today’s premiere focuses on the half Bergamo, IT half Berlin based drum and bass outcome Delta9 Recordings, which is about to launch its own sublabel called DLT9 – a project meant to explore and promote deeper, darker and more introspective vibes than the one characterizing the main dnb path followed by the mother label. […]

Album premiere: Erma – Cur [Fratto9]

  Fratto9 è la creatura di Gianmaria Aprile (membro dei Luminance Ratio) attiva dal 2003 nel campo di musica psichedelica e free-form, drone, improv, ambient in generale e molto altro ancora. Dopo le tre uscite del 2017, nell’ordine Re Desiderio di H!U, il lavoro untitled di Francesco Serra e Divisions di Jacopo Bacci, l’etichetta torna […]

Listen to ‘Tell It All’ by Video Duct out on Maple Death Records

Artwork by: Giulia Mazza We’re glad to be back with our review / premiere section again with one of our favourites Italian labels at the moment, Maple Death Records. Today is time for throbbing bass lines, hissing snares and rotten, dub-infused punk just like the PiL way – Rotten indeed, did you get it?. …Well, […]

Track premiere: User from PT – Filosoficamente 283 [Arroyo]

Artwork by: Massimo Missoni Ci si aspetterebbe di sentire questi suoni nell’esplorazione di città che non dormono mai. Invece questo progetto arriva dritto dritto dalla provincia toscana. Stiamo parlando di Transizione, ep d’esordio di User from PT. Esce per l’etichetta Arroyo, piattaforma a più dimensioni che unisce musica, arte digitale, design e poesia. Arroyo: Bandcamp […]

Track premiere: ‘Ishiki’ by Tetsumasa featuring Mogano from Obake EP out today on Arboretum

Picture and graphics by Andrea Familari / FAX   Arboretum is a Berlin-based label founded in 2012 and active ever since putting out several outstanding publications in the field of experimental electronic music; the project mainly focuses on the real-time interaction between sound and visual forces, intertwining within the same compositions and defining a brand […]

Ascolta ‘Days Of Despair’ di Shinoby, l’ultima traccia del forthcoming Celestial Bliss [ISTHEWAYLP001]

  Shinoby è l’alias del producer e vinyl-dj Omar Contri, apparso nei primi anni del 2000 nella scena veronese ed in breve diventatone punto di riferimento grazie alla collaborazione con diverse crew ed organizzazioni ed una grande attività artistica che lo ha portato alla fondazione della propria label ISTHEWAY, sulla quale fino ad ora ha […]