Sound Quest 23 w/ ALMARE at Fondazione Sandretto, Torino | 18/11/23


Sound Quests, now in its third edition, is a project curated by ALMARE devoted to sound narratives and practices of world-building. The term ‘quests’ refers here to game levels, which were the central topic for the first edition, together with the investigation of different videogame narrative tropes.

On November 18th, 2023, ALMARE and Paynomindtous invite the public to reach Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Via Modane, 16, 10141 Torino) to explore the relationship between sound and narrative by accessing a new, third level: the absence of images. This level arises from a paradox, the experience of what is known as ‘imageless cinema’. What happens if the constituent element of a film, the very moving images, are cropped out? We find ourselves in an interregnum between video and sound which has been investigated by artists, writers, and directors since the early days of sonorous cinema. The third edition of Sound Quests begins with the projection of maybe the greatest expression of the Imageless Film genre: Blue (1993) by Derek Jarman. For 75 minutes, the screen is solely filled with “Klein blue”, while the voices of Jarman himself, Tilda Swinton, Nigel Terry, and John Quentin, together with sound and music, create a multifaceted soundscape that makes in plain view what cannot be seen.



Sound Quests continues with a new performance by Jessika Khazrik, whose interdisciplinary research as an artist, technologist, educator, and DJ activates practices of well-being, transcendence, and collective healing, drawing on transgenerational and transmillenary knowledge. To complete the quest level, a DJ set by the Turin-based musician, DJ, researcher, and sound designer Federico Chiari, featuring a selection that follows the coordinates of the hardcore continuum between footwork, gabber, and sudden abstract shifts; then, a DJ set by Ectasya, DJ founder of Maythey, Lisbon, the city’s first club night to combine hardstyle and hardcore with what they call “unapologetic queer spirit”, juxtaposing fast rutilant rhythms with a sublime pop euphony. Queer, fast & hard.

8 PM Doors opening
08:15 PM Introduction by ALMARE and James Mackay, Blue’s producer
08:30 PM Blue (1993) by Derek Jarman (UK), screening (75’)
10:15 PM Jessika Khazrik (LBN), live performance *TURIN DEBUT*
11 PM Federico Chiari (IT), DJ set
12 AM Ecstasya (PT), DJ set *ITALIAN DEBUT*

Tickets include entrance to the exhibitions Visual Persuasion di Paulina Olowska e Vestiges di Peng Zuqiang, opening at 5:30 PM
Screening + live & DJ sets € 10 + pre-sale fees
Live & DJ sets € 8 + pre-sale fees
Screening + Live & DJ sets Students reduced fare € 8 + pre-sale fees (to get your discount code, send a photo of your student ID to [email protected])
Screening + Live & DJ sets € 15
Live & DJ sets € 11
Students reduced fare € 8
Free for people with disabilities
Would you like to participate but you’re in a difficult financial situation? Reach out in our DMs!




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