RECORDING#4: Bad Girl [LIVE @Musica Nelle Valli #17 #ONGAPALOOZA, Barcsòn Vècc, 28/05/16]

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28 May 2016, Musica Nelle Valli #17 – #ONGAPALOOZA [10 Years of Boring Machines] @ Barcsòn Vècc, Via Zanzur 36/B, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy

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Bad Girl: FB / Soundcloud / Discogs

“Nato in seguito a una denuncia, il termine Diodrone suonò subito come qualcosa di incompreso, allo stesso tempo blasfemo e potente come un punto di rottura. Sotto questa parola suoni e arti diverse trovano un riparo accogliente e vi si riuniscono come una congrega, o come una famiglia di emarginati. Una terra di nessuno in cui progetti sperimentali coesistono e ballano insieme sotto stelle scure.” / [Raw English translation: “Born as a consequence of a condemnation, the ‘Diodrone’ term [i.e. Drone-God, meant as an Italian fake blasphemy] immediately sounded as misunderstood, and at the same time heretical and powerful as a breaking point. Under this word several arts and sounds find a comfortable shelter. Here they gather as a crew, a family of outcast. A no-man’s land where experimental project cohexist and dance together with dark stars.”]

Bad Girl is Leonardo Granchi’s solo project, separated from his activity with the Downward Design Research group. The musician from Florence, Italy released two records on the Diodrone label: a self-titled EP and a live recording called π – Il Live Del Delirio (recorded at Rullante Club, Florence, Italy, on Sunday 08 December 2013), respectively out in 2013 and in 2014. A project whose origins that cannot be precisely located in time, Bad Girl estabilished as a path for experimenting sounds from all sort of sources, occasionally assembled in stand-alone tracks. The full-length album Cosmi was released yesterday the 6th of June 2016 on Diodrone (to stream the whole record: here).


Micro Korg • Korg Micro X • Korg Kaoss Pad • Blofeld • Roland Rc 505 • Elektron Machinedrum • Doepfer Dark Energy • Dave Smith Tetra • Delay Memory Man • Moog Voyager • DIY Oscillators • Delay Sony Dps D7 • Delay Acousticomputer Dl2


  • The Bad Girl live we recorded took place at Barcson Vecc, San Martino Spino, Modena, Italy, in the second day of the Musica Nelle Valli Festival, reaching its #17 edition. Each artist had half an hour to perform his live set. To see the video-report for Day 2, click here. To read the full report: here.


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