RECORDING#21: [LIVE @Gusto Vinile, Brindisi, 21/10/16]


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Date / Venue:

21 October 2016, LIVE @ Gusto Vinile Vinylpub, Brindisi, Italy

Info / Links:

FB / Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Discogs solo project started about two years ago with the intention to combine elements of ambient, noise, drone and field recordings. Influenced by ambient, post-rock and drone music, usually uses electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, analogue synthesizers, computer-soundsources, mixers and drum machines to build a kind of multi-layered, instrumental soundscapes. Before making the first two records, he worked with some art galleries and visual artists and released a long track on the amazing manyfeetunder/homemadelabel. […] Dark and atmospheric ambient sounds are mixed with noise elements, isolationist drones and obscure guitar movements. The soundscapes, created with keyboards and self-made drone machines, really stand out.” [via]

Recommended discography:

  • Fernweh” is the first collaboration between the two Italian music projects Skag Arcade (Paolo Colavita) &, born out of the common will to freely experiment with the widest range of sounds & frequencies possible (using & drawing from drones, samples & found sounds of every kind), in order to explore new sonic possibilities & to build up hauntingly evocative and unsettling soundscapes, regardless of binding & restraining boundaries. […] The album consists of two extended, hypnotic load-bearing drones, which in turn are composed of different micro-sequences & several layers of acidly manipulated synths & buzzing guitar feedbacks merging into each other, with an eerie, lysergic vibe of hopelessness on the background. Out on the already-cult Swiss tape label LUCE SIA (catalogue number 010), Fernweh is available on white C40 cassettes, in a limited edition of 60 numbered copies; 

  • Take Black Pills inhabits a large expanse of those aesthetics. Materials are taken from various demo works recorded in 2014. Corrosive ambient catharsis that is well recommended for lovers of conceptual minimal arts, hypnotic music and doomic post rockin experiments. Lmtd edition of 40 copies, out on the French Triple Moon Records; [a nice review about this record can be read here on Flux webzine]

  • Out on the uncompromising Spanish tape label Craneal Fracture Records (catalogue number 097), Mirror Movements is now available on white C30 cassettes;


• Behringer Eq700 Graphic Equalizer • Boss DF-2 Super Feedbacker & Distortion • Lonesome Machines Triangle Drone Generator • Lonesome Machines Square Wave Drone Generator • Lonesome Machines Fuzz Stutter • Lonesome Machines Resonant Low-Pass Filter • Guitar & keyboards samples [played and recorded by himself] • Akai Professional LPD8 • KORG nanoKONTROL2 • Laptop • M-Audio M-Track MKII


  • The artist is also the man behind Lonesome Machines [FB, Website], a portal for  selling his own handcrafted effects pedals; go check them out!
  • If you want to know more about project, influences and more interesting stuff you can go check this nice interview by DarkUndergroundMusicZine


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