RECORDING#13: Satanismo Calibro 9 [LIVE @Varvara Festival ”TRE”, Turin, 25/08/16]

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Date / Venue:

25 August 2016, Varvara 2016 “TRE” @ Ex Cimitero di San Pietro in Vincoli, Torino, Italy

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This recording refers to the third edition of Varvara Festival taking place in Turin at the end of August 2016. Satanismo Calibro 9 were the opening act of Thursday the 25th’s night, the first of a morbid parade of obscure music. SC9 is a “Infernal Industrial” band that started its activity during fall/winter 2005/2006 as the solo project of Doktor Pery. In the following years it turned into an actual band: besides its founder, the other members at this moment are Gnosis and Lorenzo Abbà. “The Italian combo hailing from Milan has released a considerable number of works over the past 10 years and distinguished themselves from the rest by a poignant ritual inspired sound. […] The atmosphere is extremely dark and sometimes desperate-like, but always empowered by monstrous sounds and strange, anguishing vocals treatments accentuating the ritual format of the work. […] SC9 are experts in the composition of ritual music, which they define as ‘infernal-industrial’. It’s not only about the overwhelming sound treatments and obscure atmosphere, but also the treatments of the vocals. All voice sources have been seriously manipulated and reworked to create this haunting feeling.” [via]


• Self-made noise generator • Boss sampler • Boss distortion pedals and octaver • Arturia Microbrute • Contact microphones attached to metal objects • Soundcraft mixer


  • Satanismo Calibro 9 were accomodated in a particularly suitable location: the Thursday 25th night of Varvara “TRE” was settled in a non-sacred, amazing cemetery in the Turin city center. The San Pietro In Vincoli cemetery was built in 1777, abandoned a century later, and then renovated in the 1980’s after a long period of degradation. Today its funeral chapel houses occasionally theatrical and cultural events, such as Varvara. And now a little history: the festival took its name from a statue initially located in the cemetery, a portrait of a veiled woman named Varvara Belosel’skij. She was a Russian princess that died too young in Turin. Legend says her soul haunts the cemetery, together with her greed for lovers.
  • We also attended the festival preview few months ago: here‘s a playlist collecting some of the best moments. And if you dig into our Youtube Live Channel you can find some takes of Varvara’s previous edition. Enjoy!



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