RECORDING#1: Elder Sister [LIVE @Amantes, Turin, 09/05/16]

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Date / Venue:

09 May 2016, Amantes [Clubhouse • Concert Venue • Art Gallery], Via Principe Amedeo 38/a,  Turin, Italy

Info / Links:

Elder Sister: FB / Soundcloud

“Delivered to you from the oceanic land of California, Los Angeles native JANE PAIK can now be found habitating in the City of Magic – Torino, Italy. She has toured and travelled all over the United States and a number of other countries throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s in various manners of band and dans. She has performed on bills with acts such as Deerhoof, Liars, Joanna Newsom, the Gossip, Bikini Kill and Lucky Dragons in all spots from contemporary art museums and rock clubs to hole-in-the-wall punk spaces. Her current project, ELDER SISTER, is a stripped down musical landscape constructed of composed and improvised songs that highlight her unique voice and interaction with text and sounds, employing a stage presence and delivery that sets her apart from most traditional, or even non-traditional, performers and musicians.” [FB Event]

For the Elder Sister’s live the recording refers to, Jane Paik was supported by Gabrio Micheli at guitar (as can be seen in the videos below), and Cosimo Rosa on tam-tam for the last track – a delirious Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit cover.


Shure Sm 58 Microphone • Boss Rc-20 Loop Station • Boss Digital Delay Dd-7 • Tascam Dr-100mkii • Moroccan Double Hand Drum (Tamtam) • Tamburello Siciliano • Cheese Grater [Grattugia Per Formaggio] • Empty Wine Bottle • Bird Whistle [Fischietto di Richiamo Per Uccelli] • Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Analog Delay • Eko Crescendo • Tibetan Singing Bowl • Contact Microphone [Microfono A Contatto] • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Amp • Squier Jaguar Guitar


  • As can be seen following the FB Event link, Elder Sister’s show was followed by the amazing, fun singing / acting performance by Dubais. “Dubais is the interdisciplinary lo-fi ArabFuturist band from cultural activist and artist Nadia Buyse, who has been in at least 30 bands that she can remember (Caldonias, Ghost Mom, Tombstalker, Business Lunch to name a few). Although Dubais operates like a band, it often times becomes a vehicle for performance based work and cultural activism in which Nadia uses the tropes of pop music to examine post modern human conditions; focusing on diasporic migration, emotional incapacitations, consumer technologies, hybrid identities, intersectional feminism, and transnational communities. Under this moniker, Dubais has released music, published text, taught a multitude of workshops, exhibited work, and performed in more than 20 countries”.  The video-report of the night can be found here.
  • We’d been shooting also another Elder Sister performance before the Amantes’ one, this time at MUSIL in Cedegolo, Brescia the 30th of April, 2016 [FB Event]. The fantastic line up included: Everest Magma, Antenàto, Agarre Visciat, Vajda, Ramona Ponzini and Music for the garden. To see the video-report, click here.
  • Other clips by Alessandra Kornmuller: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


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