RECORDING#9: Andrea Marini presents Shelter From The Morning [LIVE @NonFrequenze24h, Turin, 02/07/16]

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2 July 2016, Non Frequenze 24h Festival @ Bunker, Via Nicolò Paganini 1, Turin, Italy

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Shelter From The Morning is a place built only by pictures and sound, where you can stop time for a while and postpone the incoming day. The performance this recording refers to is by Andrea Marini and took place from 7:00 to 8:30 AM, in a completely dark space where the audience could lay on super comfy pillows and let the music work on their own day(-night)dreaming. The live performance was matched with the visual artist Valeria Ferrari’s evocative images, that featured a  portion of a constantly flowing waterfall interspersed by slightly creepy and doll-like faces. The quiet, drone music was meant for leading the listener in a deep-drowse state to get completely relaxed and at ease with its own body and mind; a crucial role in that sense was played by the soft blue-toned lights projected behind the musician.Andrea Marini is a Turin-based musician who has been involved in many projects such as Blind Beast [together with local heroes such as Gherardo Della Croce,  Stefano Isaia and Tommaso Bonfilio; the band’s name is a clear reference to Yasuzo Masumura’s 1969 eponymous movie], the duo malaria POP [whose debut album saw the light on Luca Garino‘s own label La Délirante; Garino himself is malaria POP’s other half], and Saba Saba [Andrea Marini + Tommaso Bonfilio and a drummer]


• Roland SP 404 • Laptop • Tape Recorders • Digital Recorder


  • The event that hosted Shelter From The Morning was Non Frequenze 24h Festival, that reached its IV edition. The gig was arranged by Radio Banda Larga, a non-commercial webradio based in Turin, and the location was the large space of the Bunker. Four – indoor and oper air – stages for 24 hours of non-stop music, free camping, food, stands and sport. Andrea Marini has also hosts a show at the radio: he’s the man behind Spirits Rejoice, a night broadcast mainly focused on free-jazz and free improvisation. His program is usually followed by Luca Garino‘s one, crafting a couple hours of rare and unexpected vibes.
  • We’ve been shooting also Black Seed’s DJ-set performance on the very same night. Click here to see the take.



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