Zu | In Zaire @Psycho River Fest – Preview #2, Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, 06/04/17

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Davide Bartolomei – Panthalassa [C O M M U N I O N] + Full Album Stream

Artwork by: Nicola Tirabasso We’re glad to present an exclusive album full stream, courtesy of the Milan-based C O M M U N I O N independent collective. Before introducing you to Davide Bartolomei’s Panthalassa, we’d like to spend few context words about the crew. Quoting the tag-line, “its aim is to support and disseminate […]

RECORDING#21: meanwhile.in.texas [LIVE @Gusto Vinile, Brindisi, 21/10/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 21 October 2016, Meanwhile.in.texas LIVE @ Gusto Vinile Vinylpub, Brindisi, Italy Info / Links: FB / Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Discogs “meanwhile.in.texas solo project started about two years ago with the intention to combine elements of ambient, noise, drone and field recordings. Influenced by ambient, post-rock and drone music, usually uses electric and acoustic […]

RECORDING#17: Stereocilia [LIVE @Circolo Arci Fanfulla, Rome, 19/09/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 19 September 2016, Stereocilia @Circolo Arci Fanfulla, Via Fanfulla da Lodi 5/a, Rome, Italy Info / Links: Website / Bandcamp / FB “Stereocilia is Bristol based guitarist and composer, John Scott. John uses his guitar, analog synths and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound. His live show is centered around […]

RECORDING#1: Elder Sister [LIVE @Amantes, Turin, 09/05/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 09 May 2016, Amantes [Clubhouse • Concert Venue • Art Gallery], Via Principe Amedeo 38/a,  Turin, Italy Info / Links: Elder Sister: FB / Soundcloud “Delivered to you from the oceanic land of California, Los Angeles native JANE PAIK can now be found habitating in the City of Magic – Torino, Italy. She […]