RECORDING#29: Anacleto Vitolo [LIVE | Terracava – A Sound Fest @ Monk, 26/01/17]

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26 January 2017, Terracava – a sound fest !, Rome, Italy

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Anacleto Vitolo a.k.a. AV-K / K.lust / Kletus.K is part of several collectives such as X(i)NEON, Internos and Algebra del Bisogno, born August 2, 1985 in Battipaglia (SA), Italy. He began his musical career in 1998 as an Hip Hop DJ. Shortly after he became interested in music production, from the classical hip hop beat to the current mix of elements such as Industrial, Trip Hop, Glitch, Ambient, Noise, Experimental Electronic, Minimal and some New Wave influences. 2008 winner of “M.E.I. tech 2008” (Indipendent Labels Meeting – elettronic music section). In 2010 and 2014 took part in “FLUSSI 2010” festival sharing the same stage with some of the most important musicians of the contemporary electronic scene as Murcof, Thomas Fehlmann, Vladislav Delay,, Emanuele Errante, Mokira, Mount Kimbie, etc. In 2013 signs a contract as Publishing Artist with FatCat. In 2015 takes part to MiRA festival in Barcelona with Andy Stott, Ben Frost, Richard Devine, Prefuse 73, Nosaj Thing and many others. Active with a lot of collaborations and releases” [via].


• Laptop  • Analog Mixer (Mackie 1402) • Midi Controller (Novation launch control / launch control XL ) • Boss DD-5 • Boss Metal Zone 2 • Zoom MS70 • Elettrorama WSG • iDensity 2.0 (Apesoft)


  • This year’s edition of Terracava – A Sound Fest, curated by Franz Rosati and Lorenzo Vecchio, was the third one: the goal of the festival is to support and promote the most intriguing particles in the italian scene, focusing on Sound Art and on the technological applications of musical research; the line-up featured four different performances, everyone permeated with the interest in the relationship between sound, landscape and technology: uBik [Marco Bonini – Farmacia901/Metaphysical Circuits], Franz Rosati [Nephogram], Anacleto Vitolo [Fat Cat/manyfeetunderconcrete], and Giuseppe Ielasi [12k];
  • The recording here presented was taken by Carlo Cimmino, the man behind RECORDING#7 by Metzengerstein, RECORDING#8 by Trans Upper Egypt, RECORDING#10 by Balance, RECORDING#11 by Trouble vs Glue, RECORDING#16 by Luminance Ratio, RECORDING#17 by Stereocilia, RECORDING#20 by Roberto Begini, RECORDING#22 by Ottaven, RECORDING#28 by Maurizio Abate, and many others to come;
  • Here below you can find a video take of Anacleto Vitolo followed by others Giuseppe Ielasi, Franz Rosati and uBiK, all of which are embedded from the Youtube Channel of Carlo Cimmino;

Videos (all videos shot by Carlo Cimmino):

  • Anacleto Vitolo:


  • Giuseppe Ielasi :


  • Franz Rosati :


  • UbiK :


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