GUESTMIX#14: ORREE [Gioconda Radio, SINCE]

[Artwork by c : pala and Sasha Vergolini / full-res download]

Gioconda Radio is a Milan-based online broadcasting platform which is focused on basically everything which has a certain impact on the music and cultural scene in the city. Commited to research and promotion of culture in the means of music, Gioconda Radio is a non-profit, self-funded webradio collective which is online 24/7 offering a wide selection of podcasts. The guys over at GR put together a pretty brave project taking the effort of lots of talented people. Among them figures Orree, a Rome-based producer and dj which is also one of the radio residents alternating at the controls. His mixed selections stand as the fulfillment of  the urge to freely express himself, and at the same time to reject any particular set of regulations about the dancefloor and the act of mixing. He’s been reaching the happy marriage of these two separate and complex goals joining the (also Rome-based) SINCE crew, well-known for its radical approach to the listening – and dancing – action.

We’re profoundly honoured to share with you today our 14th mix on the GUESTMIX series, exclusively recorded for us by Orree. The selecta also comes with an outstanding artwork jointly developed by c : pala and Sasha Vergolini you can download HD quality straight out of our Exclusive section. The tracklist is instead available at the very end of the piece. Push the Play button and jump few lines ahead.

Orree: Tumblr / SC / Mixcloud / Gioconda Radio Orree’s Stream

A long-time member of the SINCE crew, Orree happily embraced the 2012-born collective’s intents to promote innovation and freshness in music culture organizing gigs and events, putting out releases and producing audio/video features. SINCE is a well-organized project based on fertile collaborations and exchanges. Most importantly, SINCE is also a party. Many forefront artists or crews such as GQOM, Logos, Jam City, Naafi, Iglooghost and DJ Earl (with AMEN) played at a SINCE party in Rome, whose declared goal is to jointly stimulate the bodies and the minds of the participants.

One of the main characteristics Orree shares with his crew is the firm will to look ahead welcoming futuristic sounds and ideas on the beloved dancefloor setting. If one single genre label were to be given to his productions and selections, that would be ‘Soundsystem music’ – in the way it has been talked by Peverelist many times, roughly including everything that happened after UK Jungle. Interested in the interplay between folk and electronica, techno and dub, he has been nurturing a certain affection to the elusive and visionary Bristol sound (latest or long dead) where are to be found most of his musical influences and favorite records too. His sets are fine statements of devotion to the dancefloor experience, considered both as a delicate, almost sacred instants of intimacy and communion, and a raving moment of unrestrained joy where to scream and riot. GUESTMIX#14 is the summary of his personal take on dancefloor music, mainly reflecting Orree’s ever-evolving sensibility, always looking for novel, engaging musical paths. The mix also features his own Minds track (dub version).

To conclude this brief presentation – being Orree one of Gioconda Radio’s main contributors – we’d also like to support the radio presenting you the event that is taking place in Milan next 17/02 Friday: GR celebrates its first year spent spreading music around the globe inviting you to party all together with four djsets by Key Clef, Isamit Morales, YokoKono and Althia. Shout to the Gioconda Radio guys which are investing a lot of energies in supporting and growing the dancefloor music scene via the radio medium; their precious efforts are at least worth a coffee.

Follow SINCE crew’s activities here [don’t be scared, their coming back soon with another party]. Follow Gioconda Radio here, here and here. Stream Orree’s music here.


  1. CW/A – Disqueting (Metrist Remix)
  2. Batu – Domino Theory
  3. Galtier – Balms
  4. Facta – Sweet Sixteen (October’s Tiesto Dub)
  5. Gaunt – JP
  6. Simo Cell – Escape the Fate
  7. Ploy – Iron Lungs
  8. Batu – Numen
  9. Pev & Kowton – Signal 3
  10. Batu & Lurka – Untitled B1
  11. Meze – Unreleased
  12. Lurka – Nah So
  13. Orree – Minds (dub)


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