GUESTMIX#90: Digitonica

Artwork by Digitonica The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA (she/her), stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English – where a lot of alien […]

Track Premiere: ♂♀ by @exmantera [Lost Memory 02 / World Canvas]

  Based in Helsinki, Finland, the cross-disciplinary platform and record label World Canvas is a hub that has been hosting over the last couple of years serious waves of experimental music in the form of conceptual post-club, glitching ambiance, and disrupted emotionalism. On their catalog have appeared cutting-edge musicians such as luxxuryproblems, Helena Pulkkinen, and […]

Track Premiere: ‘Wonderland’ by DIGITONICA [‘Coma’ EP]

Artwork by DIGITONICA   The producer, singer, composer, and multimedia artist Anna Morskaya aka DIGITONICA, stemming from Samara and now based in Saint-Petersburg, experiments with vocal digital manipulation, post-club music, and conceptual sound deconstruction which she materializes in the form of songs – both in Russian and in English. Previously appeared on A Flooded Need’s […]

GUESTMIX#75: Jaeho Hwang [Chinabot]

  Jaeho Hwang is a South Korean producer, DJ, and visual artist who has been incorporating his heritage in his productions and work of art, both in terms of traditional Korean instruments and philosophical concepts. Now London-based, Jaeho has been performing and DJing over the recent years with the mission of pushing the boundaries of […]

Track Premiere: Awaken by MARTYYNA [BCAA System]

Artwork by Igor Lorok   Today, we’d like to offer you the last track premiere just before the so longed summer break. On the spotlight is MARTYYNA, a producer / DJ born and currently based in Prague, affiliated with the Blazing Bullets DJs collective, co-founder of the Illegal Taipei research hub and of the cutting-edge […]

Track Premiere: ‘Enginsess’ by Piano Princess aka bod [包家巷], out on Consouling Sounds

 Artwork by Vincent Adayemo A 12-inches vinyl originally scheduled for Record Store Day, April 2020, Obriultn is an EP consisting of six tracks that have been composed by as many musicians exclusively using stems from a previous release, namely the self-titled record Bolt Ruin out in 2019 on Circuits. Key contemporary artists such as […]

An insight to the staggering ‘Fantasy Violence EP’ by LIGH TN ING, out on Ashida Park

Ashida Park is a record label based in Vienna, Austria, pushing experimental, contemporary electronic music with a full-round concept articulated around a prominent interaction with visual arts. Genre hybridization is surely the main focus of the label, founded in 2016 and run since then by Antonia XM and Amblio. So far, AP published multiple artists […]

Album Premiere: Eremocene by Queimada [Gin&Platonic]

  Gin&Platonic is a platform which has been releasing music and supporting artists worldwide since 2016, setting its own goal as to be the “systematic overcoming of longing“. Though the exact meaning behind G&P intriguing program would deserve a dedicated feature and explanation by its founders, we could try and pinpoint some common features among […]

Road to METAL GHETTO: GUESTMIX#53 by DJ Ornella (fka Ramirexx)

Artwork by 095-   DJ Ornella, pseudonimo di Alessandro Gentili, è un produttore e DJ di stanza a Milano. Già conosciuto in precedenza come Ramirexx, e attualmente collaboratore della serie di party MILANOROVINA di cui è resident dj, DJ Ornella riprende la ricerca sulla musica contemporanea (da ballo e non) orientandosi verso sonorità discontinue, violente […]

TRRUENO: Fighting and dancing in a post-human baroque anti-opera

  Astrosuka, Bungalovv, Agustin Genoud, Candie Castillo, Tatiana Cuoco, Bosque Sin Arboles, Qeei, Volll, Flor Kurch. These are the names that compose the TRRUENO collective, a crew focused on experimental club music, sound art, digital art and much more else straight out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Truly among the most interesting outcomes in the worldwide, […]

Road to Bunker Market Eve “Block” Party: GUESTMIX#45 by Visio

  Visio è il nuovo progetto di Nicola Tirabasso, artista multidisciplinare stretto collaboratore della label Artetetra per la quale ha anche pubblicato due lavori nel 2015 e 2016. Visio investiga e rielabora suoni e temi della rave culture alternandoli con rapide incursioni ambientali ed improvvise esplosioni di velocità, spingendone l’immaginario caratteristico ai limiti logici del […]

GUESTMIX#20: ‘Cinéma pour l’oreille ’92-’02’ by Massimo Carozzi + Random Numbers Split Vol. 4

  Settimana scorsa avevamo avuto modo di presentare il primo mixtape registrato dai Merchants, duo composto da Alberto Ricca / Bienoise e Davide Amici e focalizzato sulla riscoperta di tradizioni e mitologie perdute di mondi immaginari. Proseguiamo oggi con un secondo approfondimento in merito alla lineup di Ombre Lunghe, la 3 giorni Bolognese di scena […]

RM – The Hierarchy of Being [Yerevan Tapes] + Full Album Stream

RM is the acronym for the prolific, talented Italian musician Riccardo Mazza, who started releasing multifaceted electronic music via this moniker back in 2013 on the outstanding Second Sleep imprint, managed by his long-term friend Matteo Castro who also happens to be the other half of the noise / musique concrete duo called Lettera 22 […]

RECORDING#29: Anacleto Vitolo [LIVE | Terracava – A Sound Fest @ Monk, 26/01/17]

Technical File Date / Venue 26 January 2017, Terracava – a sound fest !, Rome, Italy Info / Links Anacleto Vitolo / AV-K / K.lust / X(i)NEON / Internos / Manyfeetunder Website / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter / Youtube / Vimeo “Anacleto Vitolo a.k.a. AV-K / K.lust / Kletus.K is part of several collectives such as X(i)NEON, Internos and Algebra del Bisogno, born August 2, 1985 in Battipaglia […]

Davide Bartolomei – Panthalassa [C O M M U N I O N] + Full Album Stream

Artwork by: Nicola Tirabasso We’re glad to present an exclusive album full stream, courtesy of the Milan-based C O M M U N I O N independent collective. Before introducing you to Davide Bartolomei’s Panthalassa, we’d like to spend few context words about the crew. Quoting the tag-line, “its aim is to support and disseminate […]

PORTRAIT#7: La Peste – ‘Para La Santísima Muerte Flashcore Live Set’ [Previously Unreleased]

We’re flattered to share with you the seventh PORTRAIT episode: our guest today is Laurent Mialon aka La Peste [French for The Plague], a deeply influential French avant-garde electronic music producer who started back in mid 90s with speedcore / experimental speedcore raids, and then reached out to estabilish his own imprint Hangars Liquides and […]

PORTRAIT#5: Simon Balestrazzi [T.A.C. / Dream Weapon Ritual / Azoth]

Disegno di Cristina Ruggieri La serie PORTRAIT, che raggiunge oggi il suo quinto episodio, è stata sviluppata a partire dall’idea che determinate forme di interessamento ed investigazione del passato possano essere utili ai fini della comprensione ed approfondimento di tematiche del Presente. In vista di ciò, ci viene difficile immaginare una scelta più appropriata per […]

PORTRAIT#4: Cristiano Deison [Loud!, Final Muzik, Aagoo]

Drawing by Cristina Ruggieri Eccoci giunti alla quarta uscita della serie PORTRAITS, ed ecco una nuovissima retrospettiva dedicata a un artista che potrebbe essere tranquillamente annoverato, in un’ipotetica storia parallela della (non) musica, tra i baluardi della scena italiana dagli anni ’90 ad oggi, e non solo. Cosa suona Cristiano Deison? Nastri, registratori, cervelli, pedaline, e […]