GUESTMIX#95: Sueuga

Sueuga (she/her) is a Mexican artist, DJ, and producer known for her releases on pivotal labels such as NAAFI, Hiedrah, Salviatek, Sacrilejio, Soul Feeder, Arboretum, and Precious Metals among others. Now based in Amsterdam but raised in Oakland, California where she started her music career by collaborating with artists from the Neoperreo scene, Sueuga has been an important actress in the contemporary scene thanks to her experimental, mutant club outings primarily inspired by industrial music and dominated by unsettling atmospheres, ferocious drums, and abrasive textures. We’re very excited to announce the release of her new “Conflict Areas” EP which will be out on Friday, February 16th.

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Sueuga – Crawling into the Abyss (Linkin Park x Aperly High/jjjacob)
Rat Section – Chuggus
Kat Nzingha & Skyshaker – Eternal Violence
10_r3n – larvae first vibrations 蛰虫始振
Sueuga – Hidden Fees feat B E N N
Only Now & Sueuga – BloodFreeze
Ice_Eyes & Sueuga – Crecer / pudrir
Talpah – FEIND feat False Prpht, S280F
Krolik – Hard Crash
E-Death – if i was an angel x Teya Logos – To Fall Into The Pit



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