GUESTMIX#28: Mutant Trap Mixtape by Noumeno

Artwork by: Stefano K. Testa

Noumeno a.k.a. Stefano K. Testa is a media artist and sound synthesist based in Milan, Italy, focusing on digitally-defined, hyperfaceted soundscapes that draw inspiration from a plethora of different styles and genres he beautifully manages to collapse into single ultra-dense, mind-blowing tracks. His art and music offer morbid perspectives in the contemporary media scenario, focusing on its reshaping of social interactions and of the body. After his debut on Haunter Records in 2016, called The Phantom, recorded through the course of several months in Berling and Milan, and featuring a WSR rework, he released Exosomatic Artifacts on Portal Editions, a Berlin-based collective he’s been collaborating with for many years now.

We’re so happy to share with you today our latest entry on the GUESTMIX series, reaching its 28th episode: a very special, as-fucked-up-as-it-gets mixtape recorded by Noumeno himself reworking a huge amount of trap tunes, along with several Haunter Records fam unreleased, coupled with tracks expressing its own peculiar Cronenberg-esque, transmogrifying approach to music and sound processing. Our third Holiday Special is right here (#1 and #2, if you missed them), coming with a $$ick artwork done by Stefano himself. Enjoy!



Yung Lean – Oreo Milkshake [YEAR0001]
Wwwings – Wyvern [PTP]
Noumeno – Lament [Unreleased]
ADR – Fiscal Spliff [Pan]
6IX9INE & Spoken Arcane – Oof [Self Released]
Zomby – Vast Emptyness [4AD]
Amnesia Scanner – as steelneck (v1)(2) [Unreleased]
Noumeno – Mesmer Gaze [Unreleased]
Coucou Chloe – Flip U [NUXXE]
Y1640 – Spit Intent [Self Released]
Rae Sremmurd – Perplexing Pegasus [Eardrummer/Interscope Records]
21 Savage, Offset, & Metro Boomin’ – My Choppa Hate Niggas [Slaughter Gang, Epic Records]
21 Savage, Metro Boomin, & Future – X Bitch (Noumeno’s Gucci Skeng Edit) [Unreleased]
Noumeno & Heith – Mutazione [Unreleased]
Kid Kishore – Balle Balle [Syg Nok]
Sense Fracture – We Decadents [Unreleased]
Gescom – Bronchusix (X Noumeno’s Venom) [Leaf / Unreleased]
Wwwings – Pyro (ft. Imaabs and Lao) [Planet Mu]
Darko Villa – Lost In Time [Unknown Label]
Actress – Xoul [Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune]
ADR – DesireProfile™ [Pan]
Hyperforms – Anxxiety. (wthéos) [Unknown Label]
Bones – GladWeHaveAnUnderstanding (X Noumeno’s Venom) [TeamSESH / Unreleased]
Zomby – Silver Ocean [Modern Love]
Zuli – Unknown Title [Forthcoming Haunter Records]
ADR – Tank Drainers [Pan]
Skepta, A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast – Ghost Ride [Boy Better Know]
Lil Jon & Three 6 Mafia – Act a fool (Noumeno’s Armageddon Mix) [Unreleased]
Amnesia Scanner – Seagullz [Self Released]
Linkin Park – Skin To Bone (Acapella) [Warner Bros.]
Yung Hunting – A List Of Indignities [Blackest Ever Black]
Yuri Kruglov & Noumeno – Ostalgia (Edit) [Unreleased]
Raw – Bright Star [Forthcoming Portals Editions]

Noumeno Discography

  • Born in 2012, the Noumeno project assembles piles of granular noisy harmonics as fuel for rhythmic patterns that are always on the verge of digital chaos, embedding sporadic bits of muffled melodies into his own personal revisitation of human horror. Featuring bursts of decomposed grime, industrial heaviness, and saturated bass, he crafts futuristic neuroses showing anxiety’s inner factal nature, exposed via hypercomplex digital processing, sound design and microscopic portraits of  emotions, body stimuli, and thoughts;

  • Luminescent constructions of abstract realities conceived and perceived by swarms of connected brains. A socially hyper-connected ecosystem inhabiting an envenomed wasteland where the vitality of the body is entrapped in a shadow biosphere. Trying to transcend physicality it bypasses the sensorial experience and propels towards a substitution with its surrogates.  Strong reworks by Fis and Shapednoise reinforce Noumeno’s Exosomatic Artifacts;


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