GUESTMIX#56: Louis Me [Daga, Country Music, Total Trax]

Raised in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and based in Madrid, Luis Miguel López aka LOUIS ME is one among the most interesting DJs and producers coming from the Spanish contemporary underground club scene. Since late 2016, he has been releasing a handful of EPs and tracks on outcomes such as Total Trax (run by Snowy Beatz and now apparently on hiatus), Classical Trax, Pastel Voids, and Country Music, and a whole bunch of other self-released stuff also collaborating with amazing artists like Casual Gabber’s Boe Strummer. In 2018, together with the also Madrid-based Loyalty XIX, he started the Daga crew and event series, which has been hosting a monthly show on Radio Relativa, and presenting to the city acts such as HDMIRROR: their main goal is to help grow a scene where artists would be able to express themselves freely regardless of their background and style while enriching the community with new, fresh ideas.

His take on electronic dance music is inspired by fast-paced styles such as 90’s hardcore, acid techno, and early trance. His focus is clearly placed on the experience in the club, which he manages to put on fire via hard, wild selections of rave anthems, both old- and ‘new-‘ school, joining hands together on a sweaty dancefloor. GUESTMIX#56, releasing today on our channels, is yet another episode in LOUIS ME’s quest for the perfect set. No stone is left unturned: the mix starts (and actually also ends) with a Lil B edit, it goes from hardstyle tracks to Balearic-sunset-kind-of-romantic ones, broadcasts enthusiasm and unquenchable, selfless desire for fun, and it also premieres coming-soon unreleased material from Boe Strummer, Rui Ho and LOUIS ME himself. GUESTMIX#56 comes with an extra video montage of NBA basket footage, manta rays swimming in the ocean, raving people, and colorful Fast-and-Furious types of cars you can have a glimpse of at this link. Be sure you watch it all. Push the button!

Follow LOUIS ME and Daga on Soundcloud and Instagram. Don’t miss LOUIS ME next EP due July the 11th on Jerome, a three-tracker navigating through some of his biggest source of inspiration like Trance and Hard Techno.


Lil B – Based Till Death (Zora Jones Rare Edit) [Fractal Fantasy]
Kieran Loftus & Gohda – Sixer Seat Tweet [Self – Released]
False Witness – Claudia Jones [Allergy Season & Discwoman]
Boe Strummer & Louis Me – ??? [Unreleased]
Nkisi – Exotica [Self – Released]
Clouds – Fantazia 2003 [Headstrong]
Loyalty XIX – Cerate (ft. DJH) [Self – Released]
Calvin Harris – How Deep Is Your Love (DJ Demasiado Hardstyle Edit) [Self – Released]
Rui Ho – ??? (Louis Me Remix) [Coming Soon]
Ryuji Takeuchi – Rare Extinct [Local Sound Network]
Via App – Toxicon [Country Music]
Dj Pinchos – Recorcholis [Contraseña Records]
Mun Sing – Balloon [SVBKVLT]
Louis Me – Eastbay 2 Ur Heart [Coming Soon]
Metrakit – Turripoki [Tragico Traxxx]
otro – A Paso Devenir [Drakis] & Lil B Says Goodbye



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