Track Premiere: Red Nights by SabaSaba (feat. Father Murphy) on Maple Death Records

  SabaSaba is an old-fashioned power trio band crawling out of the city of Turin, Piedmont. Composed of Andrea Marini and Tommaso Bonfilio (already together in Blind Beast) as the loops, tapes, effects manipulators, and Indianizer‘s Gabriele Maggiorotto at the drums, SabaSaba represent the latest addition to the Bologna-based Maple Death Records on which they’re […]

Virtual Forest LIVE + Andrea Marini DJSET @ Progetto Mayhem | 25/02/17

  Siamo felici di presentare, all’interno del nuovo spazio Progetto Mayhem Arci Club di via Ettore Perrone 8, il primo evento a nome Paynomindtous nella città di Torino, che ospiterà il djset di Andrea Marini e il live show di Virtual Forest, alias mistico di Marco Bernacchia aka Above the Tree. L’ingresso è riservato ai […]

RECORDING#9: Andrea Marini presents Shelter From The Morning [LIVE @NonFrequenze24h, Turin, 02/07/16]

Technical File Date / Venue: 2 July 2016, Non Frequenze 24h Festival @ Bunker, Via Nicolò Paganini 1, Turin, Italy Info / Links: Discogs / FB profile / Mix For La Délirante Shelter From The Morning is a place built only by pictures and sound, where you can stop time for a while and postpone the incoming day. The […]

Varvara Festival Preview #2 @Bunker, Turin, 21/06/16

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