Oblinof – V3 EP [PNMTU008] w/ remix by Karlfroye

Artwork by Oblinof

Oblinof (he/him) [https://soundcloud.com/oblinof] is a project born in 2007 in Entre Rios, Argentina, working in multiple artistic disciplines such as video art and animation, 3D printing and sculptures, VR and holograms, and music. The artist’s cutting-edge productions articulate in heavily percussive, multi-layered, club-oriented compositions traducing different influences in a highly energetic, high-bandwidth experience on the dancefloor. The quintessential Oblinof outing is represented by the trilogy composed of the “Post Internet Club” EP [Unizone, 2019], continued with the “元​數​據​火​車​站 (Metadata Train Station)” EP [Soul Feeder, 2021], and now reaching its third and final stage called “V3” EP, out on December 8th on our platform. As of today, you can pre-order the EP for 1€ or more on our Bandcamp, and stream the first excerpt of the record called “C4mppp HeRh!t@”.




Reaching the perfect synthesis of chaotic sound bursts and obsessive rhythmic textures, “V3” is a 3-tracker EP consisting of 160 BPM club-ready bangers, as hard-hitting it can get yet developed with a rather minimalistic approach, peculiarly reflected in the abstract track titles and the awe-inspiring artwork authored by Oblinof himself. The carefully designed, trancey compositions offer a staggering work of pulsating violence in the form of tremendously energetic anthems, which are also at times found indulging in introspective undertones promoting inner exploration while sweating on the dancefloor.

Introspective tones that are taken up by Karlfroye (she/her) [https://soundcloud.com/karlfroye] in the closing remix. With her contribution, the artist, DJ, and producer from Southern France, affiliated with the Explity Music label [https://soundcloud.com/explitymusic] and known in the scene for setting up enthralling outings, adds an extra layer of complexity in the form of a fantastical, epic take on the original opening track where hardcore kicks combine with dembow, heavenly vocals, and tense melodies.

Tracks 1-3 produced and mixed by Oblinof. Track 4 produced and mixed by Karlfroye. Mastering by Wim Dehaen. Artwork by Oblinof.


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