GUESTMIX#31: Rimini Balearic Militia – 4.20 Junglism [Fuoriorario]


Fuoriorario is an Italian label from Milan, pushing the sound of Calvairate. Get in touch and send demos at [email protected]. You can follow Fuoriorario on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Enjoy this 58 minutes long hike in the jungle recorded by the mysterious Rimini Balearic Militia duo (more info here). Find the tracklist attached, also featuring a couple of forthcoming tunes. Hardcore tribal junglism ahead. Be warned.




01. Supersentient Intelligent Construct – Altostratus
02. Dimensional Holofonic Sound – Difference between Noise & Music
03. AFX – Untitled
04. J. Majik – Your Sound (SB81 Remix)
05. Phrenetic – Perfect Organism
07. Ceephax Acid Crew – #3 Note Safari
08. Unknown Artist – Tribal Junglism
09. Coco Bryce – Massive
10. DJ Earl – Ambienttt
11. Undercover Agent – Rougher (Borderclash Mix)
12. DJ Mayhem – Let Me Tell You (Remix)
13. Bogdan Raczynski – There Are Many Things I Don’t Understand But I Knew That I Loved
14. Kamikaze Deadboy – Fuck Off Atomgrinder
15. Quantic – Time Is The Enemy
16. DJ Inferno – Hardcore Mayhem
17. Deep in Velvet (Aphex Twin Turn)
18. Tysk Raider – PSH SQR
19. Traxman – Pacman
20. FFF – Opposing Quadrant
21. 2 8 1 4 – ふわっと
23. Galaxian – Glasgow to Detroit
24. HYPERDANGER BOMB SQUAD – Revenge of The Funkmaster Weeaboo
25. Ura Ura – Crawl, crawl, crawl!
26. Team Doyobi – Push chairs for grown ups (Autechre Remix)
27. KANPARI SODA – Unreleased (out soon)
28. Train to Eltanin – Unreleased (out soon)


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