Davide Bartolomei – Panthalassa [C O M M U N I O N] + Full Album Stream


Artwork by: Nicola Tirabasso

We’re glad to present an exclusive album full stream, courtesy of the Milan-based C O M M U N I O N independent collective. Before introducing you to Davide Bartolomei’s Panthalassa, we’d like to spend few context words about the crew. Quoting the tag-line, “its aim is to support and disseminate alien sonic worlds, possible musics originated from the clash between realities differently set in time and space“. Last October the 20th the outcome published their first release, called Interdimensional Folklore Vol.I: featuring Italian acts only, the collection includes artists that had been involved the Communion happenings in the crucial Macao space in Milan. As reportedly stated by the collective, what emerged from those ‘mind-altering’ meetings was the need to develop a new proper language for what they’d like to call ‘a renewed version of [] psychedelia‘.

Right below you can listen to Interdimensional Folklore Vol.I, also featuring Valerio Cosi’s Ghosts track he had included in PORTRAIT#6 mix last September. The player for the Panthalassa album is at the end of the piece instead. Enjoy!



The record we share with you today is the 2nd Communion official release: the Panthalassa tape by Davide Bartolomei is due to the first days of December and features an artwork by Nicola Tirabasso, an Italian musician who – among the others – published on the Artetetra label, closely related to Communion. In this case, the program of investigating forms of the next-generation psychedelia is pushed forward by the presentation of a two-sided suite of looping guitaristic experiments. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi and recorded in Davide Bartolomei’s own studio in Bologna, Italy, Panthalassa was thought to be a 40-minutes-long, slowly-developing ride of guitar loops. The prolonged microscopically-variating sounds recall an imaginary primordial Ocean and the experience of drowning in it, hence the Panthalassa name – which, as you can read further here, is used to identify the “vast global ancestral Pacific ocean that surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea, during the late Paleozoic and the early Mesozoic eras”.

Davide Bartolomei was born in 1990 in Lugo di Romagna, Italy, and currently studying in Bologna at Accademia di Belle Arti. His musical work aims at giving back the guitar the role of the prime composition tool; his first experiments were noisy, pedal-modulated sound circles developed around a particular noise pattern, then he moved towards softer ambient hues and the need for melody and harmony – as he first did with the collaborative work feat. Emanuele Magni, called Remote [out on Grottarecords in June 2016, listen to it here], and now with this Panthalassa record.


Among the artists that inspired Davide of course figure Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, but his influences also keep up with the current experimental guitar-based scene starring composers such as Fennesz, Oren Ambarchi, Aidan Baker, and Ben Frost. The first live occasion to get in touch with Davide Bartolomei’s Panthalassa is within a couple days, of course at Macao in Milan, Italy, and coincides with the fourth Electronic Meditation Communion amazing appointment. Here you can find the FB event link, so please consider booking a travel to Milan. If you won’t be able to make it, there’ll always be the chance to catch up with the artist’s work in Bologna, where he lives and acts as a sound & video artist and as a member of Chmod Art Collective.

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“A new wave of psychedelic music has developed since the interaction between man and machines increased. […] this renovated understanding is designing what we can call a contemporary, global-folk production. […] Since the piece of land has become the whole interconnected world, both in its outer and inner manifestations, we would like this new kind of folklore to be referred to as ‘interdimensional’: an alien land that is the closer to the ground of a common origin as much as it is closer to the line of a fragmented horizon”

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