FAMILY MIXTAPE #2 by GUIOT [February 2018]


PAYNOMINDTOUS presents the Family Mixtape series: a mixtape at the end of the month recorded by one of the four PAYNOMINDTOUS’ family Turin based members: c : pala, GUIOT, Krolik, VIBRISSE. More info here and here.


Input text: The ground is reflective. The ground is black. The sky is black. a red “Pay no mind to us, we’re just a minor threat” is on the ground. a white “Guiot” is 6 feet in front of “Pay no mind to us, we’re just a minor threat”. a green “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT” is 6 feet in front of “Guiot”. a pink “(doesn’t have to be perfect)” is 6 feet in front of “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”. 12 big mirrors are above “Pay no mind to us, we’re just a minor threat”. 12 elephants are 24 feet behind the mirrors. 12 big fires are 3 feet above the elephants. 12 big fires are 3 feet above “Guiot”.


FAMILY MIXTAPE #2, featuring GUIOT: Guiot (fl. 2017-) shares a bedroom in Torino with a laptop barely able to run Pure Data and Tidal cycles, trying to fit combinatorics on words, L-systems, uncanny synthesis, a scary void under 150Hz and an absolutely unjustified refusal of equal temperament. Here they try to worry a little less about all that dangerous stuff and just throw together some music by coders and collagers alike [FB / Enlist/Inlets on Nether].




Ratkje & Blonk – Oslo 1
Ahnnu vs D/P/I – IN
Lil Data – ??
c : pala – 1232
Kindohm – Lake Effect
acreil – arborization astrogliosis
Renick Bell – Live coding screencast test in an experimental drum and bass algorave style, Dec. 9, 2014
Daniel M Karlsson – Proper No Proper
Holy Similaun – NERTHUS
Kilbourne – Injustice Gods
Abaddonn – Dramatic Relationship
Madonna – Secret (Arca Edit)
N. Brennan + Orokin – ACOG
0comeups – Try to Levitate Above It All
Giant Claw – Soft Channel 007
Guiot – ??
A. G. Cook & Life Sim – Big Bratt