Hear out ‘Lord of Flies (Ba‘al Z’vûv)’: a 100%-unreleased-tracks mix by Æthereal Arthropod

Artwork by Æthereal Arthropod

When we first stumbled into Æthereal Arthropod‘s music a few months ago we were really impressed by the proposed mixture of blackened atmospheres, evil noise, fast-tempo kicks, layered compositions (and stunning cgi artworks) set to summon crawling creatures by the depths of a digital hell. An ‘invertebrate nightmare’, to put it into Nestor Peixoto Aballe’s very own words: the Spanish artist’s project develops a crazy blend of chaotic (yet evocative) music, and reeking (yet highly energetic) moments, all wrapped up a sadistic sense of humor which relies on strong imagery of wicked invertebrates lurking around in their infinite and imperishable organic perfection.

Æthereal Arthropod: spiral web ov æthernal data; fibrous chains of alpha-chitin within a matrix of silk-like and globular proteins.

Æthereal Arthropod appeared on the much influential labels Entity, Quantum Natives, Dream Disk Lab, and Genot Centre in 2016, 2017, 2017, and 2018 with Hydra’s Amaranthine Invigoration, Swarm, Indoctrination of Structure, and Opilio respectively. Despite sensible differences between each record (with longer and exhausting tracks starring in the first one, faster and bursting episodes in the second, and complex and saturated dynamics in the third and the fourth), Æthereal Arthropod’s music sets out to cause distress in the mind and in the belly of the listener, promoting some kind of a visceral, embryonal vision of an imploded future in which all life on Earth has collapsed and mutated into a single, terrible species of ultra, tech-powered, AI-engineered, immaterial shiny arthropods living in a poisonous web of electric pulses, black toxic exhalations, and heavy metal rains.

We’re very glad to share with you today an astonishing mixtape (#52 on our GUESTMIX series) featuring 54 minutes of 100% previously unreleased Æthereal Arthropod, called Lord of Flies (Ba‘al Z’vûv) as a tribute to Beelzebul, and described by Nestor himself as “going from very doomy sludgy drone ambient techno to some abstract sound design deconstructed gore noise, ending in full-power atmospheric laser-core; all soaked into an aethereal black metal vibe“. Push the button, embrace the immaculate killer pureness of your Inner Insect.

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