exmantera – LETHALITY EP [PNMTU007] is out today!

Artwork by exmantera & uzâ a’amo

The Helsinki-based multidisciplinary artist Exmantera (they/them) https://soundcloud.com/exmantera is one of the prominent names in the Finnish underground digital electronic scene, and they’re known for their abrasive, knife-sharp outings where crispy sound design meets clangy dramatic tension. After hosting a remix on last year’s “Ross 308 EP” by the also Finnish artist Comastasis https://paynomindtous.bandcamp.com/track/ross-308-exmantera-remix, we’re thrilled to share with you their latest work “LETHALITY” EP, out on October 6th on our platform. As of today, you can pre-order the EP for 1€ or more on our Bandcamp, and stream the first excerpt called “DISTILL”.




“LETHALITY” is composed of seven tracks and comes with an eerie, obscure artwork by Exmantera and uzâ a’amo https://instagram.com/uzaaamo/ as well as two collaborative tracks with Nova Caine https://soundcloud.com/n0vad0sed and Yaokai https://soundcloud.com/yaokai. As evoked by its title, the record is unforgiving in its sonic violence, aggressive distortion, and clangorous instinctiveness. Episodes inspired by the finest instrumental grime are followed by ear-splitting bursts, metallic percussions, glitching artifacts, and sinister melodies. These raw ingredients are molded into eventful tracks that immediately capture the listener despite the unrestrained rhythmic violence, guiding them down a treacherous path of digital corrosivity. In other words, Exmantera encapsulates spectacular ferocity and immaculate bloodlust in each of the compositions, molding the elements in the ultimate sound transposition of the impulse to maw, gnaw, and kill. GIRL DINNER

Track 1-2, 4, 6-7 produced and mixed by Exmantera. Track 3 produced and mixed by Exmantera & Nova Caine. Track 5 produced and mixed by Exmantera & Yaokai. Mastering by Exmantera. Artwork by Exmantera & uzâ a’amo.



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